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Stonder - Stock Market Tender

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Stonder is a new, simple and fun way to follow the stock market and to learn more about stocks. Stonder is like Tinder, but for stocks.

Stonder collects investor opinions on individual stocks with a simple, familiar interface. These opinions are turned into consensus and insight helping users to find interesting companies. This is comparable to consumer confidence and similar indicators based on polls, but on individual stocks.

Stonder creates a synthetic portfolio for each user based on their opinions. Each stock has an equal weight. Stonder calculates the performance of each portfolio and tracks the performance against the market and other users.

Stonder benefits
* Fun and easy way to follow the stock market
* Visualizes market sentiment and changes in the sentiment
* Simple crowdsourced view on the relative attractiveness of different stocks
* See opinions on smaller companies with no analyst coverage
* Helps in stock selection and market timing
* See how you are doing relative to the market and other users
* Learn from the best – check out the picks of the best performing users
- 1, 7, 30 and 90 day top portfolios showing the best users
* 1 year price history for individual stocks
* 1,7, 30 and 90d performance history for each individual stock
* 1,7, 30 and 90d performance history for your portfolio based on your ratings

Key Functions

* With Rate, you tell Stonder what you think about individual stocks
* You select the universe of stocks you wish to screen or rate with Lists or Filter

* Shows you the last user activity for selected timeframe
* * Shows how the current opinion deviates from a 30-day historical average for each company
* Tracks the performance of some brokers, investment gurus, algorithmic users and simple technical signals
* Pulse signal is generated for any unusual activity such as sudden increase in ratings of a company

* See what other users have commented on individual stocks
* Reply to comments or like them
* Create a team and invite your friends to join
* Communicate with your friends on private message board
* Compete with your friends to see who is the best stock picker

* See a crowdsourced Stonder opinion for each stock
* Companies can be arranged by market, size or sector
* Users can check 1 and 7-day or 1 and 3-month price changes
* See the number of ratings that are used for Stonder metrics
* Click a company and you can see how Stonder opinion has evolved in the past
* Comment on individual companies
* See company description

* Track your performance vs. the market
* See your current exposure / selections and your average market exposure over the past 90 days
* Click a company to change your opinion on a specific stock

Main Menu (swipe right)
* Invite a friend to join Stonder
* Contact and send feedback to us
* Update your profile information
* Sign in / out

Filter Menu (swipe left)
* Select a stock universe from a ready compiled list
* Filter the stocks you wish to track by Country, Size and Sector

Stonder currently supports the main markets on Nordic exchanges

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Release notes

A small fix on how a company name is displayed if a logo is missing.

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