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Video Game Tycoon: Tap Story

Video Game Tycoon: Tap Story
Download Video Game Tycoon: Tap Story on the Appstore

Romit Dodhia




Games, Strategy, Role-Playing, Entertainment





Video Game Tycoon is an idle clicker business strategy game where you are the creator and in charge of running a game studio company that develops PC / Computer, console, mobile games and more. Your end goal is to expand your business as much as you can to come out to the top as the leader of the mobile gaming market inc.

You start and run as an independent video game dev working on PC / Computer, console, mobile video games and then slowly and smartly progress through hiring more people and making more video games managing operations. This is a perfect game for everyone who are interested in game dev business and who wants to make games or someone who wants to run and become a video game dev tycoon in game development and create the best game dev story simulation inc. You can create your own video games, how cool is that? It’s better than becoming a tuber and run the empire. You can run your own Video Game empire better than the tuber business.

*Run your own video game company
Become the creator, Tap & Build your game company by making games, hire employees, make money, upgrade and build your idle studio! Tap! Tap! Tapped! Upgrade & grow - Plan your cash investments and level up your studio with multiple storey upgrades. Create an empire from scratch.

*Make awesome games
Make different games, customize them, name them and launch them! You can even update them! Customize game icon using icon customization tool... read more 

Smartphone Tycoon Idle Mobile

Smartphone Tycoon Idle Mobile
Download Smartphone Tycoon Idle Mobile on the Appstore

Nishita Shah




Games, Entertainment, Role-Playing, Strategy





Idle Smartphone Tycoon is an idle clicker business strategy game where you are in charge of running a smart mobile phone company that creates and designs smartphones. Your end goal is to expand your business as much as you can to come out to the top as the leader of the smart mobile phone market inc.

You start and run as an idle independent smart phone designer working on mobile smartphones and then slowly and smartly progress through hiring more people and making more smartphones managing operations. This is a perfect game for everyone who are interested in designing mobile phone business and who wants to make and design mobile phones or someone who wants to run and become a smartphone tycoon in mobile phone business and create the best smart mobile phone business story simulation inc. You can create and design your own smart mobile phones, how cool is that? Its better than becoming a tuber and run the empire. You can run your own Smartphone empire better than the tuber business.

- Run your own mobile smartphone company
- Make and design awesome smartphones
- Automate your tap tap workflow to increase your idle clicker income
- Phone customization, create, select, edit, modify your smartphones and design the best smart phone for your business
- Get idle cash, even when you are offline and also while on the game
- Profit from a smart phone or two to boost your economy and thus your smart mobile phone company... read more 

Line Link

Line Link
Download Line Link on the Appstore

Zhenhui Yang




Games, Board, Puzzle





*** features ***

Playing this exciting puzzle is very simple:
connect the pairs of Speaker without leaving any empty square on the board. Sounds easy but it’s really puzzling, so don’t underestimate this brain teaser. How you play is up to you. It is a thrilling, interesting and engaging game for all ages!

With over 1000 different levels, with board sizes ranging from 5x5 up to the mind blowing 10x10 ones, Line Link is a great game to help you sharpen logic and reasoning skills whether you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzler. Just pick some puzzles and let the time link!... read more 

1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch

1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch
Download 1Tap Flashlight — Quick Torch on the Appstore

yin jingjing




Travel, Utilities





“Tap the icon, the torch comes on. No bells, no whistles, no useless crud. Get this, NOW.” — User review

NOTICE: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.... read more 

Idle Dig: Fun Tap Tycoon Game

Idle Dig: Fun Tap Tycoon Game
Download Idle Dig: Fun Tap Tycoon Game on the Appstore

pavsich aljosa




Games, Strategy, Simulation, Sports





Have you ever wanted to be the strongest and fastest lumberjack that would cut down trees by simply clicking on the screen?

Begin your lumberjack journey by collecting thousands of coins to upgrade your cutting gears and number of lumberjacks.
Dig underground to collect numerous ancient resources that will increase your mining time and speed.
When offline your earnings will be upgraded.

Get the game right NOW for free to how many trees can you cut!... read more 

Zig Zag Run

Zig Zag Run
Download Zig Zag Run on the Appstore

Andrew Willeitner




Games, Action, Casual





Guide the beam of light through many neon obstacles in this fun and addictive endless runner game.

Tap to change gravity. Avoid the neon lights!
Have fun!... read more 

Hollywhoot: Idle Parody

Hollywhoot: Idle Parody
Download Hollywhoot: Idle Parody on the Appstore





Games, Adventure, Simulation





Step into the lot of Hollywhoot and get stars like Natasha Stronganoff, Can’t Miss Everdeen and James Bean to feature in your next Blockbuster! Your dreams of becoming the world’s greatest director are just beginning.

Hollywhoot parodies the greatest of what Hollywood has to offer. From the punniest characters in the academy to the perfect parody of movies and TV shows, Hollywhoot puts you in the director’s seat where you decide what happens next! Win coveted Primetime awards for your achievements and raise your directorial prestige to new heights.

The future of the film industry is in your hands. Grab your megaphone and direct your cast and create a movie 100% certified fresh by the Potatometer!

■ Develop and evolve over 40 parodies of legendary Hollywood actors
■ Enjoy hilarious movie references and in-jokes
■ Grow talents that excel in all movie genres from romance, horror, action and more
■ Rise to prominence by winning prestigious film awards and trophies
■ Collect legendary celebrity cards to enhance your actors’ talents
■ Discover new yet familiar faces as you become the world’s greatest director.

Lights, camera… no action?! Share your issues with us, Director!
Support Email: [email protected]

For latest news, updates, and events, follow us on:

Facebook :
Youtube :... read more 

Fire it up FREE - Bow Drill for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch

Fire it up FREE - Bow Drill for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch
Download Fire it up FREE - Bow Drill for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch on the Appstore

Lemondo Ltd.




Lifestyle, Entertainment





Have to start a fire from scratch. What are you going to do now?
No need to panic, or even admit you've never done it before. Starting a fire is something most anyone can do on their first try with the right materials and a little patience.
Or even better! Train yourself with this fantastic app!... read more 

Lightroom Presets - MagicTap

Lightroom Presets - MagicTap
Download Lightroom Presets - MagicTap on the Appstore



Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Entertainment





Achieve the unrivaled quality of a professional photo edit without having to tweak a single setting!

Fine-tuned to perfection, these presets will turn any image from average to extraordinary in a matter of seconds. Light and airy, dark and intense, find here a filter for any mood and any photo. Simply pick the one you like the most and transfer it to a free Lightroom app to apply!

Want your feed to look neat and consistent like that of top bloggers? Find a preset you love and stick to it! Experiment with a few filters from one category until you find the one that makes a particular photo shine. Frequent updates to the collection will make sure you always have a selection of trendy presets at your hand. For totally unique edits try customizing your presets and playing with adjustments in Lightroom to develop a style that works best for you.

Give your Instagram a makeover with MagicTap presets for Lightroom now and get ready to welcome tons of new followers!

Weekly subscription for $5.99
Yearly subscription for $45.99

You can get unlimited access to all the advanced functionality by subscribing to a weekly or a yearly plan inside the app. There's also a free 3 day trial period to get a taste of what MagicTap Pro has to offer. Once expired, the trial period automatically changes to a paid weekly subscription ($5.99 a week). Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.... read more 

Road Crisis

Road Crisis
Download Road Crisis on the Appstore

Alexandru Craciun




Games, Casual, Simulation, Entertainment





Manage Extreme Traffic, tap to change the lights and control the flow, keep the intersection crash free, avoid jams, unlock new cars with amazing features (Taxi, Bus, Police, Ambulance, Firefighter). Get more points with rare vehicles. Compete with friends over Game Center Leaderboards. Easy to learn but you won’t be able to put it down.

- 3D Graphics
- Intuitive Controls
- Game Center Leaderboards
- Unlimited Gameplay
- Tons of fun
- Unlockable assets... read more 

Color Stack - Ball Smash Game

Color Stack - Ball Smash Game
Download Color Stack - Ball Smash Game on the Appstore

peng zhang




Games, Action





-Most relaxing challenge you ever played!
-Press & hold to smash the colorful stacks.
-Smash the bright coloured blocks and avoid the dark coloured ones.
-Get this FREE game and have FUN.... read more 


Download HEIR OF LIGHT on the Appstore





Games, Role-Playing, Strategy





A Dark Fantasy, Collectible RPG

Darkness has overtaken the realm, and the world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light and order lies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renew a hope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weapon and journey to restore the light of the world!


■ Be A Light in the Darkness
- Shine light upon a world shrouded in darkness. The war will only end when light shines upon every inch of the land.
- Expand the territory in any direction you desire!
- Mobs are no longer in your way, Exclusive Boss Battles Only!

■ Collect Powerful Servants
- Summon powerful Servants to fight at your side.
- Form your Crusade from among over 350 Servants.
- Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken to unlock their true potential.
- Diverse Roles for each Servant: Attack, Defense, Support, Healer.

■ Devise and Strategize
- Your Servants are the key of your Crusade, customize their Skills for every battle.
- Customize your Gear Combination to gain unique Set Effects.
- Couple the various different Skills and Elements to assemble the most strategic Crusade.

■ Heed the Savage Battlefield
- Pulverize your opponents in PvP mode to prove your power.
- Preserve your Towers! Defense is the first step in strategic combat.
- Challenge yourself to various dungeons and earn rare rewards. Godspeed!

■ An Eerie and Mysterious World
- Not just another RPG! Immerse yourself in a... read more 

God of Light

God of Light
Download God of Light on the Appstore

Playmous, Inc.




Games, Casual, Puzzle






"God of Light is absolutely gorgeous." — Touch Arcade

“God of Light is is one of the most gorgeous physics-based puzzle games you will come across this year.” —

“Not only is God of Light easy on the eyes, it also comes with a suitably moody soundtrack from notable trip-hop artist UNKLE.” —

"Between the music and the puzzles, it’s easy to get lost in the game for hours." —

Sit back and become immersed into the world of God of Light, the game that rethinks the physics puzzle genre with its unique environment exploration gameplay, amazing graphics and exclusive soundtrack created by electronic music icon UNKLE.

Join cute game mascot, Shiny, on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness. Play through a variety of exciting game worlds and dozens of levels with mind-blowing puzzles. Your goal is to explore game levels, seek for game objects that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and teleport rays of light energy to activate the Sources of Life and bring light back to the universe.

This game more than delivers when it comes to great gameplay experience, so what are you waiting for? Get ready for an amazing trip. Become God of Light!

• Explore 6 different game worlds and 150 levels.
• Use mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters to control rays of light energy.
... read more 

Light Tap - Improve Your Memory

Light Tap - Improve Your Memory
Download Light Tap - Improve Your Memory on the Appstore

Benjamin Hahn




Games, Music, Board





Light Tap is a simple game of memory and recall.
Remember the sequence of tones and lights and repeat it.

Improve your short-term memory with 3 game modes:
• CLASSIC - Press the buttons in the correct order.
• ROTATION - Can you remember the sequence, even though the board is rotating?
• MONOCHROME - All buttons have the same color.

Play at your own speed: Light Tap adjusts the playback speed to match your pace automatically.

If you are using Game Center, you can compare your scores with players from around the world.... read more 

Tap the Traffic Light

Tap the Traffic Light
Download Tap the Traffic Light on the Appstore

Victor Lobe




Games, Casual





Play this very addictive game and beat your friends Highscore!... read more 

Tap to Flash Light

Tap to Flash Light
Download Tap to Flash Light on the Appstore

mayabella s.r.o.




Entertainment, Lifestyle





Enrich your party with a strobe. Use your iPhone as a flashlight or let your friends know where you are by flashing your phone. It's on your imagination and creativity to invent more cool uses!

1. Flash light
- one touch
- tap on the screen to activate the flash light

2. Stroboscope
- start or end the stroboscope by two fingers touch on screen
- you can change intensity (frequency) or stroboscope in settings

3. Visual effect
- color bubble effect
- great visual bubble effect when you touch the screen

4. Connect your Apple watch
- you can use your watch as a remote control
- tap on watch to flash on iPhone

Please enjoy!... read more 

Draw Ball: Paint Color Line

Draw Ball: Paint Color Line
Download Draw Ball: Paint Color Line on the Appstore

Hlad Matej




Games, Sports, Photo & Video, Puzzle





This is the most challenging physics puzzle game that will test your brain and drawing skills.

Swipe on the scree to draw shapes and find the best solution to make the ball drop into the basket. The ball and almost all the objects on the screen are sensitive to real physics and make the game very realistic therefore.

- The game is based on real physics.
- Suitable for all ages.
- Over 100 challenge levels.
- Simple graphic and smooth game to control.

Download the game today for free and start challenging yourself and your friends to see who gets the highest score. Have fun!... read more 

Multi Photo Edit lite - Foto Editor to edit all your photos with 1-Tap

Multi Photo Edit lite - Foto Editor to edit all your photos with 1-Tap
Download Multi Photo Edit lite - Foto Editor to edit all your photos with 1-Tap on the Appstore

stefan urban




Productivity, Photo & Video





Multi Photo Edit - Edit all your photos with 1-Tap

Do you know the following problem:

You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a photo editor and edit each photo. But in all editors you can not save or copy the parameters for each photo. So you have to move sliders again and again. For each photo.

Now this time is over because YOU have a new photo editor which is rapid and has a lot of new features. These features you don't find in a standard photo filter program. It's time for: (M)ulti (P)hoto (E)ditor!

Get it now and edit more than one photo in a row!

How it works:
1. Select the photos you want to edit or are from one photo session
2. Edit one photo and copy the parameters to all other photos ( JUST 1-TAP! Amazing, isn't it? )
3. Just swipe and have a look at all other photos
4. Now save all back to your photo library!

This will save you a lot of time and by the way: If you need to scale them for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co. you can do it with again just one simple tap.

Who should use Multi Photo Edit:
- You making a lot of photos with your iPhone
- You are using Photo Editors to improve your photos
- You use social media to share your photos with your friends
- You have to resize photos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TumbIr etc.
- You compress photos on your iPhone to save... read more 

Red Light Green Light .

Red Light Green Light .
Download Red Light Green Light . on the Appstore





Games, Simulation, Family, Entertainment





Stop the red! Go green!
Let's reach the goal first!

The operation is easy, hold on the hold and stop!... read more 

Race Car: Driving & Racing 3D

Race Car: Driving & Racing 3D
Download Race Car: Driving & Racing 3D on the Appstore

Aljosha Pavshic




Games, Music, Racing, Simulation





Welcome to the most addicting and thrilling racing game around! Race through endless fast paced tunnels and dodge all kinds of obstacles. Are your racing skills up for the challenge?

* Drag to race the spaceship and avoid deadly obstacles placed on the road.
* Collect coins to unlock new awesome spaceships.


* Intuitive one-touch game play controls.
* Awesome visual and sound effects.
* Collect coins to unlocks 30 awesome spaceships.
* Suitable for kids of all ages.

How far can you go?... read more 

WeTap! for Belkin WeMo

WeTap! for Belkin WeMo
Download WeTap! for Belkin WeMo on the Appstore

Tower Technologies Srl









Control your WeMo switches and lights from the Apple Watch and the Today View!

This app allows to easily control of your Belkin WeMo switches, via WiFi, from the Apple Watch and the Today View of the Notification
Center. This app requires at least one WeMo switch/link in order to work. WiFi is a requirement and you must be on the same WiFi network of the switched. Cellular is not supported.... read more 

Flash Ball - The Unstoppable

Flash Ball - The Unstoppable
Download Flash Ball - The Unstoppable on the Appstore





Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Casual





Let's compare your mind with flash speed...!!

Handle the ball which is moving upward with flash speed...!!!!

You just need to tap on the screen to move the flash ball left and right. And avoid to collide with the walls.

The ball is moving as speedy as flash. Though let's see how long you can survive...!!!!!!

Features :
- Awesome game play
- Share score on social media
- Compare score on leader board and challenge friends... read more 

Mr Head-The dark lights 2

Mr Head-The dark lights 2
Download Mr Head-The dark lights 2 on the Appstore

Hakan Dede




Games, Casual, Adventure, Entertainment





Move on Mr Head!

Roll down or climb up,jump off springs and discover the dark lights!

Don't think it will be easy!As in some levels you will need improved hand skills while in another you will have to be patient or you might need your logic.

Don't think you are alone,lights will guide you there!

Play this 17 level physics-adventure game and please don't forget to rate us!... read more 

Air Hockey - Laser Lights

Air Hockey - Laser Lights
Download Air Hockey - Laser Lights on the Appstore

Jirina Volkova




Games, Simulation, Sports, Sports





Air Hockey is new funny game with clean and nice design.
The goal is to shoot 10 goals to win!

The game is made for up to two players or you can train alone.... read more 

Christmas Party *

Christmas Party *
Download Christmas Party * on the Appstore

Tap Monkey




Games, Family, Entertainment





Welcome to Christmas Party*. Are you planning your holiday gift baskets? Then Christmas Party* is the perfect app for you. Arrange delicious cookies, candies, drinks, and decorate your Christmas tree.... read more 

Light a Way

Light a Way
Download Light a Way on the Appstore

Appxplore (iCandy) Sdn. Bhd.




Games, Casual, Adventure





Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must set on a path to restore the Light back to the world and rid the darkness that has tainted the very lands that you step on.

Bring the Light back to the world as you channel the powers of Light. Tap to radiate flare onto your enemies, empower yourself with magical artifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis as you battle the forces of the abyss and restore Light to the world.

- Build Your Own Guardian
Choose strategically from 90 different Bonds with your Fairies to strengthen and customize your character stats!

- Adorable Companions
Collect all 30 squishy little Lumi friends with a total of 240 skills to assist you on your journey!

- Tap or Idle
Tap to banish the shadows, or let your Lumi companions defeat the darkness!

- Customizable Light Magic
Learn 6 signature spells and develop your own spellcasting style from 18 specialisations!

- Weapons of Light
Equip your Staffs empowered by Lightstone combinations to defeat the shadows!

- Light Up the World
Save this world, receive blessings from the Feys, and bring your light to new worlds!

If you face any technical issues on your device, please contact us and we will try to address the issue as soon as possible.

Support Email :... read more 


Download Metronome- on the Appstore

Horizon Business, Inc.




Music, Utilities





Metronome- is a simple metronome that is easy to use. Select the time signature and background in the "Settings" screen. Drag the metronome weight to set the number of beats per minute.... read more 

Race Ball: Fun Color Road Run

Race Ball: Fun Color Road Run
Download Race Ball: Fun Color Road Run on the Appstore

Teja Jakoncich




Games, Racing, Sports, Puzzle





Join Race Ball, the best color ball game that will test your reaction time and reflexes. If you are looking for a game with lots of speeding objects, colorful shapes and tons of fun you are definitely at the right place.

All you have to do is tap on the screen to move the jumping ball left and right in order to avoid all kinds of rolling obstacles like blocks, bricks and cubes.

Don't wait any more time and get the game right now for free and start practicing with your friends to see who gets the best score.

Have fun and enjoy!... read more 

Flippy Run: Epic Fun Ball Race

Flippy Run: Epic Fun Ball Race
Download Flippy Run: Epic Fun Ball Race on the Appstore

Teja Jakoncich




Games, Action, Adventure, Sports





This is an addictive and exciting endless runner game that will keep you entertained for hours. Control your character with touching and tapping to jump or turn, double tap to perform the cool acrobatics. Go as far as you can and find your way through deadly traps and obstacles, and don’t get caught by the giant fire ball chasing you from behind behind!

- Many unique characters.
- Avoid deadly traps and obstacles.
- Simple and addictive gameplay.
- Free to play

How far can you get?... read more 

Beats Swipe Light Saber

Beats Swipe Light Saber
Download Beats Swipe Light Saber on the Appstore

Ghulam Mustafa




Games, Music, Music, Simulation





Let's Swipe!!! Select your favorite music and play this beat note in the futuristic world!
Let's Play & enjoy the music beats
Swipe all the notes that are moving towards you.
The best music battle with adventurous multicolor notes.
Be the best note striker and conquer that music battle by getting maximum scores.
The speed of notes, rhythm, and lightsaber define your scores.
Swipe the notes as they fly towards you.

Multicolor beat notes are traveling on the beats of music, so swipe them in perfect time and to win that beat game arena. Amazing guitar beat music with sensational beat notes && Amazing lighting effects that will attract you most. Release your stress and wins that beat music game contest on sizzling rhythm games environment. Note slices are moving in the direction where you have to swipe them and get the scores.
Let's Swipe & Enjoy The Music Beats

** Main Features**
• Easy to play
• Amazing visual effects
• Multiple slicing notes
• Multicolor notes with amazing beat music
• Swipe the screen to move the notes... read more 

Tap the Lights

Tap the Lights
Download Tap the Lights on the Appstore

Jeremy Quentin




Games, Casual, Music, Entertainment





Simple yet addictive, Tap the Lights is a musical and minimalistic revisitation of the 70’s cult arcade game “Whac-A-Mole”.

To play:
- Tap each pads as it lights up.
- Try to last as long as possible.
- Enjoy the music you are creating.
- Beat your friends’ best scores!

- Free, in-app free, whac-a-mole game
- Continually changing, harmonious color environment
- 5 different color palettes
- 6 different musical palettes... read more 

Jewels Blast - Diamond Pro

Jewels Blast - Diamond Pro
Download Jewels Blast - Diamond Pro on the Appstore

Kaufcom GmbH




Games, Family, Lifestyle, Board





One of the best match-3 jewel games of its kind! It will provide you a very funny and challenging time.
You will forget the meaning of the word boredom thanks to this exciting puzzle game.
By playing this game you will find yourself in a virtual dimension, hopelessly addicted to the colorful diamonds and blasting special effects. It is a simple but extremely fun match-3 game.
While proceeding with the levels you will find breathtaking backgrounds with bright festive colors.
Simply tap your finger on any matching jewels to match as many colorful diamonds as possible before the time runs out. But pay attention the time is just one of your enemies! You will also have to keep an eye on the neon frame as the jewels will keep falling continuously until they do not fit in the light boundaries anymore. If you are not quick enough they could fall out of the border making you lose precious lives. If more than three gems are falling out, you lose. Every right matching will burst your tiny gems away in fascinating rays, stars and rumble figures
As you get on with the levels you will encounter new shiny neon objects that are going to restrict the available space for the diamonds like: squares, explosions and circles.
Try to master all the levels of this smashing casual game and sharpen your skills.

★★★Features: ★★★

✔ Match 3 or more identical Jewels
✔ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
✔ Tons of... read more 

Rider of light - Fly to the sky

Rider of light - Fly to the sky
Download Rider of light - Fly to the sky on the Appstore

haoxue guo




Games, Social Networking, Sports, Racing





Simple operation, challenge difficulty, how far can you go?

Light style: A strong contrast between light and shade to create an excellent picture!
Very challenging: simple operation, challenge difficulty!
Leardboard: how far can you go?
Endless Challenge... read more 

Flash Tap Tap

Flash Tap Tap
Download Flash Tap Tap on the Appstore

Light Art




Entertainment, Games, Action





Test your reaction speed.

Wondering your reaction speed?

When your eyes see something, your brain needs to first figure out what's happening then you can take action.

With this App, you can measure how long it takes for you to react.

- Compare your reaction time with the world and your friends and your family.
- Prepare yourself for upcoming challenges (game, meeting your boss or your friend/girlfriend, whatever)

How to play :
- Press START button.
- Tap screen when it turns red.

New stuff:
- Add Beats (kind of metronome), which can be used in any occasion where beats are required, such as I use it for push-ups and practice drumming
- Add ASCII Table (for developers)

Bug reports or suggestions please mail to [email protected]... read more 

Tap City Oil Tycoon

Tap City Oil Tycoon
Download Tap City Oil Tycoon on the Appstore

Mikhail Grechishnikov




Games, Simulation





Build your own oil refining empire, get the reputation of the cunning dealer and have fun with Tap City Oil Tycoon!

Start from the small tower and raise it up to the giant oil refinery! Different technologies like oil shale mining or gas lift can help you to dominate the whole world!

Tap your towers to pump oil, build storage to keep it before selling and invent new technologies of refining to upgrade your factory and earn more money! Explore the system of oil extraction – right from the finding the oil well on your farm to the stage, when your oil becomes the most expansive in the world!
Check and unlock different oil fields to pump more and more! Use earned money to purchase new equipment, construct new buildings, or hire a new employee! Become as rich as a real oil magnate and make your first step to the world dominance!

Create your own oil pumping empire with our new app - Tap City Oil Tycoon game!

Tap City Oil Tycoon features:
Funny industrial empire simulator
Realistic oil refinery workflow
Many new technologies to invent
Just tap and idle to collect money!
Unlockable buildings and upgrades... read more 


Download TrapTap on the Appstore

TrapTap Inc.




Navigation, Utilities





The world’s simplest speed trap indicator.

Sleek, stylish, and easy to use. TrapTap is the best safety device that provides drivers real-time alerts on their driving environment. Simply connect the hardware device to your smartphone and easily be notified of red light cameras, school zones, road hazards, speed limits, and mobile radar traps. TrapTap uses your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth along with the app, to send the device notifications.

Right out of the box, TrapTap knows every red light camera, school zone, and speed limit in 64 different countries! It is not a radar detector, therefore it uses its community of users to mark the location of all other mobile radar traps and road hazards. By flashing different colors, along with audio alerts, your TrapTap unit becomes your “driving easy button”, making your commute safer while saving you cash.

- Pre-mapped with over 800,000 road hazards in 64 countries!
- Real-time and constantly updated driving alerts
- 2 year battery life with replaceable coin cell battery.
- TrapTap will blink different colors and play tone alerts when you come close to different types of traps.
- Easily mounts to your car dash with reusable sticky pad (included) or with TrapTap made accessories.
- To report a trap, simply tap the top of TrapTap and it will mark the location and update the community. Double tapping will remove traps no longer there.
- TrapTap... read more 

Light Pro - photo effects

Light Pro - photo effects
Download Light Pro - photo effects on the Appstore

Quantis, Inc.


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Entertainment





*** Amazing lighting effects on your photo! ***

Just a few touches, you can easily add many lighting effects onto your photo.

Try this app, and making a artistic photo in seconds!

You also can share photos on variable SNS service such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

- Easy-to-use single tap lighting filters
- Adjust opacity
- Adjust brightness
- Adjust contrast
- Blur and focus
- Rotate, crop and resizing
- Share to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
- Save to Photo Library
- Send photo by mail

Let's enjoy huge collection of lighting filters and photo editing tools!... read more 

Combat!! Mortal Star Galaxy Commander Due of LightSaber Heroes

Combat!! Mortal Star Galaxy Commander Due of LightSaber Heroes
Download Combat!! Mortal Star Galaxy Commander Due of LightSaber Heroes on the Appstore

Carlos Mendez Calderon




Games, Music, Entertainment, Casual





Incredible duel mortal starts fight!!!

Play and win this incredible sid batter for kids.

Are you ready for the combat ?

Free Download !!

d7af9c3739... read more 

Super Simon Color

Super Simon Color
Download Super Simon Color on the Appstore

Nikunj Surati




Games, Entertainment, Strategy





Super Simon Color is an Amazing Brain Teaser - Memory Game!

How to Play?
Be alert and observe what color lights up... Tap on it !

The Game continues by lighting up the taped color and an additional one. Now you have to tap on both colors in the same order!

Simon continues adding and/or repeating new colors that you must memorize and repeat in the same order, until your memory allows it!

So, play and try to get the highest score on Leaderboard!... read more 

Justice vs.Evil-2 player games

Justice vs.Evil-2 player games
Download Justice vs.Evil-2 player games on the Appstore

Ye Han




Games, Trivia, Entertainment, Family





The best 2-player game collection ever!

◆ Easy to control,only tap and drag!
◆ Compete with your friend on a same device!
◆ Bunch of games,totally intuitive and fun!
◆ Beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display.
◆ Global leaderboard supported!
◆ A real party-killer!

Is it a game which have to play with others?
No! It not only allows 2 player's battle,but also allows player to challenge himself/herself.... read more 

Amazing Zig march and engage many special tiles in the ziggy way

Amazing Zig march and engage many special tiles in the ziggy way
Download Amazing Zig march and engage many special tiles in the ziggy way on the Appstore

建瑛 贾




Games, Strategy, Entertainment, Board





A track, a ball, an amazing ziggy journey full of fun and challenge. Simple and fun. I bet you can't stop after playing hundreds of times. Be cautious of addiction.

Tapping the screen to change the ball's direction. And don't get off the track, otherwise you lose. That's all of the rule. But there is much more fun in it. You will engage many different challenges along the way. Sometimes ball bloats, sometimes it shrinks, sometimes everything is covered by fog... More challenges are waiting for you to explore. Download and PLAY NOW!... read more 

Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain

Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain
Download Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain on the Appstore

Benjamin Hahn




Games, Board, Music





Light Tap Advanced is a simple game of memory and recall.
Remember the sequence of tones and lights and repeat it.

Improve your short-term memory in three different game modes. Depending on the chosen difficulty, ONE, TWO or even THREE lights light up simultaneously.


• Helps you to train your brain and expand your memory.

• Easy to play.

• 3x3 grid. Three game modes.

• Beautiful, animated UI.

• Beat your Friends.

• Share your score on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are using Game Center, you can compare your scores with friends and players from around the world.... read more 

Lookout: Lights, Shapes-Tap!

Lookout: Lights, Shapes-Tap!
Download Lookout: Lights, Shapes-Tap! on the Appstore

Seagull maritime AS




Education, Simulation, Role-Playing, Games





Lookout- Lights, Shapes- Tap is a revolutionary learning RPG game which blends maritime learning in Collision Regulations 1972 (Part C-Lights & Shapes & Annex II) and reporting procedure with gorgeous graphics, innovating learning & game play to enhance understanding of COLREGS and reporting skills. As knowledge & skill is improved, a player is rewarded through badges and progress on the leader-board.

You role-play as a Second Officer Sam, who has just taken over a navigation watch from Emily. After a brief tutorial, the game starts in the hours of darkness. Keeping watch along with you is Joel, who is the assigned lookout and reports when he finds a vessel around own ship.
Basic knowledge of the rules and reporting method is required. Hint mode assists player to learn about types of vessels & and bearings.

Key Features:

Tutorial mode: Get acquainted with the game controls & mechanics
Level 1: identify and confirm the correct bearing as reported by Joel
Level 2: In addition to the correct bearing, also tap through all correct options for the vessel type & associated day signals as per COLREGS
Level 3: In addition to correct bearing, identify vessel type, vessel operation & heading/direction of the target vessel

Choose vessel type: Tanker Vessel, Container Vessel or a Bulk Carrier
Tutorial & Hint mode for practicing
Sound on/off toggle and subtitles to allow... read more 

Tap Tap Jump

Tap Tap Jump
Download Tap Tap Jump on the Appstore

Azimuth Entertainment Inc




Games, Entertainment, Casual, Action





Featured in the Apple's 'What's Hot'

"If you like the games Doodle Jump and Tap Tap Revenge, you will love Tap Tap Jump; it brings together these two classic iOS games with new twists and exciting challenges."

Tap Tap Jump is a platform jumping game- with a twist! Change colors to match the color of the platforms, for a whole new level of challenge!

Guide your robot on a journey through the solar system. Collect powers, and unlock awards!

• Amazing robot powers and powerups, like color change, super jump, rocket boost, whitewash and teleport
• Dynamic space environment with moving, appearing and disappearing platforms, and other sneaky surprises. The higher you go, the harder it gets!
• Unlock achievements for every new planet you reach, and climb the leaderboards

• Gorgeous graphics and dazzling special effects
• Original soundtrack and sound effects

• Smooth, intuitive tilt and touch controls
• 3 levels of difficulty to provide the proper challenge for all skill levels and devices
• Universal app that will run on any Apple device

If you enjoy my application, please help support an independent developer by giving me a positive rating or review on the app store. Your support keeps the updates coming... read more 

Build the Lighthouse - Impossible Sky High Tower Puzzles

Build the Lighthouse - Impossible Sky High Tower Puzzles
Download Build the Lighthouse - Impossible Sky High Tower Puzzles on the Appstore

Jessica Morris




Games, Family, Simulation





A 1-touch tower building adventure! Get ready to build the tallest lighthouse in the world in this easy to learn reaction game.

> Endless game play
> Tap to drop your building blocks
> Align the blocks just right
> Build sky high lighthouses!
> ..and most importantly- BEAT your friends

Have comments or suggestions? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]... read more 

Tap Lights 8 bit

Tap Lights 8 bit
Download Tap Lights 8 bit on the Appstore

Goblin Software Limited




Games, Entertainment, Puzzle





Tap the lights and turn all the lights to ON!!

When you tap a light, the lights surrounding it will toggle. Try to turn all the lights to ON and solve the puzzle as quick as you can!... read more 

Pink Pong Dot Tap - The Twisty Epic Tennis Balls Of Incredible Souls

Pink Pong Dot Tap - The Twisty Epic Tennis Balls Of Incredible Souls
Download Pink Pong Dot Tap - The Twisty Epic Tennis Balls Of Incredible Souls on the Appstore

Romit Dodhia




Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Casual





Tap to block the splashy balls, the pink balls should go to pink paddle and blue balls should go to blue paddle

How many times can you do that?

*** Disclaimer - This game is highly addictive :) ***
You have been warned!... read more 

Idle Bike

Idle Bike
Download Idle Bike on the Appstore

wenhui jiang




Games, Simulation, Sports





Operate and develop your bike racing track.

- Recruit your guests
- Upgraded track
- Enriching your garage

Let your business spread all over the world.... read more 

Fast Colorz Game: Tap Fast The Light Color Tiles

Fast Colorz Game: Tap Fast The Light Color Tiles
Download Fast Colorz Game: Tap Fast The Light Color Tiles on the Appstore

Juan de la Torre




Games, Puzzle, Trivia, Lifestyle





******* Fast Colorz has been featured in the Top Puzzle games in more than 20 countries

'Fast Colorz Game: Tap Fast The Light Color Tiles' is an easy game to test your skills and compete with your friends.
Tap the lightest color as fast as you can, you have limited time. You can train your brain to respond better to colors.
If you like the game please write a quick review, you have no idea how that would help.

Fast Colorz is easy to learn but very difficult to master!... read more 

Light Cross - LightUp Puzzle

Light Cross - LightUp Puzzle
Download Light Cross - LightUp Puzzle on the Appstore

Naoya Sangu




Games, Board, Puzzle, Education





Light Cross is a logic puzzle game using "light bulb & beam."
Set light bulbs on empty cells and illuminate all cells!
This is a great way to kill time!

Tap any cell on the screen to place a light bulb in it. Light beams from the light bulb spread out in four directions and illuminate all cells in each direction.
Each stage is completed when all cells are illuminated AND the following 2 rules are both satisfied:
[Rule One] No light bulbs can be placed in the path of light beams from the other light bulbs.
[Rule Two] The numbered blocks show the number of light bulbs you are going to place in the adjacent cells.

It is a very simple but arcane puzzle game. Let's start playing now!

• Easy operation.
• Over 500 stages in 20 puzzle packs.
• Varied new stages will be added frequently.
• Cool graphics & sounds
• Support for Game Center: Let's play and compete with your friends!

• Ads are included in the free app (Ads can be removed by purchasing an add-on).
• Although over 200 free stages are included in the app, more stages can be played by purchasing additional puzzle packs.

This app includes;
- advertisement
- add-ons (In-App Purchases)
- a function to post on the SNSs
* No automatic post without operation.
- links to apps and the official site
- score data collection for displaying rankings
* By signing in the Game Center,... read more 

Firework Tap Tap

Firework Tap Tap
Download Firework Tap Tap on the Appstore

Saliha Sadiq




Games, Adventure, Casual, Entertainment





Do you want to see the fireworks right now? Of course you do we know everyone loves the show! So, Download and play this amazing fireworks tap app now as it is the key we have provided you to open and explore the chest of unlimited craze and entertainment. A special treat for mischievous boys! Simple and safe way to enjoy real fireworks at home. Time to explode the sack of boredom! This is a highly challenging and addictive game.

Your mission is just to launch your fire cracker as high as you want into the space, just touch when you want to release the explosive mass to make it high, see how far you can take your fire cracker to explode and earn coins against the distance you covered. Spend your coins to purchase variety of fireworks illuminations and place (backgrounds) where you want to see the firework show.

• Addictive physics simulation base game.
• Easy to play but hard to master game play.
• Its addiction urge you to come back again and again for more boost.
• Beautiful HD Graphics.
• Tap to create the dazzling fireworks displays.
• A lot of colorful fireworks effects.
• Automatically generated explosion display.
• Leader board to see your local high scores.
• Every fire cracker is unique (variety of mini rockets).
• Choose your favorite place to the firework show.
• Totally free.

Firework Tap Tap is amazing and wondrous fireworks arcade app gives you... read more 


Download Beams. on the Appstore

Appsolute Games LLC




Games, Puzzle, Strategy, Entertainment





***** Top 10 Puzzle Game in over 25 Countries! *****

Beams is a minimal puzzle game that features 60 mind bending puzzles, a relaxing atmosphere, and a deceptively simple design.... read more 

Taps: Beautifully Simple

Taps: Beautifully Simple
Download Taps: Beautifully Simple on the Appstore

Russell King




Games, Puzzle, Board





Open your mind to the simplicity of Taps and discover the ever growing challenge that awaits.

* Evolve your strategy to play your way through our campaign modes with 4 different styles of play
* 400 campaign levels to enjoy
* Play an infinite number of custom games at your preferred difficulty
* Choose between the classic two grid view, or the new single grid view
* Compare your times globally and with friends
* Disable the timer and just relax as you play, with the lovely soundtrack

Take the journey and enjoy the puzzle you have been waiting for.... read more 

Smart Alarm-sleep cycle saving

Smart Alarm-sleep cycle saving
Download Smart Alarm-sleep cycle saving on the Appstore



Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness, Utilities





Over 1,000,000 people around the world wake up easily with our Alarm apps!
If your morning starts with snoozing alarm for some more minutes, and you cannot wake up without coffee, and feel completely wrecked, this means that you wake up contrary to the proper sleep cycle.
Our Application will help you to wake up properly.

===== Key Features: =====

Receive alarms even when application is closed using the iOS local notifications.

Wake up with your favorite iPod Music. Add one song, two songs or whole playlists to your alarms.

An easy morning wake up feature (7 time options to choose from)
An easy wake up feature after a daytime nap (you are safe from a daytime tiredness)

Light melodies for waking up (cat’s purr, sea and rain sounds, playground voices, busy café, morning forest) and louder melodies (simple alarm, flourish, the best day)

Fully adjust the snooze function and length.

Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.

Play your iPod music for a given time period and let the music stop playing when you fall asleep. The sleep timer will fade out the music gently so you won't wake up from sudden sound level... read more 

Pursuit of Light

Pursuit of Light
Download Pursuit of Light on the Appstore

Lemon Jam Technology Co., Ltd.




Games, Action, Role-Playing, Entertainment





Pursuit of Light is an action adventure game set in a mystery world. The world is in the dream of a little girl. She wants to find the light and get out of the endless dream. But there are traps and dangers hidden. The player controls the little girl and guide her by the spell of moon and star to avoid the dangers and jump to the end.

Pursuit of Light is a new game by Lemon Jam Studio.

-80 challenging dreams
-Immersive gaming experience
-Intuitive controls and gameplay
-Beautiful music and design
-Optimized for iPhones, iPods and iPads
-Game Center support... read more 

49 Lights- PuzzleGame

49 Lights- PuzzleGame
Download 49 Lights- PuzzleGame on the Appstore

Kohei Yamauchi




Games, Puzzle, Family, Entertainment





49 Lights is simple and complex puzzle game.

Rules easy!
Just put all the lights.

And you can turn it off or turn on the lights in the tap.

Please enjoy.

There are also 25 version. read more 

Stars Link

Stars Link
Download Stars Link on the Appstore

Wiiza Game




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Trivia





Have you ever tried to find beautiful constellations in the vast sky?
Swipe finger, link the stars … find the mystery answers in this unique and innovative puzzle game.
Connecting shining stars to get beautiful constellations.
Let's start a wonderful journey into the sky.

1. Unique constellations puzzles to challenge
2. Simple to learn and play
3. Immersive music around you
4. Find hidden stars to unlock more levels

Tips: You can ask friends for help if you can't get the perfect answer :)... read more 

iNeon - Neon signs

iNeon - Neon signs
Download iNeon - Neon signs on the Appstore

Gestoria Riola, SL




Utilities, Productivity





Create neon signs for your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

With iNeon, you can have a different sign every time: Customize your neon sign with different fonts, colors and texts.

Proud of your neon? Save and share your favorite neons with your friends!

iNeon is perfect for a business, a concert or just for fun.... read more 

Asante TapTap

Asante TapTap
Download Asante TapTap on the Appstore

Uniform Industrial Corporation




Utilities, Lifestyle





TapTap is a smart and controlled light and sound device infrastructure. Through the use of TapTap, conventional lights used for holidays can be turned into a synchronized music and light show.
With TapTap application, everyone can create his/her own display simply by tapping on the beats of the music. No music proficiency or programming skill is required.
When downloaded, the application comes with one ready-to-play music light show and 18 songs. Each preloaded track comes with 6 pre-edited light channels. You can either use the default music light show or create your own light display.
When completed, use the application to schedule a light show playlist and then press the play button to play.

iOS 8.0 or higher is required.
To access TapTap from your smart device, make sure your smart device connects to the same WLAN with TapTap device.

If you would like to learn more about TapTap, please visit the website ( read more 

25 Lights - PuzzleGame

25 Lights - PuzzleGame
Download 25 Lights - PuzzleGame on the Appstore

Kohei Yamauchi




Games, Puzzle, Board





25 Lights is simple and complex puzzle game.

Rules easy!
Just put all the lights.

And you can turn it off or turn on the lights in the tap.

Please enjoy.

There are also 49 version. read more 


Download Lights-TAP on the Appstore

Jie Wu









Connect all the wires to the power source to light up all the light-bulbs in the shortest time possible!... read more 

Galaxy Star Light : PopPop Tap

Galaxy Star Light : PopPop Tap
Download Galaxy Star Light : PopPop Tap on the Appstore

Pham Van Tuan




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Casual





Galaxy Star Light : PopPop Tap is new addictive pop star style match 2 puzzle game.
Tap on two or more adjacent stars to crush them, pop star with magic heart could crush single star, use it smart.
In this game first tap just hint the range of star, tap again crush stars, so you will use brain more, and score more!
Once you pop star, you can't stop!... read more 


Download hyper•loop on the Appstore

Curt Stein




Games, Casual, Casino





Timing is everything.

Tap to stop the light when it’s at the top of the loop. Do it 10 times in a row and the light speeds up! Keep going and set a high score for your friends to beat!

This game will bring back memories of those ticket games you used to play at the arcade. It’s simple yet brutally difficult at the same time!

So, what are you waiting for? Be in the loop! Join the inner-circle! Throw your hat in the ring and get caught in a vicious cycle!... read more 

Race Dice: Fun Tower Road Run

Race Dice: Fun Tower Road Run
Download Race Dice: Fun Tower Road Run on the Appstore

Aljosa Pavsich




Games, Puzzle, Sports, Racing





Roll down the cube tower and escape the monsters!

Tap left or right to make your escape from evil monsters, Don't forget to collect coins along the road.

If you think that you are up for this awesome challenge just download the game RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy!... read more 

Light of Rhythm

Light of Rhythm
Download Light of Rhythm on the Appstore

Allen Zhu




Games, Music, Music, Casual





Are you thinking of...
Tired of playing classic music games? Not finding any rhythm game that satisfy you? Enjoying various styles of music? Willing to challenge yourself with some new gameplay?

You should TRY Light of Rhythm!!

Pay attention to the rhythm in the music, then fire the abduction beam with just the same rhythm(repeat the rhythm!) to 'invite' some guests for XIAOQIANG's party!

Game Features
- Rhythm-based new gameplay.
- Various styles of music from famous Chinese music studio 8082.
- Easy single-tap gameplay.
- Easy to pick up, yet challenging to master.

Download Light of Rhythm for free NOW!!!

Contact: [email protected] | read more 

Red Light!

Red Light!
Download Red Light! on the Appstore

Novateur LLC




Games, Entertainment, Action, Casual





Touch the green and see how long you can last!... read more 

Wild Escape

Wild Escape
Download Wild Escape on the Appstore

Jerry Cole




Games, Entertainment, Casual, Adventure





Help the little amazon escape the wild. Tap to drop sticks to avoid the dangerous obstacles.... read more 

Sky 3D Run Race 2019

Sky 3D Run Race 2019
Download Sky 3D Run Race 2019 on the Appstore

Muhammad Asghar




Games, Action, Sports, Sports





Sky 3d Run Race 2019 a new adventure game. Run, Climb and dodge all type of Obstacles on the tracks and Escape from zombie behind you. This Fun racing game is easy to play and very addictive game. The game is one of the best zombie runner games. 
The game is very addictive and challenging. You will have to make sure to avoid yourself from obstacles and save yourself from zombie. There are multiple levels in this game and you need to clear all the ways to reach higher levels.
Download Now for Fun!... read more 

Trail The Light 2017

Trail The Light 2017
Download Trail The Light 2017 on the Appstore

ijaz hussain




Games, Casual, Entertainment, Role-Playing





The objective of trail the Light is simple: tap the lights to make it to the next round.
It is a very interesting game plus with high difficulty we are sure you will enjoy it.... read more 


Download xSplitZ on the Appstore

Elaine Rhodes




Reference, Business





IxSplitZ helps you select the right split ratio for a fiber optic tap by calculating the light budget of the deployment environment.

Fiber optic cables are used to connect computers and networking equipment for high-speed communications from 1 to 100 gigabits per second. A fiber tap can be inserted in the cable to split off some of the light and send it down another cable to a network monitoring tool such as an intrusion detection system or a protocol analyzer. The tap's split ratio identifies what percent of the light is split off for the tool. For example, a 50/50 split ratio means that an equal amount of light is sent to the tool and on down the main cable. A 70/30 split ratio tap keeps 70% of the light in the main cable and sends 30% the tool. The optimum split ratio for a given deployment is found by calculating the light budget, based on factors such as the lengths of the various cables and the launch power and receive sensitivity of the optical transceivers at each end of the cables. IxSplitZ takes the drudgery out of these calculations by letting you simply enter the various parameters and immediately see the design margins at each endpoint for various split ratios.

App operation: The footer of the app shows a tap installed in the middle of an east-west network link (the blue and green cables), with tapped data going south to a tool (the gold cable, which carries two data streams down to the tool and no return traffic).... read more 

Kanji Spot the Difference

Kanji Spot the Difference
Download Kanji Spot the Difference on the Appstore

Nobollel Inc.




Games, Puzzle, Education, Word





Ready your magnifying glass and let's head to Asia!
Kanji Spot the Difference is a simple game of Spot the Difference with a twist!
Touch the kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese) that is different from all the others!
Test your concentration with this challenging game experience from another part of the world!

The rules are easy: within 30 seconds, find and touch the character that is different from the others!
Tap the wrong one and it's game over!
Push your prefrontal cortex with this fun and interesting puzzle game!

Recommended for people who want a light, yet brain stimulating game while they relax;
take a rest and step back from your busy life with a break whilst waiting for the bus or train.
Test your attention and information processing capacity whilst exploring the world of kanji from your sofa!
Get lost within the images which look even more marvelous on your iPad!

Perfect for killing some time and training your brain, and better yet: it's a free download!
No need to register your email address!
Please enjoy yourself with Kanji Spot the Difference!... read more 

2 Dash : Smashy Square-Wanted

2 Dash : Smashy Square-Wanted
Download 2 Dash : Smashy Square-Wanted on the Appstore

Bach Ho




Games, Casual, Adventure





Game features:
- eye candy graphics
- extremely addictive gameplay
- test your reflexes... read more 

Tangled Up!

Tangled Up!
Download Tangled Up! on the Appstore

2Pi Interactive Pvt Ltd




Games, Family, Puzzle, Entertainment





“Tangled Up” is the story of uniting two electric charges "Positive Charge" & "Negative Charge" always paired by a live electric string and it's Tangled!.

Seek the help of their best pals "Batteries" - Apply the principles of magnetism to bring them together & untie them to their eternal love.

Remember, opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Beware of insulators & lone charges but take help of conductors semi-conductors on your way to bring back the tangled up! charges together. Show your skills of untangling the string and unite the charges into the eternal light of love.

A unique puzzle game not just easy but fun to play, & yet a challenge of real-world physics to fully master. “Time chase” & “Color match” are the two exciting modes of tangled up! - Smart enough to bring these two lovers back together? Will their love blossom again?

Here is the reason why you should start playing Tangled Up! right now.

- Now, explore 3 more locations in addition to 4 exciting locations with outstanding HD graphics - includes unlimited hints.

-105 puzzling levels played through 3 marvelous game modes resulting in 315 handcrafted levels with unlimited powers.

- A new localized tutorial system with more intuitive learning will only add to your smartness.

- Unlock a wide range of customization for the characters

- Find collectible memories of the sweet charges - Hidden Moments!

Happy... read more 

Lightsout - Light bulb Puzzle

Lightsout - Light bulb Puzzle
Download Lightsout - Light bulb Puzzle on the Appstore





Games, Puzzle, Strategy, Entertainment





LightsOut is puzzle game that is played on 5*5 board.
On start of game several lights are turned on randomly.
Taping on one light will toggle it together with adjescent lights.
Goal of game is to turn off all lights on board.... read more 


Download iGardener on the Appstore

Bookleaf PTY Ltd









With the Holman iGardener app you can use your smartphone to control all the programming and interface functions of a continually increasing range of Holman garden watering and light products via Bluetooth®. These products are designed for easy DIY installation.

You can control the following Holman products with the iGardener app:

• BTX1 Smart Valve Tap Timer
• BTX6 Irrigation Controller 6 Zones
• BTX8 Irrigation Controller 8 Zones

• Schedule up to 8 tap timers or controllers via the app
• Scheduling options for 7-day watering, interval days, odd days, even days, cycle scheduling, manual watering
• Set your run time in hours and minutes
• Up to 3 start times per day
• Watering duration from 1 minute to 59 minutes
• Ability to connect a rain sensor (BTX6 and BTX8 only) and set a rain delay via the app

• LIGHTSOURCE Warm White Garden Light Controller (CLBW60)
• LIGHTSOURCE RGB Colour Garden Light Controller (CLBRGB60)

• Connect up to 60W of path lights, spotlights and/or deck lights to a single light controller
• Change colour (RGB Colour lights only), vary intensity, set an on and off time and special effects... read more 

Beat Emoji

Beat Emoji
Download Beat Emoji on the Appstore

Xi You Di Wang Limited




Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Card





Welcome to "Beat Emoji"!

This is an relax one match puzzle game. It is very easy to learn: just tap the emoji block to pop them. Pop more emoji at same time, you will get more scores.

Warning this is addictive and hare to master.

Every new level you have one chance to challenge, if you failed, you will need lives to challenge it again. You will get free lives by time, and you can earn by challenge successful levels too.

Now, try me!... read more 

The Light Story

The Light Story
Download The Light Story on the Appstore

Anton Vazhinsky




Games, Puzzle, Adventure





This game is a DevsGo Festival Award Winner in a ‘Best Game’ and ‘Best Sound’ categories.

A charming story and a physical arcade in one game? Yes, it’s possible, it’s right in front of you! Welcome to a mysterious world, someone's inner world. Alex’s diary will not leave you indifferent, and the game levels will not always be easy to beat. Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of colors and sounds, a world of light and darkness, a world of dreams and difficulties. You are to go all the way to the end and win.
Do it! Catch the light!

This is the full version of The Light, in which:
- Access to all levels is open
- No advertising... read more 

Fluorite: Connect Light Lines

Fluorite: Connect Light Lines
Download Fluorite: Connect Light Lines on the Appstore

MIPMAP d.o.o.




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Strategy





Fluorite is your go-to puzzle game for some zen-like meditation time. Rotate the pipes to combine the lights and make an order out of chaos. Download our immensely satisfying and super fun game and try it yourself!

Fluorite is extremely addictive, but in a soothing kind of way. The game starts easy and intuitive in the beginning but it gets more challenging later on.

How to play?

You can rotate tiles with a simple tap. The goal is to connect each of the end tiles to one of the available sources to turn on the right lights. At first, all you have to worry about is lining up tiles with their associated sources but it It quickly gets more interesting when you start missing the light sources you need.
[email protected]... read more 

Ball And Key

Ball And Key
Download Ball And Key on the Appstore

Jakrapong Saenyabut




Games, Casual, Puzzle, Entertainment





Tap the screen to make the ball go up to get the key and collect points.

Test your skill and beat your friend!
Try Mission Mode to play and unlock 40 levels!
Tap to fly as far as you can!

- 40 Levels to unlock!
- Endless Mode!
- GameCenter Leaderboard!
- Universal!
- Nice Shadow!
- Easy to understand!
- Facebook and Twitter sharing!
- Real Physics!
- One touch controls
- Relax music... read more 

Tap Tac Toe

Tap Tac Toe
Download Tap Tac Toe on the Appstore

Todd Olsen




Games, Strategy, Family, Entertainment





Human vs Robot! Da da dum!
Tap Tac Toe is a fun little game for your iPhone, guaranteed to make you smile (even though you'll never win against the robot!).... read more 

Color Crash Dash

Color Crash Dash
Download Color Crash Dash on the Appstore

Peter Bazso




Games, Casual, Board





Let's see how far you can move your ball from the ground.

It is really challenging, so are you ready to accept challenge and score high as much as you can.

We are waiting for your score!

How to Play

Simply try to avoid all the obstacles to go as far as possible!
On mobile, click left or right button and tap to dash through blue blocks.
Click and Dash to get the ball past each obstacle.
Timing and Patience are the keys to victory.
Beat Every Challenge and get a High Score in this Endless Game.... read more 

Fill The Bucket: Pop Me

Fill The Bucket: Pop Me
Download Fill The Bucket: Pop Me on the Appstore

Qinglong Liu




Games, Family, Puzzle





Try to fill this bucket and enlighten all stars!
Make it full but don't waste any!

Some levels might be a little tricky. But the whole game is very satisfying. You will enjoy it.... read more 

Click Color: Hidden Puzzle

Click Color: Hidden Puzzle
Download Click Color: Hidden Puzzle on the Appstore

Umid Safarov




Games, Casual, Puzzle





Tap different-colored objects from lightest to darkest. That seems easy...
Minimalist design of the game will help you concentrate on major objects.
Check how acute your eyesight is in these countless puzzles.
Get to the top in the players leaderboard!

There's an awesome installation, which generates new objects of different colors and shapes all the time.
Tap relevant objects to earn points and coins.
Buy new objects in the store with coins to get better results.
Compete with your friends and check whose eyesight is the most acute, and be sure to share your score in social networks.
Try to earn as many points as you can in these arcade puzzles with different-colored objects.

You can play the game while walking, waiting in a line or even while you're in a subway as you need only one hand for convenient playing.
Game sessions are so relaxing so they make it the best time killer game!

New different-colored puzzles format is now available on your device. Join other players for free.

Game features:
* Tap relevant object in the correct order for as long as you can
* Open more than 20 new objects in the store
* Get your place in the best players Top
* Share your results in social networks
* Play with using only one finger
* Receive gifts daily
* Play for free... read more 

Touch & Connect

Touch & Connect
Download Touch & Connect on the Appstore

Kar-Tek Yapi Endustri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi




Games, Casual, Puzzle





The coolest brain puzzle game is here!

Just connect the dots to unveil the shape.

Touch & Connect offers to you;
-Simple but addictive game play
-Fierce competition
-Hundreds of levels... read more 

Fidget Spinner Relaxing 2017 Toy Simulator

Fidget Spinner Relaxing 2017 Toy Simulator
Download Fidget Spinner Relaxing 2017 Toy Simulator on the Appstore





Games, Casual, Simulation, Entertainment





Fidget Spinner Relaxing 2017 Toy Simulator is game for helps you focus attention and relieve stress with just a few simple spins.

Here, you can try different spinners for free and spin them for as long as you want!

Compete with your friends and spin together with hand finger spinner fidget.... read more 
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