Wild Animal Simulators

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Wild Animal Simulators

Turbo Rocket Games LLC

Games, Simulation, Role-Playing

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embody a wild animal? To channel your killer instinct and run wild in the wilderness, chasing enemies, killing prey and taking your place as nature’s ultimate predator?

Well wonder no more – Wild Animal Simulators is here to put you in body of your your favourite wild animals!

Become a wild animal and survive in the wilderness for as long as you can. Use RPG mechanics to level up your animal as you hunt, start a family, and do battle with fierce animals.

Games Included:
Wild Panther Sim
Phoenix Simulator
Wild Cougar Sim
Wild Cheetah Sim
Wild Eagle Sim
Tyrannosaurus Rex Sim
Wild Crocodile Sim
Wild Fox Sim
Wild Wolf Sim

Games Features:

REALISTIC SIMULATION: Our vicious wild world is as close to reality as you can get! Survive in the wild by hunting, eating and drinking, but be careful - it’s a big, brutal world out there.

START A FAMILY: Develop your family! Over the course of your adventures, your family will evolve into powerful animals!

RPG LEVELING SYSTEM: As you hunt other wildlife, you’ll gain experience and level up your panther. Become nature’s ultimate killing machine by spending stat points on characteristics like Power, Speed and Health.

MASSIVE 3D WORLD: Explore a huge open worlds filled with ambiance. Discover unique islands, each with its own atmosphere, and find dens for your animals scattered across the lands.

QUESTS: Tackle challenging games to improve your skills in the wild.

Download Wild Animal Simulators and become king of the wilderness today!

Have fun playing Wild Animal Simulators!
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Release notes

Bug fixes and improvements.

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- Register an account to back up your characters and keep your data safe
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- Use survival skills to scrape by in a massive world
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Additional game features
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- Rotatable camera allows you to zoom in and out
- In-depth quest system with 30 missions to complete
- A lot of settings: left/right handed, static/dynamic joypad, button/joypad sizes, floating text options

Download Dragon Sim 3D and embrace the magic life of a dragon!
Have fun playing Dragon Sim!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:
[email protected]

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Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies....
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Adventure as a cat and raise a family of your favorite cat breeds in Cat Sim Online, a new RPG adventure set in a massive 3D world!

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Cat Sim Online Features:

Raise a Family
- Customize each cat by name, gender, fur color, clothes and more!
- Breeding games: Watch your family tree grow with multiple generations of cats!
- Each new kitten is playable and can continue the family legacy.
- Unlock new cat breeds with coins earned by leveling up by exploring the world.

Adventure & Battle Enemies
- Adventure as your favorite cat breeds.
- Protect your family by battling dangerous enemies.
- Take down specific enemies to unlock new fighting achievements.

Explore the Massive 3D World
- Adventure calls! Travel the world full of unique locations.
- Easily navigate the world map – just zoom or rotate the compass.

Online Multiplayer Games
- Play online with friends and share the glory when you take on enemies together.
- Take on enemies and fight with friends in multiplayer games to protect your cat family.
- Prove your strength against others when you have multiplayer duels.

Clans & Online Leaderboards
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- Join your other clan member’s adventure when their cats are online.

Raise a family, explore a massive 3D world and battle enemies solo or with friends in online multiplayer games! Make your own adventure in Cat Sim Online!

Download today and start playing as your favorite cat breeds!

We are happy to receive any of your suggestions or ideas for the game – please contact us at:
[email protected]

Please note, that we are in no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies....
WildCraft: Wild Sim Online
WildCraft: Wild Sim Online

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Explore nature as a wild animal and raise a family in the new RPG adventure Wildcraft! Play as your favorite wild animal and travel around a 3D world!

Start your adventure as a wolf, fox, lynx and more, and raise a family. Join online multiplayer games so you can play with friends and protect your family from dangerous enemies. Unlock new animal breeds as your family legacy grows!

Start living as different animals in the new online sim Wildcraft!


Choose Animal Breeds
- Start your adventure as a:
- Wolf
- Fox
- Lynx
- And more!

Raise a Family
- Customize each family member by name, gender, fur color, bark, eyes, body size, and more!
- Raise a family and have up to six cubs per animal family.
- Want to start a new life? Leave your current family to start a new one.

Explore a 3D World
- Explore a huge 3D world full of unique locations.
- Battle the elements and live just as a wild animal would in summer, winter, spring and fall.

Battle Enemies
- As a wild animal, you’ll face dangerous enemies.
- Protect your family from predators and other enemies.
- Defeat specific enemies to unlock fighting achievements.

Online Adventure Games
- Play with friends, explore the world and battle enemies.
- Help protect your own family and your friend’s family by battling.

Friends & Leaderboards
- Play with other players so you can battle enemies together.
- See when other your friends are online and join their adventure.
- Make the leaderboard for winning battles and being a high level.

The game offers Wild Club recurring membership subscription which unlocks unique content to user as well as other additional bonuses.

If you choose to purchase Wild Club membership, the purchase will be applied to your iTunes account on confirmation. Subscription will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. The price of the subscription is 3.99 USD per month.

Privacy Policy: https://turborocketgames.com/privacy-policy
Terms Of Use: https://turborocketgames.com/terms-of-use

Raise a family as one of your favorite wild animals and explore a huge 3D world. Join friends to battle more enemies, or take them on alone to make your adventure more challenging in Wildcraft!

Download today to start a life as an animal!...

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