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My Fun Fairy Flight : Free

My Fun Fairy Flight : Free
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Zinida Tulchinski




Games, Action, Adventure





Cute fairies on the flight!
Fun to play with!

Experience the adventure of a lifetime where a fun fairy flight become a quest of it sown when the fairy discover that there is this group of insect villain who disobey the fairy rules inside the fairy territorial kingdom. Now it is your job to cast a spell on this fairy insect to vanish fairy kingdom.

Fun Fairy Flight is a fast paced endless flying and shooting game where you have to avoid those obstacles an incoming enemies and avoid getting killed by crashing with them. Use those fairy magic fireballs to destroy obstacles that is in your path. Also watch those limited power ups to triple and even collect as many coins in a sec.

This all new awesome game features some really cool stuff:
*Great game play, sounds and graphics?
*Awesome fast paced action?
*Special IAP Novice Mode - Use this IAP to play with out dying!

Download and play with the Soda Pop Surfer Game today and become part of our community. If you love animal that surf up and want to join the others in the Soda Pop Surfer battle make sure you visit our Facebook page!... read more 

Mystic Land: Ava's Magic Quest

Mystic Land: Ava's Magic Quest
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Daniel Mitteregger




Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Casual





Hey human :)

I’m Ava, one of many Lumies, which live in the dazzling Dream Valley. Our community is all about light, that spreads love, compassion plus all the good spirits to humankind. Without it, we wouldn’t be alive. And even worse - the whole world would be ruled by darkness, hate and cruelty.

Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves. Each Lumi contains an essence. For example love, hope or humor, which makes the world a better and happier place. In other words, each of us represents positive energy, and with the help of light, we transfer this energy into the human world

Unfortunately, something terrible happened in Dream Valley. A dark shadow stole all our light diamonds, which provide us with energy. Moreover, it put heavy grey clouds on our valley. And now, all my fellow friends fell into a deep sleep. They need those bright diamonds, to wake up again. You may ask yourself, why am I still awake, when the rest of us is sleeping? I was born with a light diamond inside of me. Thus I don’t depend on them. I contain the essence “light” within myself.

Why am I telling you this?

All Lumies, except me, are sleeping. That means they can’t spread their essence to humankind. Love, hope, comfort, warmth, friendship, and many more spirits will be gone. When my friends don’t wake up soon, the world will lose it’s light and will be doomed with bitter darkness. Dear human, we need your help to save my friends... read more 
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