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PN Style


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PN Style is a fun puzzle game you can play at your own pace.
Use your finger to slide the number blocks aligned below, and put them on any space on the board you'd like.
You'll need to skillfully group and erase blocks, taking care to place them in a way that doesn't make the board fill up.

■ How to play ■
・ Blocks are erased when you gather more blocks than the number written on the block.
・ Turn the blocks at the bottom around by tapping them.
・ Earn a higher score by erasing multiple numbers at once! (Number Link)
・ Once you've earned a high score, you will be able to press the C button in the upper right corner at regular intervals. You can select which number you'd like to erase from the board, so this can save you from a tight spot.

First, try playing at the nice and slow pace of Endless Mode.
For people who want to enjoy the game for a shorter time or want a more intense play experience, we recommend [TIMED] (Time Trial Mode).

In the Records option available through your notes, you can make a collection of the various goals throughout the game, making it worth playing thoroughly!
The simple, stylish designs, and beautiful animation are a must-see as well!

A completely free game app, PN Style is popular for its reputation as a brain teaser that gives your mind a workout.
Since you can play at your leisure, it's perfect for killing time whether commuting or simply waiting.
It's super interesting, so please give it a try!

First in [ENDLESS], please try to play carefully.
People and you want to play in a short time, is recommended [TIMED] for people who want to enjoy to severe.
Also, from version 2, we added a new mode [CURSOR]!

* This game is a style edition of "PutNumber" *

■ Production ■
Game developers: Takashi Tokuda (AOTAKA STUDIO)
Graphic Designer: Aoi Tokuda (AOTAKA STUDIO)

Release notes

- Bug fixes

PN Style screenshot onePN Style screenshot twoPN Style screenshot threePN Style screenshot four

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NumPlus - Number Block Puzzle

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Collect the numbers, combine them, let's get bigger!
"NumPlus" is a new block drop puzzle game that you can play slowly.
You can drop a block at your own pace and there is no time limit, so you can play while slowly thinking about it.

·Move drop the number block down with your fingers and gather 3 same numbers to get bigger!
(Example: When three "4 blocks" are collected, it becomes "5 blocks")
·You can rotate with tap before moving down
·If block pile up higher than board it will be GAME OVER!

As you get used to the game it will be better, so let's play a lot!
It is also a nice free game for brain training.
Recommended from children to adults.


Planner / Developer : TOKUDA TAKASHI
Designer / Illustrator : TOKUDA AOI...

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