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Cat Facts Texts

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Cat Facts is a text messaging service which provides random, funny, and interesting facts about cats. Cats Facts has also become widely known as a popular Internet trolling prank made popular by Reddit.

• **NEW** View your Conversation History. View the entire conversation history, including all messages sent and received.
• **NEW** Sending Status Indicator. View the real-time status of your messages being sent.
• **NEW** Transfer Credits. Transfer any amount of credits between any of your contacts.
• Fast Delivery. First message sends within 1-5 minutes.
• 100% Anonymous. Your phone number is never used or shown.
• Unlisted Phone Number. The text messages come from an unlisted phone number.
• Delivery Rate Control. You control the amount of messages sent per day.
• Works Everywhere. All US and International wireless carriers are supported.

1.) Sign up with any email address. You can skip this step and sign in as a guest, but your session data won't be saved if you manually log out.
2.) Next, add a contact.
3.) After adding a contact, buy credits for the number of text messages you want to send. 1 credit = 1 text message. It costs us money to send the text messages so we need to charge to cover our costs.
4.) Now, flip the switch to the "ON" (green) position for the contact. This initiates sending the texts.
5.) To stop sending, simply switch to the "OFF" position.
6.) Enjoy. :)

Tips: Tap on the contact's name to modify their name, phone number, profile photo and rate of delivery. You can choose the number of texts to send per day for each contact. Your remaining credits are shown here and you can view the conversation history as well. Now, you can also see the live status of your messages and transfer credits between contacts.

Q: Does this really work?
A: Yes! Your contacts will receive funny, interesting and random cat facts. If you are having issues, please contact us: [email protected]

Q: Is it anonymous?
A: Yes, the app sends anonymously from a non-listed number. Your phone number is never displayed or used.

Q: Does the recipient need to have the app installed for this to work?
A: No. The recipient does not need to have the app. The app sends messages by SMS text message so as long as your recipient can receive text messages, this will work.

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: No. The only fee is for the credits to send messages. 1 credit = 1 text message. Standard data and text messaging rates may apply.

Q: Why do I have to buy credits?
A: Although sending text messages through your wireless carrier plan is typically free, sending bulk messages through a third party system, such as this app, is not free. That is why we must charge a very small fee to cover our costs.

Q: Can the recipient stop the messages?
A: Yes. The app must follow TCPA laws which allows a recipient of text messages to request them to stop. If this is the case, we can issue you a refund or transfer your credits to another contact.

Supports US and International based phone numbers.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at: [email protected]

Release notes

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements for better user-experience.

Fixed an issue that caused some messages not to get sent out immediately or at the correct schedule.
Fixed an issue that caused some contacts to only receive one message per day.
Updated the Add a Contact screen with a simplified layout for better user-experience and functionality.
Added new functionality for international users to choose the country code prefix from a simple drop-down menu.
Added a new phone book adding option for easier adding of contacts.
Updated wording for some error notifications and support articles.

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