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PhotoInfo - Meta Info Viewer

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PhotoInfo - Photo's meta info viewer.

PhotoInfo is a tool to view meta info included in a photo.
Tap to select a photo from your photo library to view following meta info.

Meta Info
* Exif - Exposure, Shutter Speed etc.
* GPS - Location where photo was shot.
* Photo info - Size, Resolution, color profile etc.
* Camera info - Maker of camera, model number etc.

How to use
1. Tap the app icon on Home screen to start up the app.
* Dialog to allow permission to access you photo library is displayed on a first start up. Please allow the access permission.
2. Tap to select a photo to view meta info.
3. All of the meta info included in a photo is listed hierarchically.

Favorable in these situations
* To check if meta info contains personal or private info.
* To review the camera setting how the photo was shot.
* To find the detailed info about the photo such as size, resolution and color profile etc.

* Note
Current version only supports viewing meta info included in a photo. Edit feature of meta info may be supported in future version.

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