Photo Detective Pro

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Photo Detective Pro

Bulat Faizullin

Photo & Video, Utilities

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This app helps you to determine fake, "photoshopped", retouched, edited images. The app uses Difference Map Analysis (DMA), that is to find parts of a picture that were edited. After processing a photo the program produces the image with edited parts standing out. Also the app will identify EXIF-data (when and with what device a photo was made, image characteristics, sometimes a place, where a photo was made, could also be identified).

Main features:

- Difference Map Analysis for JPEG images
- Mark potentially edited regions
- Detect duplicated regions
- Show full EXIF data
- All reports can be sent by email

- For best results use original modified JPEG files (not resaved many times)

Release notes

- bug fix

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Photo Doctor Plus
Photo Doctor Plus

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This application helps you restore blurry, shaky unfocused images. This version based on "blind deconvolution" algorithms and optimised for mobile processors.

You are amazed by the scenery, saw a funny advert or tear-off flyer on cork-board or wanted to catch the picture on the go, the picture you took is shaky, defocused or blurred. We have an amazing, yet easy to use tool to improve you pictures.


What can restore with this app:
•The unfocused photos taken by most mobile devices.
•The images blurred by camera motion.
•New blind deblur algorithms helps you restore complex motion trajectories
•If the images can not be restored by algorithms, the app will try to make images sharper.

What can NOT be restored by this app:
•Scratched photos
•Photos where the part of image is missing.
•Blurred photos with complex motion trajectory. Ex. picture of moving car taken by running man.

Other warnings:
•The size of result image will be reduced
•Huge pictures can take long time to proceed
•Some pictures can not be restored by physical reasons
•This app can drain your mobile device battery.
•Motion deblurring calculations can take up to 40 minutes...

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