WORDZ@gym Game 1 : Adjectives

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[email protected] Game 1 : Adjectives

Sam McCarter

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[email protected] Game 1 Adjectives: Personality is the first in a series of language games.

The games are written and designed by Sam McCarter with software development by Chris Eastwood.

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In Game 1, there are 7 mini games. Each of these games has three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each time a game is played , the order of the items changes. The colours also change; and different items appear at random from an item bank. Game 7 also has a range of games, which are selected at random.

Games 1-7 can be done in any order, but it is useful to start at game 1 and work towards game 7.

In games 1-5, players have to complete each level within a time limit. In games 6 and 7, players do the game as quickly as they can. They are competing against themselves.

Games 6 and 7 are longer than games 1-5.

See www.internationalenglishlab.com for more information and notification of game launches.


Games 1-5

If players answer correctly, they score 10 points. If they are too slow or if they answer incorrectly, they score -5 points. Items where players score -5 points are repeated. A score and time is given at the end.

Games 6 and 7

The scores are the same for both these games. If players make a mistake or if they are too slow, the game ends and players need to start again. A score and time is given at the end.


Players can pause or quit a game at any time by touching the clock at the top of the screen.

In all games, players are given a warning that they are about to run out of time.


The layout of the items on smartphones and tablets is different.

Target Audience

[email protected] Game 1 Adjectives: Personality is suitable for all players of all ages.

Release notes

Updated game framework to the new [email protected] IELTS game

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