Escape Plan:A mystery puzzle game

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Escape Plan:A mystery puzzle game

Magic Fantasy Technology Co. Ltd.

Games, Adventure, Role-Playing

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Escape Plan is a story-line adventure game. Using your guts, wisdom to help Jake make life or death decisions and face the consequences together.

Jake is a prisoner held in the Gates Prison. He claims himself to be framed. In order to find the truth, he decides to escape the prison. It takes him a long time to search help. Lucky him, he finds you. Remember, you are the only help he can get, so you will decide whether he can escape or not.

It’s a real time game which doesn’t require internet. It’s like using LINE or Messages. You need to keep in touch with him whenever he needs you.

There are many possible outcomes. He may succeed or fail. Different choices leads to different consequences. Sometimes, one choice is all you need to change another person’s destiny.

So, if you ever feel like to restart the game. You are welcome. Or if you feel like to go back to some early points to re-choose, you can also do that.

Are you the person whom Jake can rely on? Are you the person who can help Jake escape the Maximum Jail?

If you have any good idea of story or you have any doubts about our story, feel free to contact us:
[email protected]

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To all the players of 100 Ways to Die, we sincerely appreciate your support, if not we won’t have this chance of producing EP 4. We hope you’ll continue to do so because we would really like to continue making good games, even better games. Thank you, OOXX....

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