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Easy Game - Brain Test

Easy Game - Brain Test
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Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Word





Test your IQ and have tons of fun with these tricky brain games! Think outside the box and you’ll be a champion! Try this brain twister, challenge your mind, and prove that you’re the smartest!

Think you're clever enough to solve all the tricky puzzles? Install to find out now!

· Enjoy a variety of levels!
· Complete Daily Challenges and get unique trophies.
· Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges.
· Try different mechanics, think bigger!
· Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills.
· Focus on the details and boost your brain power!
· Use hints if you need a clue.
· Find solutions to the riddles!

What's your IQ? Put your mind to the test and train your brain now!... read more 

Daylio Journal

Daylio Journal
Download Daylio Journal on the Appstore

Relaxio s.r.o.




Lifestyle, Health & Fitness





Self-Care Bullet Journal with Goals - Mood Diary & Happiness Tracker

Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Try this beautifully designed & stunningly simple micro-diary app right now for FREE!


Daylio is a very versatile app, and you can turn it in whatever you need to track. Your fitness goal pal. Your mental health coach. Your food log. Your gratitude diary. Mood tracker. Exercise, meditate, eat, and be grateful. Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Good self-care is a key to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

This is the time for your wellbeing, self-improvement, and self-care. Use Daylio as your daily bullet journal. We build it on three principles:

1.) Reach happiness and self-improvement by being mindful of your days.
2.) Validate your hunches. How does your new hobby influence your life?
3.) Form a new habit in an obstacle-free environment—no learning curve. Daylio is super simple to use, create your first entry in two steps.

For anxiety and stress relief, make sure to include activities that help you to cope with negativity. Everybody can use a mood boost! You can measure their impact on your mood in stats.


Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. You can also add notes and keep an old school diary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities in the... read more 

Line Link

Line Link
Download Line Link on the Appstore

Zhenhui Yang




Games, Board, Puzzle





*** features ***

Playing this exciting puzzle is very simple:
connect the pairs of Speaker without leaving any empty square on the board. Sounds easy but it’s really puzzling, so don’t underestimate this brain teaser. How you play is up to you. It is a thrilling, interesting and engaging game for all ages!

With over 1000 different levels, with board sizes ranging from 5x5 up to the mind blowing 10x10 ones, Line Link is a great game to help you sharpen logic and reasoning skills whether you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzler. Just pick some puzzles and let the time link!... read more 

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf
Download Super Stickman Golf on the Appstore

Noodlecake Studios Inc




Games, Sports, Sports, Casual





"Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!" -MTV

"***** A perfect 5-star rating. This is a near-flawless sequel" -Macworld


- "One of the best platforming games on the iPhone" -Gamepro
- "One of my favourite games!" -Toucharcade
- "Definitely a must grab title" -Appspy
- "My favorite game of all time for the iDevice" -iPhoneAlley
- "A smash hit physics-based puzzle game with a golf mechanic" -Appadvice
- "It’s still a complete blast!" -Tapscape
- "It's is a total winner. Once you play it you’ll be hooked." -Slapapp

** MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT IS HERE! Play online or locally against your friends! **


Super Stickman Golf is no ordinary game.. it's actually an award winning physics puzzler! Warning: Once you pick up this game, you may not be able to put it down. You will definitely never play "golf" the same again..

Ever wanted to freeze those pesky water hazards? Ever wanted to stick your shots on walls and ceilings? Ever wanted to stop your shot in mid-air? Well now you can… Super Stickman Golf brings to you… the super clubs.


- 6 unlockable super clubs! Each super club has a unique ability to make your round a little easier.
- Game Center Leaderboards. Join the Stick Golf world tour and see where you stack up.
- 261 unique holes, including all the classic courses from Stick Golf 1 plus new 'super' courses.
- Retina Display. HD graphics for... read more 

Despicable Bear - Top Games

Despicable Bear - Top Games
Download Despicable Bear - Top Games on the Appstore

Playgendary GmbH




Games, Casual, Action





Meet the hilarious and absolutely despicable bear. 

- Get ready to beat up the most annoying bear you’ll ever meet. Rag doll physics + tons of weapons = PURE FUN
- If you thought Yogi was annoying you haven’t met Despicable Bear yet. People just can’t resist beating him up & neither will you.
- Ever wanted to beat up a bear and live to tell the tale? Now’s your chance. Complete with rag doll physics and loads and loads of weapons for you to choose from.
- Your new Voodoo doll you can abuse and relieve your stress levels. Awesome rag-doll physics and loads of weapons at your disposal.


Subscription options

In our game we have the following subscription options:

1. Weekly Premium offers weekly subscription for $7.99 after 3-day free trial. It provides 10 exclusive elements, 1000 coins, and 50 gems on a daily basis. Also, it removes all annoying pop-ups and banner ads.

2. Monthly Premium offers monthly subscription for $19.99. It provides 10 exclusive elements, 1000 coins, and 50 gems on a daily basis. Also, it removes all annoying pop-ups and banner ads.

3. Yearly Premium offers yearly subscription for $99.99. It provides 10 exclusive elements, 1000 coins, and 50 gems on a daily basis. Also, it removes all annoying pop-ups and banner ads. 

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States... read more 

SuperBeam Lite | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing

SuperBeam Lite | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing
Download SuperBeam Lite | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing on the Appstore

LiveQoS Incorporated




Utilities, Productivity





SuperBeam is the easiest and fastest way to share large files cross-platform using WiFi. Devices can be paired using QR codes (with the included QR code scanner) or manual sharing keys.

No more clicks and manual approvals for connections. SuperBeam makes file sharing as convenient and fast as it should have been, because it is almost 2015!

• Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi.
• Pair devices using QR code scanning or sharing keys.
• Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos, zip files... You name it!)
• Uses port 8080 for all types of transmissions, which means more compatibility on restricted WiFi networks.

Don't worry about duplicate files, SuperBeam will automatically add unique numbers to duplicate file names.

SuperBeam uses existing WiFi network connection between devices for file transfer.

Get more, upgrade to PRO
Upgrade to SuperBeam PRO and get much more awesome features:
• No more ads.
• SuperEasy sharing with your computer using SuperBeam app for PC (compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS).
• Send to more than one device at the same time.
• And much more!

PRO Version Link read more 

Super Likes on Instagram Story

Super Likes on Instagram Story
Download Super Likes on Instagram Story on the Appstore

澎 郭









Super Likes on Insatgram Story is an application that can help you easily create your own insatgram story content. It has the following functions:
1. A variety of story photo templates, divided by theme, no matter what your mood is at the moment, like what story you tell, you can find the corresponding photo template you like, travel, nature, magazines, popular, beautiful, etc. .
2. Photo editing function, add all kinds of art word text to your photos, change the foreground and background, everything is so different
3. DIY photo collage template

If you have any questions during use, you can contact us via email:
[email protected]... read more 

Retro Soccer - Arcade Football

Retro Soccer - Arcade Football
Download Retro Soccer - Arcade Football on the Appstore

Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd.




Games, Sports, Sports, Casual





Top 10 free game in over 70 countries! Build a world class squad and settle things on the pitch in the ULTIMATE arcade soccer game! With lightning-quick gameplay and intuitive touch controls, Retro Soccer makes other football games look like a pre-season friendly!

Compatible with the iPad (3rd Generation) and up, iPad Mini 2 and up, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPhone 5 and up, iPod Touch (6th Generation). Wi'll not run on earlier devices.

Take on hundreds of challenge matches (including some of the best comebacks and upsets in football history!) as you collect your favorite soccer legends and create a dream team for the ages. Play the beautiful game your way, going for glory across world trophy and league competitions and earn bragging rights by sharing replays of your best goals!

Quick to pick up and tough to put down, Retro Soccer is a modern version of the soccer games you used to play... and it's in a league of its own!

- Free and easy to play! Download now!
- No waiting. No messing. Super quick to pick up and play! You can get stuck in within seconds... and there's no waiting for lives to recharge or credits to refill!
- Collect and upgrade your favorite players to create the ultimate All-Star team!
- Broadcast live gameplay to the world and share your best goals using ReplayKit Live!
- Become a legend in countless challenge matches, full league seasons, and world trophy competitions!
- Make it... read more 

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World
Download Dr. Mario World on the Appstore

Nintendo Co., Ltd.




Games, Puzzle, Casual





■ You can use your puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses!

• You can match capsules with viruses and watch them disappear! By matching three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally you can clear them.
• Luckily, Dr. Mario and friends have virus-busting skills, and you can use leftover half-capsules to strategically zero in on especially meddlesome viruses.
• Take your time, because each puzzling configuration of viruses must be cleared using a limited number of capsules. Keep calm to plan your approach, and you'll rid Dr. Mario's world of viruses in no time!

■ Paging Dr. Mario!

• A colorful cast of viruses has Dr. Mario's world in a panic! Dr. Mario and friends have put on lab coats and grabbed capsules! Now they're ready to eliminate those unruly viruses.
• Dr. Mario isn't the only one on call—Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, and others are on duty. You can staff up with assistants like Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and Buzzy Beetle to help your doctors out with additional skills.
• Doctors and assistants have various virus-busting skills. You can experiment to find a combination that suits your style and pace.
• Hundreds of stages over many different worlds are ready for you to save! New worlds, new doctors, and more will be delivered on a regular basis.

■ Play together with friends and family around the world!

• You're not in this alone—send and receive stamina-giving hearts... read more 

SuperVPN - Best Free Privacy & Security Proxy

SuperVPN - Best Free Privacy & Security Proxy
Download SuperVPN - Best Free Privacy & Security Proxy on the Appstore

cheng cheng




Utilities, Productivity





SuperVPN - FREE VPN Forever

■ Features:
-Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth
- No credit cards required
- No registration or login required
- No Log is saved from any users
- Simple, one tap connect to VPN
- Encrypts you internet traffic
- Protect your security and privacy
- Support 9.0 for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

■ What can I do with a VPN?
- Secure your WiFi connection with HTTPS encryption
- Enhance your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet
- Protect you against hackers when using a public WiFi hotspot
- Allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet... read more 

Perfect Master 3D

Perfect Master 3D
Download Perfect Master 3D on the Appstore

Gismart Limited




Games, Casual





Do you like to solve problems? Perfect Master 3D is a game for you!
Armed with the ultimate set of tools, your task in this awesome game is clear. You need to find a solution, make your home perfect, and handle the chores! Are you up to the challenge? Well, get ready!
Will you be able to find a solution in time? They’re tricky. But we know you can do it.
It’s time to crash the problems and become the ultimate master in this awesome game! Are you ready to take up the spanner of glory?

Perfect Master 3D features:
- addictive, fun and simple gameplay
- increasingly challenging levels
- colorful graphics
Can you make it perfect? Is it an easy task for you? Take a minute, try this at home or on the go!
It’s time to show your amazing skills!... read more 

How to Draw Super Heroes Cute and Easy

How to Draw Super Heroes Cute and Easy
Download How to Draw Super Heroes Cute and Easy on the Appstore

Toan Le Nguyen




Entertainment, Education





• Learn how to draw the fun and easy way! I have tons of lessons for everyone. All my lessons are step by step and carefully narrated.

• For all you Super Heroes fans out there. Here's a one stop shop for all your How to Draw Super Heroes Lessons.

This is an unofficial app for Marvel Characters. All images, text content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this guide falls within the 'Fair Use' guidelines. If you believe that there has been a violation of your proprietary rights please email details to [email protected]

This app is intended only for the continued enjoyment and exploration of Marvel Characters.... read more 

YouDJ - Mix Music Now!

YouDJ - Mix Music Now!
Download YouDJ - Mix Music Now! on the Appstore

Wurth Adrien




Music, Entertainment





We believe that everyone is able to DJ and have tons of fun doing it !

YouDJ is originally the #1 website to mix music online ( but after tons of requests and years of work, we finally release the YouDJ iOS app for you.

Our mission is to create the most fun and easy-to-use DJ app and therefore NOT the most complete DJ app (so sorry in advance if YouDJ doesn't have a specific feature you need ;).

To finish, you don't need to have music on your device, the app is preloaded with great music from SoundCloud, the best music plateform for electronic music lovers.

Hoping you will love the app and be prepared to waste lot of time * :)

* We aren't responsible for your time wasted especially if it causes : being fired from your job, getting bad marks on exams, your mother to freak out, your hamster to die because you forgot to feed him, your girlfriend or boyfriend to break up with you, or any problems that could potentially ruin your life ;)



What you got is a traditional DJ setup : 2 turntables and a mixer. Your mission is to play simultaneously two songs on each turntable and to use the mixer to mix them together.

To spice up your mix, you can use effects such as the loops, the fx pads, the eq, the scratch... You can even get more effects, samples, pro dj tools, settings by becoming premium ;)



We are a group of cool guys with the aim of building the easiest and funniest DJ app ever! We... read more 

Super Snaps: Photo Printing

Super Snaps: Photo Printing
Download Super Snaps: Photo Printing on the Appstore

Super Snaps Limited


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Shopping





A super fast & easy photo printing app. Official reseller for Polaroid Prints! 8.9 Trustpilot rating for product & service.

Delivering funky prints straight to your door, super fast, anywhere in the World! Smiles Guaranteed!

App to print in 3 easy steps:
1 - Select your personalised photo prints and gifting products
2 - Upload photos from your iPhone, Facebook or Instagram and Customise!
3 - Checkout - hey presto! Your Super Snaps are on their way!

Check out our wide range of products:
> Polaroid Prints
> Photo Prints
> Square Prints
> Postcards
> Greeting Cards
> Framed Prints
> Photobooks (coming soon for all you photo bookworms!)
> Gift Vouchers galore!

What our Super Snappers say:

Daniela - ***** “Good customer service, quick delivery and good quality.”

Charlotte - ***** “Fabulous prints! Order completed very quickly at a very high standard. Packaged well and delivered quickly. Overall excellent service! Will be ordering again soon. Thank you”

Amanda - ***** “I am beyond thrilled with the photos I received! I am in love and will be ordering future snaps from here!”

New app features:
- Super fast - Image upload in the background
- Loads of customisation - crazy colours, patterns and text!
- Easy repeat ordering - save your account details
- Perfect gifting to multiple shipping addresses

Re-capture those special moments with friends and family from your iPhone,... read more 

8bit Painter - Pixel Art App

8bit Painter - Pixel Art App
Download 8bit Painter - Pixel Art App on the Appstore

Takayuki Miyagawa




Entertainment, Productivity





Simple pixel art drawing app appeared. “8bit Painter” is a fun drawing app that anyone can easily draw pixel art.

Since it narrows down to intuitive operation method and minimum necessary functions, you will not get lost in operation. 8bit Painter is a pixel art editor sticking to ease of use. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

[Recommended for the following users]
* Retro game funs
* Pixel art beginner
* Make icon for Social Networking Services
* Make pattern for Bead Art
* Make pattern for Cross Stitch
* Make player skin for game
* Create and sketching for game graphics

[Canvas Size]
* 16 x 16
* 32 x 32
* 48 x 48
* 64 x 64
* 96 x 96
* 128 x 128

Switch the transparent or opaque of the canvas at any time.

[Import Image]
Easily create pixel art by importing your favorite image into the canvas. (iOS 11 or higher)

[Artwork Data]
30 pieces of artwork data can be saved. Data will be saved automatically.

[Color Palette]
You can save 36 colors in “User Color Palette” created by yourself. 96 color “Preset Color Palette” is also useful.

[Output Image]
The size of the output image can be selected from three sizes. The file format is PNG, and transparent PNG is supported.

[Purchase add-on]
By purchasing the “Ad Remover”, you can permanently block the display of all ads. Once you purchase it, you can restore this feature even if you re-install the app, so you do not need to purchase it... read more 

Turn Cans

Turn Cans
Download Turn Cans on the Appstore

福珍 杨




Games, Board, Family





Have fun playing countless levels together!
Flip the cans to make the floor color!
Unlock more skins with more levels!

How to play:
1. Sliding the screen to flip or slide the can
2. Make the floor full of color
3. Unlock more cans of skin

Take risks with cute cans
Progressive difficulty from easy to difficult
Complete hundreds of immersive levels
Enjoy beautiful pictures and rich sound effects

A new exciting puzzle game with simple operation and exquisite interface. It is a happy puzzle game. Do you want to join the carnival with a can?... read more 

Color Link - Pipe Link

Color Link - Pipe Link
Download Color Link - Pipe Link on the Appstore

Xiuquan Guo




Games, Puzzle, Casual





Color Link is a simple yet challenging game.

Playing this addictive puzzle game is very simple:
Connect pipes of the same color without leaving any empty square on the board.Free play over 1000 different levels, gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic. Board sizes ranging from 5x5 up to the mind blowing 10x10, How you play is up to you.

- With over 1000 different levels.
- Play anytime without internet & wifi.... read more 

VPN - Proxy Master & Super VPN

VPN - Proxy Master & Super VPN
Download VPN - Proxy Master & Super VPN on the Appstore





Productivity, Utilities





What is VPN ?
VPN is one of the safest and easiest ways to access all your favorite online content. With super fast VPN servers and other premium features, VPN is the best choice for you.

Totally unlimited bandwidth!
Super fast and high VPN speed!
The best unlimited VPN clients for iPhone and iPad!
VPN – Free VPN proxy app for hotspot mobile security, super fast VPN watch videos and movies, protect security and protect privacy in WiFi hotspot.

What do you expect from a great VPN app?
# Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth
# Simple one click to connect
# Super fast speed VPN
#Protect your security and privacy in public WiFi
# VPN for VOIP

VPN (unlimited proxy) Highlight:
1/ Fastest - Super Fast VPN
- Thousands of servers being provided for you to make sure super fast speed.

2/ Simple - only contain a “Connect” button
- One touch to connect to VPN proxy server.

3/ FREE & Unlimited
- 100% unlimited free VPN proxy(With Ads)
- No credit cards required
- No registration or login required

4/ Security - Protect Privacy and Security
- No Log is saved from any users! That means, that you're absolutely anonymous and protected while using our app.
- Protect your network traffic under public WiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.

5/ Stable - Most Stable - Never lose connection
- Top Speed VPN & Stable Connection
- VPN for USA, VPN for UK, VPN for Japan, VPN... read more 

Super Tower Block

Super Tower Block
Download Super Tower Block on the Appstore

Lekai Yu




Games, Entertainment, Casual, Action





HOW TO PLAY - Just TAP the screen.

+iPhoneX widescreen support.
+Retina Display support.
+Game Center Leaderboards.
+Share Score with friends.

If you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected]... read more 

Heart Star

Heart Star
Download Heart Star on the Appstore

Jussi Simpanen




Games, Puzzle, Adventure





Pocket Gamer Silver Award
"A bright and smart platformer with a lot going for it"
– Pocket Gamer, 8/10

Heart Star is an adorable puzzle platformer where you guide two little friends through two parallel worlds. Swap between the worlds to solve unique puzzles. Overcome all obstacles with the power of teamwork!

Game Features:
- Unique world swapping gameplay!
- 60 levels of mind bending puzzles!
- Cutting edge retro pixel graphics!
- Catchy and cute retro soundtrack!

- Important information! -
This game is funded by adverts, but is completely free to play with no timers or boosters to ruin your experience. There is an option to remove popup ads for a one time in-app purchase.... read more 

Easy Bass

Easy Bass
Download Easy Bass on the Appstore

Nikita Sarin




Music, Entertainment





Easy Bass is an opportunity to make the tracks from your library even more beautiful.
Easy Bass is a revelation for your speakers.
Easy Bass is our candidate.... read more 


Download Mahjong. on the Appstore

jincong yang




Games, Puzzle, Casual





Welcome to Mahjong Classic! It is a relaxed game. In Mahjong Classic, you just need to find the same mahjong and tap them, then, they will be eliminated.
But on attention! If you want to get three stars in a level, you should get higher combo so that get higher score.
Besides, there are many themes wait you unlock. Get more stars in every level, so that you can unlock more themes.
Relaxed game
Kill time
More themes
More levels
Please enjoy Mahjong Classic ! Download now!... read more 

Super Metronome GrooveBox Lite

Super Metronome GrooveBox Lite
Download Super Metronome GrooveBox Lite on the Appstore

Lumbeat Ltd.




Music, Education





The best metronome for iPhone, is also an intuitive and powerful groove box / drum machine with high definition sounds. Free version.

Very easy to use, you can set any measure, rhythm, drum loop or pattern quickly. A little versatile drummer in your phone.

- Three sound tracks.
- Create your own sound bank, percussion kit or drum kit.
- High-definition multilayer quality sounds, samples from real instruments like acoustic metronome clicks, digital clicks, bass drums, snare drums, hi hats, rides ...
- Tap tempo, detects the Beats per Minute by pressing a button.
- Create your own rhythm patterns using the Pattern Creator tool, easier than a sequencer.
- Combine these patterns to create grooves.
- Combine all these rhythms and grooves with the HD high quality sounds.
- Stays perfectly tight all the time
- Visual Tempo.
- Practice tempo in a musical way.
- 20 to 300 Beats per minute.
- Supermetronome GrooveBox uses audio files with Compact Disc resolution: 44100 Hz sample rate and 16 Bits.
- Allow 5 Subdivision for Jazz swing feel.
- 32 Continuous bars.

The perfect tool for any guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, pianist, singer, drummer, percussionist or trumpet player.
Now you can have a rhythm factory in your pocket.

- Choose the number of beats and subdivisions.
- Select a groove, a sound bank and a pattern to the vibrator moving the wheels. You can enable or disable the sound or vibration... read more 

Flappy Fly Hard ™ - Not An Easy Bird Game Impossible!

Flappy Fly Hard ™ - Not An Easy Bird Game Impossible!
Download Flappy Fly Hard ™ - Not An Easy Bird Game Impossible! on the Appstore

Simon Crack




Games, Music, Entertainment, Racing





#FlyHard - The Hardest Flying Game on iOS!?

Can YOU beat MY all time high score of 11?

(How to Play)
> Tap & Hold to Flap, release to fall
> Avoid Brick Walls

• Simple One Touch Controls
• 3 Playable Character
• Multiplayer Mode
• Record Replay & Share Your High Scores!

Download now 100% FREE.... read more 

Number Puzzle

Number Puzzle
Download Number Puzzle on the Appstore

Yongxing Yang




Games, Family, Strategy





Numpuzzle is a classic math puzzle game.
You need to use the spaces on the board to arrange all the numbers in an orderly manner. Of course, you also need to consider some blocks that cannot be moved.
Play your ingenuity! Challenge the complex math problems!... read more 

Stretched - Chill Color Game

Stretched - Chill Color Game
Download Stretched - Chill Color Game on the Appstore

Zach Bellman




Games, Family, Lifestyle, Casual





The goal of the game is to tap when your square is inside of the ring. You have 3 hops (represented by the stacked numbered rectangles in the center) to try to get to and tap while inside the ring.

As well as getting a point, you also get 1/27th of a crate, and you can open crates for gems which you can use to buy more gradients!

Overall a very simple and relaxing game to play when you are bored :)

Good Luck and Have Fun!... read more 

Umm: Super Simple Word Game

Umm: Super Simple Word Game
Download Umm: Super Simple Word Game on the Appstore

Big Potato Ltd.




Games, Entertainment, Word, Trivia





Welcome to Umm. The super-simple riddle game with rubbish pictures.

A baseball cap, a tin can, the number 10 and what looks like a small bird. Somewhere within these drawings, there’s the name of a famous fictional character… if only you could figure out who? Containing 300 different riddles and over 450 terrible doodles, this highly addictive puzzle game will leave you repeating the same word over and over again: “…Umm”.

One day we took our artist to a cafe across the road and began to shout out random objects; she would have 30 seconds to draw each group of objects before they ended up in the app. The result: lots of scrap paper, lots of swearing and a very fun game.

With six different categories, these brainteasers can go from simple to tricky in just a few short levels. Want to solve the riddle? The first step is figuring out what those drawings are!

The next challenge from the studio that bought you Bucket of Doom and Obama Llama.... read more 

Free Toddler Puzzle Woozzle Best Games for Child Brain Development

Free Toddler Puzzle Woozzle Best Games for Child Brain Development
Download Free Toddler Puzzle Woozzle Best Games for Child Brain Development on the Appstore

Huzefa Lakdawala




Games, Education, Puzzle





#1 Toddler Educational Ranking App in 10 countries including USA,UK, Germany, France Australia and Spain, as well as being among the top apps in the Education category in 21 different countries and among the top apps in the Child Puzzle category in 18 different countries.

*****Educational App of the day ******
***** Highly Recommended Apps *****
***** Endless Puzzle Fun for your Children *****
***** Useful and Engaging puzzle game for toddlers ***** ( Best Iphone & Ipad Apps )
***** Editors Favorite Badge & Best Apps for Kids 2-3 year olds *****
***** A Top 10 Collection App *****

----- What Parents Think -

"Marvellously frustrating - Exactly what a child puzzle game should be"

"One of the most interesting and clever little iOS toddler games I've seen in a long, long time."

We'll keep updating this list. Thanks so much for playing and for all your support!

Have fun listening to praises in different languages including: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German,Arabic, Chinese Mandarin and Italian. 

What is it?

### A Collection of 24 Objects Jigsaw Puzzles, all in brilliant and colorful graphics. 

### A fun way for young children to develop logical thinking.

### Animation and encouraging feedback makes solving puzzles an enjoyable and rewarding... read more 

Easy Stats for Basketball

Easy Stats for Basketball
Download Easy Stats for Basketball on the Appstore

zach prager




Sports, Productivity





Easy scorekeeping for your basketball team on your iPhone or iPad. Stat trackers can share box scores via Email, Facebook, Twitter or a simple link. Great for parents, coaches and fans. All for free! Best basketball stats app out there for youth, high school, AAU, college or pro.

Easy Stats makes stat keeping simple by focusing on your team's players. The opponent's stats are tracked as a team so you don't need to manually add or track their players.


Unlimited teams, games, and players for free.

All the major stat groups (same as box scores on

2 fast touches to record any stat

Analyze trends like net point difference, points per game, minutes and more for teams, players and groups of players.

Game flow chart.

Rank and sort lineup groups by different stats.

Share box scores via Facebook/Twitter/Email or simply paste a link into any other app.

CSV export as box score and play-by-play formats

Easy to use and much more!


"I have been using this app for 3 years for my daughter’s AAU and High School teams. Very easy to use and the parents and coaches love getting the emailed stats after every game. The Season Stats feature is awesome! I had tried many others before using Easy Stats but this one worked best and was the easiest to use. I recommend using this app over other stat apps it is really easy to use."

"For our team it is the easiest way to keep game stats for our... read more 

Fit It 3D

Fit It 3D
Download Fit It 3D on the Appstore

Yongxing Yang




Games, Puzzle, Board





This is a puzzle game to relieve pressure.
Push the buttons to release the balls in the correct order.
Use your wisdom to find the right order.
Come on!Enjoy!... read more 

iDigital Desk Clock - Clean, Clear To the Point

iDigital Desk Clock - Clean, Clear To the Point
Download iDigital Desk Clock - Clean, Clear To the Point on the Appstore

Saliha Bhutta




Utilities, Business





Do you ever wanted to look at old fashioned Desk Clock? Well here it is!

• ABSOLUTELY NO ADS. Do we need to say anything more? (IAP required to unlock items)
• Most realistic looking digital alarm desk clock app available in app store! We are actually ONE OF A KIND!
• It shows you 100% accurate current weather forecast (IAP)
• Extremely easy to use interface.
• Super smooth digital clock movements
• Support both landscape and portrait modes
• Choose from 4 different desk clock display modes
• Available in beautiful green night mode
• You can choose from 37+ alarm ringers. (IAP)
• If you set the alarm time and put this app in the background by pushing home button, it will still sound the alert and ring the alarm sound! (IAP)
• Put this clock on iPAD docking cradle and just get mesmerized by seconds ticking by
• You can also play your own music while watching the clock

*** NOTE: Due to sound time restriction, when app is off or in the background we run the default alarm sound. If you keep the app running in the foreground then you will hear the alarm sound that you selected

Download now!... read more 

Word Tour: Connect And Cross

Word Tour: Connect And Cross
Download Word Tour: Connect And Cross on the Appstore

Xiuquan Guo




Games, Casual, Puzzle





If you’re looking for the most awesome word puzzle game,Word Tour is here for you!This is a brand new relaxing way to build your words stack by stack.

Word Tour - Spiritual tour with addictive landscapes!The most important things :Incredibly addicting word game that everyone’s talking about! Easy at first, but gets challenging fast.

Can you beat the game?

How to play
* Just swipe and connect letters to find words in anagrams.
* Enjoy a classic word puzzle. Letter blocks cascade down as you guess correctly!

Why choose Word Tour?
* Fun for all ages! Word Tour is a wonderful and addicting game for adults, grownups and children to enjoy together.
* extending your Knowledge and training you to become a word master!
* Lots of levels. Play over 1000 levels with more coming soon!
* Free offline word game, play anywhere!... read more 

Xeoma Video Surveillance

Xeoma Video Surveillance
Download Xeoma Video Surveillance on the Appstore

Felenasoft OOO




Business, Photo & Video





" of the most complete video surveillance software for home use, and all of this, while remaining user friendly!" - user review.

Piece-of-a-cake-easy for beginners - powerful for professionals, Xeoma is a free app client for remote access to connect to your desktop or VsaaS server part of Xeoma to view cameras and recordings over the network. Together with the server part, it makes a complete video security solution with construction-set structure, cutting-edge interface and unlimited flexibility - and breathtaking possibilities.
Also perfect for business optimization: automation, gathering statistics, increasing profits and reducing losses.

Recognition of faces, object types (human, drone, etc.), vehicle license plates and speed, emotions, object's color, loitering, double authorization, and more is available in this VMS!

Remember how you enjoyed playing with your construction set as a kid - combining simple elements and making them grow gradually into something bigger? Even easier than that, now you can realize your most complicated video surveillance goals thanks to Xeoma's incredible flexibility. Configure the system you need exactly, simply and quickly!

Whether you have an IP camera or a CCTV camera, auto-detection of the server part of Xeoma will find them and make your PC and camera a ready to work out-of-the-box VMS. Supported are hundreds of brands and models of... read more 

Boost Cleaner - Clean Photos

Boost Cleaner - Clean Photos
Download Boost Cleaner - Clean Photos on the Appstore

Hoang Tue An


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Business





Boost Cleaner is a powerful cleaning tool for organizing your photos and videos. It provides features such as cleaning up duplicate/similar media and media compression.

Main features:

- Auto search
Duplicate search finds the exact same photos and videos using up unnecessary storage space. Likewise, similar search finds visually similar photos.

- Deletion
Sort your photos and videos in various modes to easily detect and delete unwanted media. The following sorting modes are available: File size, date, album, screenshots, selfies.

- Compression
Batch compress multiple photos and videos at once and save 90% of storage space on average. Compressed media preserves the metadata such as date, location, album name, etc., so the camera roll doesn't get cluttered after compression. You can also control the compression quality as you like(lower quality means compression into smaller file size). You can compress up to 500 photos & videos in the free version.... read more 

Fit Wood Ball: Funny Stack 3D

Fit Wood Ball: Funny Stack 3D
Download Fit Wood Ball: Funny Stack 3D on the Appstore

福珍 杨




Games, Strategy, Puzzle





Fit Wood Ball 3D is a puzzle game that has easy gameplay, but hard to master.
Push the button, shoot balls.
It just need you make all balls enter the hole.
Relax your brain now! Download free!... read more 

VPN Easy. Secure proxy

VPN Easy. Secure proxy
Download VPN Easy. Secure proxy on the Appstore

Roman Koropets




Productivity, Utilities





- Access websites and media without restrictions
- Stop ISPs from interfering with your connection
- Prevent getting hacked while - on public Wi-Fi
- Keep your online presence and information private

- Simple, one tap connect to VPN
- Fast and reliable VPN service connects you to the optimal location
- Private, anonymous browsing
- Change your location
- You can try Premium features (no ads) free for 7 days
- No Registration or Login is needed
- No log is saved from any users

Encrypt your connection on unsecured public Wi-Fi

Our private encryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your data via public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Secure your Wi-Fi and privacy with our highly secure VPN service.

Private, anonymous browsing

Browse websites anonymously and get private access. Your Internet connection will appear to originate from a different location. Use it to hide and anonymize your banking logins, chats, emails and payments.

Choose your location

It also comes with other advantages such as choosing your location and staying anonymous. If you travel and need access from different locations, you can use SecureLine VPN to connect to servers around the world (e.g. in the UK and USA) to access more online content, browse websites anonymously and get private access.


VPN Easy is a VPN service that protects you from data theft... read more 

Super Fruit Classic Slot Machine Free

Super Fruit Classic Slot Machine Free
Download Super Fruit Classic Slot Machine Free on the Appstore

iDevver Apps Limited




Games, Entertainment, Casino





Super Fruit Slot Machine brings you a real, true to life slots experience without the bloated extras!
If you are bored of themed slots games, and you want to enjoy a retro slot themed game, just as they should be enjoyed, then this game is for you!

>FREE coins at regular intervals!
>Works on iPhone & iPad!
>High quality art!
>Practice like you were sitting at the slots in Vegas!... read more 

Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese

Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese
Download Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese on the Appstore

Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Co. , Ltd









Learn Chinese faster using Artificial Intelligence. Speak Chinese confidently. Super Chinese is the top Mandarin Chinese learning APP with AI based multi-sensory input. Speak Mandarin Chinese the way you’ve always wanted to.

Hello Chinese learners, learn Chinese faster with Super Chinese
All the Best Language Learning Approaches Integrated Into 1 Super App

Powered By AI
Spaced Repetition: Remember effortlessly
Animated Videos: Conceptualize Faster
Thematic Lessons: Understand Context
Complete fluency: speak Chinese, read Chinese, write characters and improve your Chinese listening
Gamification: Enjoy learning Chinese

For basic Chinese learners we cover Pinyin (think of it as the Chinese alphabet!) so you can learn how to speak Chinese and improve your Chinese pronunciation. Beginner Chinese language learners will find it easy to start learning their target language with Super Chinese. It’s simple to learn Chinese characters, Chinese vocabulary and essential Chinese phrases. Super Chinese makes learning Chinese easy.

Features that make learning Mandarin Chinese simple!

Expertly crafted for your success
Super Chinese uses advanced AI technology to meet your personal learning style. Lessons are drawn from a wide range of real-life topics, presented in a way that sticks.

No need for a language tutor, our Chinese lessons are built to cover all aspects of... read more 

I Feel Super

I Feel Super
Download I Feel Super on the Appstore

Mike Geiger




Books, Education





Written and illustrated by Mike Geiger.

"I Feel Super" is a children's story about the little things we do to feel super!

Simple shapes and a straightforward story designed to give your child a pleasant and engaging interactive story experience.

Optimized for iPad Retina displays.

Privacy policy:
The "I Feel Super" application does not:
Collect and use any personal information
Store any personal data
Share to a third party
Include a social network feature
Include any ads or In-App-Purchases
Link to outside websites

If you have any questions about this application, please send an e-mail to:
[email protected]... read more 

Easy Sudoku :-)

Easy Sudoku :-)
Download Easy Sudoku :-) on the Appstore

Shawn Mottley




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Board





Wow and we are here! The chart topping Easy Sudoku :-) is now on Apple Devices! Optimized for iPhone 6!
Sudoku is the most popular logic-based numbers game and is very good to keep your brain trained.

This is a simply easy-to-use sudoku game, with fresh and cool interface, very acceptable difficult levels, suitable for sudoku beginner to sudoku expert.

With 3 awesome skill levels, intuitive interface, and all the functions right at your super fingertips, this Sudoku game is sure to be your most favorite. Interrupted, boss calling, baby crying, cop watching you?(We won't tell, be safe though) Exit Sudoku:-), and the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it!

Totally FREE!!
New Stats screen
3 levels - easy, medium, hard
Smooth interface and Impressive graphics
Pencil marks as notes
Undo and Redo
Hints to help you complete hard ones
Selected digit highlighting
Incorrect entry highlighting

Game Rules:
Sudoku is a logic-based number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.... read more 

SuperBeam Pro | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing

SuperBeam Pro | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing
Download SuperBeam Pro | Easy & fast WiFi direct file sharing on the Appstore

LiveQoS Incorporated




Utilities, Productivity





Get SuperBeam PRO now and unlock more awesome features:
• Get rid of annoying ads.
• Send and receive files to/from your computer through SuperBeam app for PC, using QR code or sharing keys (get it from By the way, it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac!
• Pair devices using sharing keys. This is particularly useful for devices that do not have a camera.
• Share files with more than one device at the same time.
• Be SuperAwesome and support the future development of SuperBeam. This is just the beginning, and we have much more to surprise you with!

Important notes:
• You can download the SuperBeam for PC from here: read more 

Smart Recorder - Easy Sound & Memo Recording

Smart Recorder - Easy Sound & Memo Recording
Download Smart Recorder - Easy Sound & Memo Recording on the Appstore

Abid Adnan




Utilities, Entertainment





Record your voice like maestro ! Record voice however you like and share them to friends !

Voice Recorder is a professional voice recorder. It allows you to record voice memos & on-site sounds at unlimited length with HQ quality.

***How To Use Voice Recorder:

Once you download the app, open the app & you will see the Record Button to start recording. you need to press the red button to Stop. There is a library button where you store all recorded files. this app is compatible with--


***App Features:

Recording and save recording files
Share feature via mail... read more 

Sound Effects FX for Videos

Sound Effects FX for Videos
Download Sound Effects FX for Videos on the Appstore

Hayato Shimizu


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Music





Easy for everyone! You can add sound effects to videos for free!
To use it just import a movie and tap the sound effect icon!
Fun production for movies with more than 100 sound effects!

[Major features]
- More than 100 kinds of sound effects, such as laughter, applause, animal's barking sound.
- Voice recording with iPhone, iPad microphone.
- Fetching your favorite music freely.
- Save the created movie as a file.
- Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. SNS.

[Simple Usage]
1. Import movies from Photo Library or Camera.
2. While playing the movie, tap the icon at the place you want to add a sound effect.
3. Tap the record button if you want to add a voice.
4. Select music from Music Library.
5. After editing, you can save and share.

[Operation screen]
- Swipe thumbnail images to control the playback position of the movie.
- If you want to delete sound effects, press and hold the icon.
- You can drag sound effect icons and recorded sounds.
- Videos being edited are saved as drafts.... read more 

PEF Log - asthma tracker

PEF Log - asthma tracker
Download PEF Log - asthma tracker on the Appstore

Pasi Kivikangas









PEF Log asthma tracker makes Peak Expiratory Flow monitoring and assessment and reporting super easy.

All data is stored into your own account so that you have full control of it and we don't share your data with anybody else.

PEF Log asthma monitor supports treatment decisions, it works as an asthma assessment helper, and it can be used for asthma self monitoring and reporting with ease.

It helps asthma doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send data that is needed for asthma monitoring and diagnosis. PEFLog understands bronchodilatation and it creates comprehensive reports.

I'm a father of four and found traditional PEF monitoring boring, time consuming and error prone. I tried to use pen and paper with my children but it didn't really work out. I creating snappy PEFLog app for myself and for my children in order to make asthma tracking as easy and fast as possible for everybody.


- Save Peak Flow readings with ease
- Edit readings and monitoring periods
- A timer reminds about the next blow after having medication
- Comprehensive report and charts
- Daily variation, period's variation and average variation
- Bronchodilatation (impact of the medication)
- Reference PEF (calculated based on age, height and gender)
- Personal best (calculated or manual)
- Colour zones (green, yellow, red)
-... read more 

Super Ludo: 1-4 Players

Super Ludo: 1-4 Players
Download Super Ludo: 1-4 Players on the Appstore

Xilva Multimedia




Games, Board





Super Ludo is one of the most popular board games in the world. This game is so simple and addictive. Get it now and enjoy playing this exciting game with your friends or by yourself anywhere you go.

Super Ludo supports up to 4 players. It's a simple and fun game for you to play with your friends, kids or by yourself.

This game's special features include:
* One-player game mode
* Multi-player game mode (supports up to 4 players!)
* Colorful graphic design
* Excellent user interface for the best user experience

Get Super Ludo now and enjoy the fun.... read more 

The 38 Times Tables Challenge

The 38 Times Tables Challenge
Download The 38 Times Tables Challenge on the Appstore

Komodo Learning Ltd









Learning your multiplication times tables can be tough but the 38 Times Tables Challenge breaks this down into bite sized tasks allowing children to practice effectively in a fun visual way. It includes three main elements:

The Animated Explainer Video
The Practice Module
The 38 Times Tables Challenge

The animated explainer video explains why you don’t really have to learn 144 (12x12 ) times tables, rather you should focus on learning the 38 times tables you actually need to learn.

The practice section breaks down the 38 times tables challenge further into smaller practice tasks. These include:
The square numbers
The Easy(ish)
The Trickly
The 11s & 12s
The Nasty tables
Your Weak Spot - the times tables the learner is struggling to remember

The challenge itself provides an interactive practice grid where the learner answers all the important 38 times tables while being timed. Once the challenge is complete there’s an optional feature to email a certificate and report with parental consent.... read more 

PayMap -super easy cashbook

PayMap -super easy cashbook
Download PayMap -super easy cashbook on the Appstore

Prime System Laboratory Co.,Ltd.




Finance, Lifestyle





The PayMap is a very simple and easy system of your personal expense management.

You just need to enter the paid money at the purchase locations.

I've ever failed to keep a household account book many times, because the entering work is very troublesome.
After all, many receipts remained in my wallet for long time and I gave up to keep the household account book.
To solve this, I focused on the simple and easy of input work.

If you enter a receipt at hospital, the app links the purchase to medical expense, If you entered at super market, this app links to food expense.

By PayMap, you can manage your personal expenses without hectic entering work.

After entering the paid money of receipts, you can understand how much you spent; not only in terms of expense items in some periods by bar and pie charts, but also in terms of the region by a map.

At the first place to pay, you should teach the shop at the location to PayMap, PayMap finds out the shop based on the entering location next time.

You can add & edit the shop and the expense items assigned to the shop in PayMap.

For more details, please see the following link of [PayMap Support].

If you like this app, Please consider to purchase upgrade functions.

1)If your device has a camere, you can input a price by image recognition.
2) You can make Monthly report and send by E-mail. By this report, you can understand your expense situation month by month. If you printed... read more 

Super Backup : Export / Import

Super Backup : Export / Import
Download Super Backup : Export / Import on the Appstore

Dropouts Technologies LLP




Utilities, Business





Backup all your iPhone or iPad contacts in 1 tap and export them!
Fastest way to restore contacts from PC or Mac!

Important Features :
1. Export by mailing the backed up contacts file to yourself!
2. Export contacts file to any other app on your device!
3. Export all contacts directly to your PC / Mac over Wifi, no software needed!
4. Restore any contacts directly from PC / Mac
5. Restore contacts via mail !

Get the ultimate contacts backup app now !

For support, please contact : [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.... read more 

熊猫·Super Express Green Life

熊猫·Super Express Green Life
Download 熊猫·Super Express Green Life on the Appstore

Timothy Huton









Come and download this great helper to help you write down what you want to remember. easy to use... read more 

Fruit Crusher Match 3 entertainment super hit easy game

Fruit Crusher Match 3 entertainment super hit easy game
Download Fruit Crusher Match 3 entertainment super hit easy game on the Appstore

Kiran Jodhani




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Casual





Fruit Crusher match game is an addictive and delicious adventure filled with colorful Fruit crunching effects and well designed puzzles! With Fruit style to eliminate in each level, Fruit Crusher match is twice the fun but familiar to play.

Fruit Crusher match game is a match 3 game with colourful and fruit, majestic combinations, and challenging game modes featuring magical potion!

Fruit Crusher match is the most popular fruit pop/breaking/buster game! Another classic Fruit Crusher match-three game. #1 Puzzle game on the world.

Fun with Fruit Crusher game is a great way to improve your retention, memory skills like visual retention, mnemonic skills, concentration and cognitive skills!

- 298 levels with time and moves limit.
- Unlock levels in a panel where you can access at any time or continue your progress in the game.
- Game settings to turn off sound or background music

It is an exciting free time activity that will catch your eye with unbelievable beauty and unexpected new things appearing.
Destroy the target fruit to level up.
Play for free as you match and detonate as many fruit as you can.

How to play:
1. Just match three or more same identical Fruit to score points.
2. Eliminate the more Fruit quickly can get extra scores. Match the Fruit until the board transparency,the Fruit star will appear.
3. By swipe Fruit to score more and check your matching skills

Easy and fun to start but a... read more 


Download Super-Easy on the Appstore

Flor elisa Diaz rosales


Food & Drink


Food & Drink, Shopping





Con Súper Easy tienes la oportunidad de llevar el menú semanal de tu familia, contar con planes especiales como: bajo en calorías, libres de glúten, control de azúcar entre otros.

Tienes la oportunidad de pedir todo hasta la puerta de tu casa facilitando pagos con tarjeta o efectivo.

Guarda tus recetas especiales y arma tu plan perfecto semanal.... read more 

How To Draw Super Cars - Step By Step Drawing

How To Draw Super Cars - Step By Step Drawing
Download How To Draw Super Cars - Step By Step Drawing on the Appstore

Lvxiang Song




Education, Reference





Learn How To Draw Super Cars.
This app will teach you "How To Draw Super Cars" step by step.
Don’t worry about not being a professional, with these easy to learn tutorials;
When you think of How To Draw Super Cars, you approach the concept with caution.
But it really is simple as 1 2 3.
All you have to do is have your pencil and paper ready.
Learning to draw is a challenging but also a fun task as well.
Most people start with the simplest of animals to draw which also differs from people to people.
You will learn how to draw, how to shade, and how to color with confidence in no time.
When learning how to draw super cars, have fun and be playful.
The best part is when the coloring is done and your art is finished.
Remember if you have drawings that you would like to share with other people don’t be shy submit your own.
Put the shoe on the other foot and let people learn from you and then you can teach how to draw super cars step by step too.
Download it now, Limited time free.... read more 

Height Ruler (Barometer)

Height Ruler (Barometer)
Download Height Ruler (Barometer) on the Appstore

Eng Tat Lim




Utilities, Entertainment





Height Ruler is an app which uses your device's barometer to detect air pressure changes and calculates an object's height.

IMPORTANT! Please check if your device is supported before downloading.

With Height Ruler, you can easily measure anything. For example, to measure your height, just place your phone on the floor, then on your head and back to the floor and this app will do the rest. Then, you will get your height in meters or feet and inches! 

***Please note that you should disable silent mode and turn up the volume to be able to hear audible feedback of whether the measurement is complete.

***Do minimise movements when measuring as doing so would disturb the air pressure and thus yield inaccurate results.

*Developed by Wern Jie, 16.

• Works with just your device.
• Easy to follow instructions.
• Measures height to a maximum accuracy of ± 8cm (± 3 inches).

Supported devices:
• iPhone 6 or later, except iPhone SE
• iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 or later
• All iPad Pro models

If you find any problems or want to ask questions, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]... read more 

High Quality Voice Recorder -Record Quality Sound Instantly

High Quality Voice Recorder -Record Quality Sound Instantly
Download High Quality Voice Recorder -Record Quality Sound Instantly on the Appstore

Md Humayun




Entertainment, Utilities





Record your voice like maestro ! Record voice however you like and share them to friends !

Voice Recorder is a professional voice recorder. It allows you to record voice memos & on-site sounds at unlimited length with HQ quality.

***How To Use Voice Recorder:

Once you download the app, open the app & you will see the Record Button to start recording. you need to press the red button to Stop. There is a library button where you store all recorded files. this app is compatible with--


***App Features:

Recording and save recording files
share feature via mail... read more 

Super Sloth – Play it slow

Super Sloth – Play it slow
Download Super Sloth – Play it slow on the Appstore

Karla Courtney




Games, Racing, Casual





Super fun, super simple, SUPER SLOW!

How long can you keep Super Sloth slowly going?

• Move Super Sloth to crawl and swim for as long as possible while avoiding cars, sharks, falling objects and other surprises
• Collect fruits to increase your score and collect falling leaves for speed and stamina boots
• Earn coins that you can exchange for ridiculous accessories – capes, wings, pizza hat, donut ring, and more
• Beat your best scores
• Gameplay works offline
• Adorable graphics, animation and sound effects
• Connect with Game Center to see your score on the Leaderboard and unlock different Achievements!

Original Concept - Karla Courtney
Art Director - Leanne Li
Technical Director - Albert Vasconcellos
Music - Felix Arifin... read more 

Super Cleaner - Clean Contacts

Super Cleaner - Clean Contacts
Download Super Cleaner - Clean Contacts on the Appstore

Nguyen Hien




Business, Productivity





Super Cleaner - Backup Contact is the easiest way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone without needing a computer or synchronization. You can backup all your contacts with a single touch and send yourself as a .vcf attachment via email.

All contacts can then easily be restored any time by simply opening .vcf file in your mailbox.

Key Features:

- Offline Backup. No need to sync to any server. Just email the backup file to yourself.
- Your adress book is secure and safe. We don't access or store your contacts.
- Easy restore. No need to any app to restore backup file.
- Easily transfer contacts between devices using just email client.
- Copy backup file to your computer via USB cable feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After sending backup file (*.vcf) to yourself, please check your inbox if message arrived and contains attachment (backup file). Sometimes email providers block attachments if attachment size is too large. Try with another mail account if possible, to send your backup file. Or copy backup file (on SD card) to your computer via USB cable.... read more 

Super Rabbit Fighting

Super Rabbit Fighting
Download Super Rabbit Fighting on the Appstore

Psycho Bear Studios




Games, Action, Entertainment, Casual





Super Rabbit arrives home and he is shocked to find out that his treasure was stolen!!!

A footprint left behind gives away the thief... Gorilla Kong!!!

It is your job, as Super Rabbit to get your treasure back!

You start the game as a skinny and weak rabbit. But you will progress from level to level and get bigger and stronger. At the end of each level is a treasure chest full of coins which you can then use to upgrade Mr. Rabbit.

You will battle your way through hoards of monsters and enemies such as Pig Warriors, Mutant Turtles, Boar Beasts, Wolf Warriors, Mantis, Spiders, Crabs, Snakes and many more!

Each level will get harder and harder, so use your upgrades wisely. You will need to be at full strength by the time you reach the final level and battle Gorilla Kong, as he is furious with insane power!

Don’t forget to recruit mini fighters to help you battle the monsters.

Defeat Gorilla King and reclaim your treasure!

This game is awesome for kids, both boys and girls, and the whole family. Play this fun and addictive game, now!... read more 

List It - The super easy checklist app

List It - The super easy checklist app
Download List It - The super easy checklist app on the Appstore

Gruppera Development AB




Productivity, Shopping





Make sure you don't forget what to bring home from the store. This simple, yet smart, app will make it easy to remember. We have focused on making List It easy to user with a native Apple design. No registration is needed, you will be upp and running in no time. For early adopters List It is free of charge, and also ad-free.

Working with lists:
- Create an unlimited number of lists with the name of your choice
- Copy all items in a list to the clipboard
- Insert items from an existing list
- Delete a list
- Rename a list

Working with items:
- Add items to a list
- Paste multiple items into a list
- Remove items from a list
- Edit items in a list
- Check off items
- Sort items
- Previously added items will be remembered for easy re-use

Other features:
- Option to disable Auto Lock, Screen Rotation, and Back Swipe Gesture while viewing lists... read more 

Sneaky Balloons : The big pop confetti party - Tap balloon free game for kids, boys and girls - Unexpected ninja adventure in Sky Tower - Cool winter edition for toddlers

Sneaky Balloons : The big pop confetti party - Tap balloon free game for kids, boys and girls - Unexpected ninja adventure in Sky Tower - Cool winter edition for toddlers
Download Sneaky Balloons : The big pop confetti party - Tap balloon free game for kids, boys and girls - Unexpected ninja adventure in Sky Tower - Cool winter edition for toddlers on the Appstore

Tiberiu Jinga-Dinu




Games, Action, Family, Education





Sneaky Balloons, the absolute crazy balloons popping game !

NEW !! Have TONS of fun with the new balloons: trigger HUGE chain reaction pops with the swift NINJA balloons, slow down time with the cool FROST balloons, or have a laugh at shaving off the annoying MUSTACHE balloon :) !

** Highly appreciated by ! Check out the review: **

** Recommended by ! **

Take a peek at the crazy balloons page on Facebook:

What people are saying about Sneaky Balloons:

-- "Best game yet 4 me and my kids"
-- "Great game my kids all love it A*****"
-- "This one keeps you coming back for more!! Really fun"


• Superb graphics and animations
• Tactic elements given by the addition of special holy, ninja, frost and mother balloons
• Realistic balloons interaction and movement, when popped
• Multi-touch enabled - pop multiple balloons in the same time
• Game Center enabled - lots of achievements and two leaderboards - can you be the number 1 ?
• Suitable for children and for the child within you also
• Music and story with a nice touch of humor
• Play it relaxed or be challenged, it's up to you (3 difficulty settings)
• 40 levels with changing environments, balloon types and colors
• Special 'Pop them all' mode where you can unleash your popping energy unrestricted

- New balloon types with cool new mechanics:... read more 

Plumber World : connect pipes

Plumber World : connect pipes
Download Plumber World : connect pipes on the Appstore

Playtouch Ltd




Games, Puzzle, Casual, Entertainment





In a fantasy world, you are the master of the plumbers, and every lands call you in order to build their water system. Connect the pipes, fix the leaks, and start to flow water in the pipes to plug this crazy network. PLUMBER WORLD is a great puzzle game to have fun and kill time.

This game is fun and will require you to be really smart to finish all levels. Do you have enough plumbing skills to finish the job ?

The gameplay is super simple. You just need to turn around the pipes, to connect them from the water reserve to the different elements on the screen that need water (public fountains, houses, lakes, swimming pools...)

3 game' modes are available:
- Story mode
- Time clock mode
- Endless mode

Are you a super crack plumber ? Can you raise this challenge ?

Play PLUMBER WORLD now !... read more 

Easy Trivia: Funny Brain Games

Easy Trivia: Funny Brain Games
Download Easy Trivia: Funny Brain Games on the Appstore

Max Kochergin




Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Trivia





You are asked a question and 4 pictures of the answer. Your task is to find the right answer.
This online quiz is impossible to lose! If the answer is incorrect, you can choose another option. When the answer is found, a pop-up message in a humorous form will tell the details.
The quiz has 450 interesting tasks that will not let you get bored and broaden your horizons. The game is suitable for both adults and children.


Subscription options

In Easy Trivia we offer you the following subscription option:

- Diamond membership offers a weekly subscription for $7.49 after a 3-day free trial, unlocks special features and removes all ads.

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be... read more 

Easy Cleaner - Clean Duplicate

Easy Cleaner - Clean Duplicate
Download Easy Cleaner - Clean Duplicate on the Appstore





Productivity, Business





This is app a powerful cleaning tool for organizing your photos and videos. It provides features such as cleaning up duplicate/similar media and media compression.

Main Features:

Batch compress multiple photos and videos at once and save 90% of storage space on average. Compressed media preserves the metadata such as date, location, album name, etc., so the camera roll doesn't get cluttered after compression. You can also control the compression quality as you like(lower quality means compression into smaller file size).

- Duplicate search finds the exact same photos and videos using up unnecessary storage space.
- Find and delete duplicate photos
- Analyze and delete similar selfies, live photos, gif photos
- Analyze and delete selfies, screenshots
- Find and delete pictures relative to specific locations
- Filter photos by date, location
- Easy to remove multiple large files
- Filter videos by size
- Full display of video size... read more 

Wood Puzzle.

Wood Puzzle.
Download Wood Puzzle. on the Appstore

Yongxing Yang




Games, Casual, Puzzle





Welcome to Wood Puzzle! It is a classic and puzzle game. And the gameplay is easy, you just need to slide the red block to the exit.

Wood Puzzle has 5 modes: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Master. So Wood Puzzle can be suitable for everyone. Come on! Active your brain now, become the master.

Puzzle game
5 modes
Suitable for all ages
Hundreds of levels

Please enjoy Wood Puzzle free! Download now!... read more 

Super Monster Smash

Super Monster Smash
Download Super Monster Smash on the Appstore





Games, Casual





How much city can you destroy in one minute?

Your days of being squashed at the feet of humanity are over - Now it's your turn to smash. Compete with your rivals over the complete destruction of the city and become the toughest monster there is. When you're as huge as a skyscraper, everything is fun to smash in this destruction simulator!

How To Play

Your monster has one goal: to crush everything in its way. Eat pedestrians, smash cars and demolish buildings. Nothing can escape your wild jaws! So enjoy taking over the city while people run away terrified, trees fall at the might of your stomp, cars explode under your massive paws and buildings collapse to the ground. The more you destroy, the bigger and more powerful you become!

Grow & Smash

The satisfaction of destruction helps your monster reach enormous sizes. Make him the largest, scariest creature roaming the map and you are bound to win. You have one minute to prove your worth, survive as humanity and the competition will try to destroy you, and get rewards so great that nothing will be able to keep you from wreaking havoc upon the world!

So show them who's the real monster - eat, grow, then eat the competition for guaranteed success!


The gameplay is simple: tap, hold and swipe in the direction you want to go and the monster does the rest. While you're small, destroying a building takes a bit of insisting and you're no match for the larger monsters,... read more 


Download 0.o.0 on the Appstore

Eugeniu Curcudel




Games, Family, Puzzle





Match the rings and their color to keep the board clear.

For how long can you keep the board clear?... read more 

Calculator PanecalST

Calculator PanecalST
Download Calculator PanecalST on the Appstore

Noriyasu Kutsuzawa




Utilities, Productivity





Super easy calculator for editing formulas by using a cursor.

[ Features ]
- Easy operation for editing formulas
- Re-calculation by using history
- Four arithmetic operations, root, percentages, time, tax and parentheses calculations
- Memory, M+, M-, MR, MC
- Scroll up/down lines
- Cut, copy and paste
- Expressions history and answer history
- Grouping separator and decimal point
- Various settings (Long tap MENU key)

[ What do you use "Calculator" for ]
- General calculator
- Tax and VAT
- Sales, profit and cost
- Split a payments at restaurant
- Long formulas calculation
- Formula include parenthesis
- Elapsed time, time addition and subtraction, production time, costing from time

[ Four arithmetic operations ]
1 + 2 - 3 × 4 ÷ 5 = 0.6
[ Time calculation ]
16:15 - 12:45 = 3:30:00

1.5 × (16:15 - 12:45) = 5:15:00
Press [H:M:S] key for changing value after calculation.

[ Root calculation (Long press)]
√( 2 × 2) = 2
[ Percentage calculation ]
500 + 20% = 600
500 - 20% = 400
500 × 20% = 100
100 ÷ 500% = 20
[ Tax calculation ]
500 Tax+ = 525
525 Tax- = 500
[ Parenthesis calculation ]
( 1 + 2 ) × ( 3 + 4 ) = 21
( 1 + 2 ) ( 3 + 4 ) ( 5 + 6 ) = 231
[ Grouping separator and decimal point ]
123,456,789.1 + 0.02 = 123,456,789.12
123.456.789,1 + 0,02 = 123.456.789,12
(Depends on setting)

[ Display ]
Calculator indicates long expressions on the display. If you may... read more 


Download MosaicTouch - SUPER EASY PIXELATION- on the Appstore

Shota Nakagami


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Utilities





A quick pixelation method is the app MosaicTouch.

AppStore(Taiwan)Ranking Photo 1st
AppStore(Japan)Ranking Photo 2nd

▧ Useful Pixelation
- privacy protection (face,number plate...)
- blog photo (Facebook,Twitter...)
- art/design
Essential For Blogger

▧ Easy to Use
- simple & easy to use
- simply pixelation(1 finger drag)
- select an area (2 fingers drag)
- undo edit

▧ Colorful Pixelation
- 18 base colors (Pixelation block)
- changeable pixelation size

▧ Photo Sharing
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Flickr
- Email... read more 

TikVPN-Super Secure VPN Proxy

TikVPN-Super Secure VPN Proxy
Download TikVPN-Super Secure VPN Proxy on the Appstore





Productivity, Utilities





TikVPN is a best security and privacy guard VPN proxy. With cutting-edge encryption and our exclusively performance boosting tune, TikVPN protect your online privacy and boost your network speed. One tap to connect, easy and stable, safe and fast. Get TikVPN now!

Distinctive features of TikVPN:
* Security and privacy guard
* Ads-Free
* No time or bandwidth limitation
* No activity logs, no connection logs
* Easy, one-tap to connect
* Auto select the fastest VPN Server
* Fit all Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G
* Hides your IP and geolocation
* Powerful encryption

- Enable Apps, Streaming, and Websites
TikVPN enables all apps and websites for you. You can unrestrictedly surf on Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram, and all social, music, video apps or websites.

- Surfing Online Anonymously
TikVPN hide your real IP and geolocation so that your network identity and activity cannot be tracked or analyzed by ISP or any third party. TikVPN help you stay completely anonymous at office, home, airport, cafe, or anywhere else, whether you’re connecting in private or public WiFi.

- Protect Privacy & Shield WiFi Hotspot
TikVPN secures your network traffic from any hacking or tracking while you’re connected to public WiFi hotspots. Whether your password or your personal data is encrypted or cleartext before transferring, it will be encrypted again by TikVPN. Actually, all data... read more 

Extreme Flying Car

Extreme Flying Car
Download Extreme Flying Car on the Appstore

Sergey Movsisyan




Games, Racing, Simulation





Extreme Flying Car game allow to drive a different kind of specific cars in different weather conditions.
The amazing physics and awesome graphics will grab your attention and will give you the best fealings.
3 level graphics settings.(Low, Normal, High)

- Realistic Flying model Super Car
- Amazing HD Graphics
- Beautiful mountains
- Realistic and dynamic jet car physics
- Easy and free to use
- Offline Play... read more 

Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score

Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score
Download Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score on the Appstore

Xiuquan Guo




Games, Adventure, Casual




Super Boy- one of the best classic old school adventure or platform games, will impress you with a brand new and wonderful adventure.
Your mission in this journey is to help Super Boy fight all enemies on his way through the different lands.

- 5 Iconic Lands
- Delicate interface
- Easy control like in the classic platformers
- Enjoy exquisite picture and plentiful sound effects
- Plenty of coins to collect and become a Treasure Hunter

Help props:
- "Power" to become the Big Boy.
- "Bomb" to smash the monsters by the destructive bombs.
- "Shield" that will protect Super Boy in a limited amount of time.

Time to get yourself relaxed and have fun hours, just so easily!
Download the best classic adventure games and Become the best Super Boy now!!!... read more 

SweetPic - The perfect selfie

SweetPic - The perfect selfie
Download SweetPic - The perfect selfie on the Appstore

Mark Leonczek


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Lifestyle





SweetPic is an awesome photography app to take cute and lovely pictures or selfies and share them on social networks. When you launch the app it will pick a random effect for your quick snap and that is the most epic part, we want to make your life easy. Capture all your memories and add from our over 100 cool effects to your photos.

The app is like an HD studio booth so get the app go in front of the mirror and make the best selfie, edit it, add filters, crop it and add fancy SweetPic logos. The app is so good that you don't even need to put on makeup.

After you make the picture you can share it all over the social networks.... read more 

Secure VPN - Proxy Master

Secure VPN - Proxy Master
Download Secure VPN - Proxy Master on the Appstore










VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a convenient and useful utility that provides anonymous and secure Internet connection through a proxy server.

With its help, you can safely surf the Internet, bypass blocking sites and apps, protect online payments, etc. Be sure your ID will be max protected and inaccessible to the third parties!

Moreover, the app is as simple and convenient as possible. No additional downloads or settings are required, just select the country and server and you can safely use the Internet.

Exactly our VPN app is worth to download because it:

- Supports Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, 3G, etc.
- Allows you to connect to servers around the world
- Works without time limits for use
- Provides stable connection and work
- Intuitive and easy
- Keeps your privacy
- Allows you to connect to multiple proxies at once

How it works:

A VPN encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties cannot track your online activity. It is worth remembering that a VPN can't provide complete anonymity. Therefore, to protect your ID as much as possible, the VPN provides only authenticated remote access using encryption and special protocols.


- Subscribe to disable ads and have access to the all servers!
- Check it's advantages, by getting a free 3-day trial. After 3 days, the trial will automatically turn to the week paid subscription.
- The paid subscription is divided into the 3... read more 

Super Easy Reading 2nd 1

Super Easy Reading 2nd 1
Download Super Easy Reading 2nd 1 on the Appstore

Compass Media Co., Ltd.









Class Booster

Stop using complicated and boring online tools to learn English!
With Class Booster, students can have fun learning on a mobile device and easily email their results to their teacher!

1. Use on PC and mobile devices
Install the app on a PC using the CD included with Compass textbooks, and install the free app on a smartphone or tablet so students can learn anytime, anywhere.

2. Play games that make learning English fun
The wide variety of activities have been designed to motivate learners. They can earn points and grow their avatar, while developing their English skills at the same time.

3. Check student learning without a complicated LMS, just by entering the teacher's email address
It couldn't be easier! Students just install the app and enter their teacher's email. The learning results are sent automatically, and the teacher will be able to check them immediately after logging in.... read more 


Download Picap on the Appstore

Picap Co









¿Tienes Prisa?
¿No consigues taxi ni conductor privado?
Haz clic en SOLICITAR PICAP y una de nuestras Picap motos te llevará en minutos.
Es fácil, súper rápido y seguro.

Una alternativa a Uber, Tappsi e Easy Taxi.

CONDUCTORES: Si eres conductor te aconsejamos mantener tu celular siempre conectado pues el uso de GPS puede incrementar de manera significativa el uso de la batería.

PICAP... read more 

Candy Blast Valley

Candy Blast Valley
Download Candy Blast Valley on the Appstore





Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Casual





Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Candy Blast Valley!

Find and blast delicious candy bunches with a slide, you’ll be addicted to Candy Blast Valley from the first bite!

• EXCITING MATCH-3 GAMEPLAY – Slide beautiful and colorful sweeties to match 3 or more, and test your matching skills with extra challenging objectives!
• BLAST CANDY in 100+ FREE levels - each with unique challenges and and fun puzzles!
• EASY TO LEARN - hard to master! Can you score 3 stars on every level?
• UNLOCK powerful boosts to help with challenging levels!
• BEAUTIFUL backgrounds fill the screen as you solve puzzles in fantastic locations!
• CHALLENGE your friends to beat your high score!
• FREE updates with new puzzles, boosts and more!

Candy Blast Valley is the BEST-looking FREE candy matching game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

PLEASE NOTE: Candy Blast Valley is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature in the game.

Download now and start your sweetest adventure today!... read more 

Super MiniPix

Super MiniPix
Download Super MiniPix on the Appstore

Laurent Bakowski




Games, Action, Casual





Jump, shoot and go as far as possible with this fun, easy to learn and very addictive game.
Get ready to play something completely different!
Give it a try and you won't want to leave this pixel environment which is full of crazy characters.

- Super quick loading time ;
- Optimized with no downtime ;
- A perfect 'Old Skool' atmosphere ;
- A funky 8-Bit soundtrack ;
- Infinite gameplay...... read more 

Audio Memos - Super Simple Sound Recorder App

Audio Memos - Super Simple Sound Recorder App
Download Audio Memos - Super Simple Sound Recorder App on the Appstore

Abid Mahmud Adnan




Productivity, Utilities





Record your voice like maestro ! Record voice however you like and share them to friends !

Voice Recorder is a professional voice recorder. It allows you to record voice memos & on-site sounds at unlimited length with HQ quality.

***How To Use Voice Recorder:

Once you download the app, open the app & you will see the Record Button to start recording. you need to press the red button to Stop. There is a library button where you store all recorded files. this app is compatible with--

*iPad... read more 

Flappy Rainbow 2

Flappy Rainbow 2
Download Flappy Rainbow 2 on the Appstore

Jetberry OOO




Games, Entertainment, Action, Casual





Do you like real hard things?

So here it is! Just try and you will know what is Real Hard Game. It's very easy to learn - just don't touch platforms and screen sides to stay alive, collect things to get score and that’s all!

So go ahead, do it and show these piano tiles, who's boss here!... read more 

lo go - logo quiz for watch

lo go - logo quiz for watch
Download lo go - logo quiz for watch on the Appstore

Super Mega Fresh Ltd




Games, Entertainment, Trivia, Puzzle





Think you know brands? lo go is a super simple, addictive quiz that tests your knowledge on the worlds best known brands. We’ll show you part of a company logo, you just select the correct answer from the multiple choice options.

lo go works for iPhone and watch so you can test your skills even when you have the smallest moments to spare.... read more 

Super rally table tennis

Super rally table tennis
Download Super rally table tennis on the Appstore

tomoko shigetomi




Games, Sports, Action, Entertainment





・ Let's hit the ball in good time by intuitive operation with swipe
・ We can concentrate on the character that moves with auto and the timing to hit the ball.
The SP gauge will accumulate quickly if it is time to strike back. If the SP gauge is over, I will release an intense special shot.
・ The enemy also shoots special shots. Let's go back in time.
・ Beautiful graphics, colorful character motions, flashy effects will make the Super Rally alive.
・ Can be customized to a cool shirt with repeated wins.... read more 


Download SuperSpeedTest on the Appstore

HangYuan Zhang









SuperSpeedTest is a very useful speed measuring tool with accurate, simple and fun results!
Support ping test, not only delay test, packet loss rate summary, etc. Complete icmp ping protocol test.
Support multi-node switching, giving you more accurate test results.... read more 

makro scan

makro scan
Download makro scan on the Appstore

Supersmart LTD









Supersmart scanning application allows you to have a simple, convenient, fast and enjoyable shopping experience, while at the same time you'll be benefiting from an efficient, cost-saving checkout system.

The application is easy to use: Scan the cart QR code and start scanning product bar-codes as you go.
Supersmart will validate the fully loaded carts, while you will instantly checkout and skip the tedious queues, resulting in a fast, secured and convenient purchasing cycle.... read more 

Kelvin's Saigon Cupcake Adventure - Free Scooter Racing Game

Kelvin's Saigon Cupcake Adventure - Free Scooter Racing Game
Download Kelvin's Saigon Cupcake Adventure - Free Scooter Racing Game on the Appstore

Hotel Romeo Media LLC




Games, Entertainment, Racing





Kelvin loves cruising around the busy streets of South Central Saigon looking for a tasty treat.

But it's dangerous driving his scooter at high speeds avoiding oncoming traffic from every angle. The further through the city you drive, the more cupcakes and cake pops you collect, the more risky it becomes. How many cupcakes and cake pops can you collect without crashing?

Here's how the game works:

- Gameplay is simple and becomes more challenging as you avoid other scooters.

- Slide your thumb or a finger on Kelvin and his scooter at the bottom of the screen to drive forward, back, up and down to avoid obstacles.

- Collect cupcakes and cake pops to unlock different scooters and racers to complete your mission.

- The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play Kelvin's Saigon Cupcake Adventure, it changes so you never play the same game twice

- Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how you score compared to other players by how long you're able to survive and collect cupcakes & cake pops.

- Challenge your friends to beat your score!
----------------... read more 

Mahjong Solitaire 100

Mahjong Solitaire 100
Download Mahjong Solitaire 100 on the Appstore

ShovelGames Inc.




Games, Word, Board





This app is a popular game that uses Mahjong tiles in a simple and easy to understand way.
And it is completely "FREE"

The app offers an autosave feature so that your position in the game is always saved.
You can freely stop playing "anytime" “anywhere," and pick it up where you left whenever you want!
Perfect to kill time during your commute to work or to school!

- About Mahjong Solitaire
This is a solitaire game in which the player has to follow a certain set of rules to remove Mahjong tiles that have been piled on top of each other.
The game is popular overseas under the name of "Mahjong Titans," and it is included in Windows.

- The rules are very easy!
Tap the same tile to delete them as a pair.
However, tiles with other tiles placed on their left, right, or above them cannot be deleted.
If you run out of time or get into a stalemate then it is game over.
Season tiles can be deleted together, and similarly for flower tiles.

Play it once and you will definitely become addicted to it!
Download it for free now!... read more 

Compass Free-Direction Finder

Compass Free-Direction Finder
Download Compass Free-Direction Finder on the Appstore

Aishvarya Sadasivam




Navigation, Utilities






Compass-Free is a super simple compass that is very easy to read with a huge display showing you the direction and heading.

Its simple design makes it awesome!.

Please rate us if you like it and share it with your friends!.... read more 

Icy Purple Hero: Jelly Odyssey

Icy Purple Hero: Jelly Odyssey
Download Icy Purple Hero: Jelly Odyssey on the Appstore





Games, Entertainment, Casual, Adventure





Icy Purplehead on his new journey.
Finish the biggest track.
Test your skills to jump, fly, dash and slide over the tons of obstacles.
Simple touch the display and sticky Purple head become Icy.

Here is some of the game features:

- Iphone x support
- Physics world
- Fun Music
- 30 challenging levels
- Beutiful art... read more 

Rocket:Global Super 极速 Browser

Rocket:Global Super 极速 Browser
Download Rocket:Global Super 极速 Browser on the Appstore

Ryan Paul









Rocket is a safe, fast Internet browser.
You can download it with one click, and you don't need to worry about searching for information.
Welcome to download!... read more 

Sink - Tap to Slide

Sink - Tap to Slide
Download Sink - Tap to Slide on the Appstore

Prateek Singhal




Games, Casual, Entertainment, Action





Let your stomach sink in the curved ramps of Sink.
Wrong timing can slow down or injure you.
How many ramps can you pass?

Remember that sinking feeling in your stomach when roller coaster goes down or when you go down then up on the road? That's what makes this game so satisfying.

Start playing Sink today - loved by all who play once.
With endless gameplay, you can have endless fun.

Sink features:
● Simple, Special, Awesome.
● Awesome modes to play: Classic & Pro
● You’ll want to play again & again. Keep beating your own score.
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Beat your friends & Make new records.

Best Casual Game for 2018.
All you do in Sink is tap to drop at right spot to make it slide the ramps.

Get that dopamine when your quick reflexes and smart moves are rewarded with the feeling of breaking a new record.

Take on this amazing game alone or play with friends to see who can get the top score!

Sink from Gamedope Studios is completely free to play. You can purchase remove ads if you want a cleaner game experience!

Have fun playing Sink!... read more 

Super trucker

Super trucker
Download Super trucker on the Appstore

Hakan Dede




Games, Entertainment, Racing, Simulation





One of the most addictive physics based driving game ever made!

You are about to embark on a journey where no ride has ever been before.Climb through the highest hills of the world with no respect to the laws of physics.

Drive over the rocky roads with a trailer full of cargo and try not to drop any piece of it.

-3 episodes:Building site,farm and military
-30 levels
-3 trucks
-Real physics
-Realistic driving
-Lots of cargos to carry: Rocks, stones, fruits, vegetables, bombs, dynamites, tanks and many more...

Test your driving skills with one of the best truck driving game!

We would like to hear what you like or dislike about this game.Please don’t forget to leave a moment to write a review.

Have fun!... read more 

Easy Bee

Easy Bee
Download Easy Bee on the Appstore

Super Mega Fresh Ltd




Games, Family, Entertainment, Casual





One tap addictive fun on your phone. Easy to play, difficult to master!

Get the little guy out of the hive and then back in through one for the two gaps to get a point. Keep doing it to get more points and see if you can top the leaderboard. can't.

Remember.. don't hit the hive!... read more 

Super Easy Reading 1

Super Easy Reading 1
Download Super Easy Reading 1 on the Appstore

Compass Media Co., Ltd.









Class Booster

복잡하고 지루한 온라인 영어 학습은 이제 그만!
학생들은 재밌게 모바일로 학습하고, 선생님은 간편하게 이메일로 학습결과를 확인 하세요!

1. PC 뿐 아니라 모바일 기기에서도 사용 가능
교재에 포함된 Hybrid CD를 이용해 PC에 설치하고, 학생의 스마트폰이나 테블릿 PC에도 무료앱을 설치해 언제 어디서나 학습이 가능합니다.

2. 영어 학습을 즐겁게 하는 게임화된 액티비티
학습 동기를 유발 시키도록 재미있게 설계된 다양한 액티비티들을 하다 보면 포인트가 쌓이고, 포인트가 쌓이면서 내 캐릭터와 영어 실력이 동시에 성장하게 됩니다.

3. 복잡한 LMS없이 선생님 이메일 주소만 있으면 학생 학습 확인 가능
학생 등록, 반 배정, 학습 할당 등의 복잡한 절차 없이, 학생들은 앱 설치 후 학습만 하면 됩니다. 지정된 선생님 이메일로 학습 결과가 전송 되면, 선생님은 로그인만 하면 바로 학습 결과를 확인 하실 수 있습니다.

Super Easy Reading 1

파닉스와 기본 단어를 숙지하고 있는 초보단계 학습자들을 위한 교재로, 짧고 간결한 문장과 핵심 단어가 전 단원에 걸쳐 반복됨으로써 문형을 활용,... read more 

Sneaky Giraffe - The Endless Fun & Cute Reflex Twitch Adventure

Sneaky Giraffe - The Endless Fun & Cute Reflex Twitch Adventure
Download Sneaky Giraffe - The Endless Fun & Cute Reflex Twitch Adventure on the Appstore

Raimond Kuhlman




Games, Casual, Family





Whack the Giraffe as fast as you can, but watch out! Sneaky will be back with a vengeance...

5/5 “Found this app while on the bus! 15 stops later and I'm still playin :-)”
5/5 “Love the gameplay. Crisp graphics and smooth design. Highly recommended!”
5/5 “Very cute graphics and cool game. Perfect for kids of all ages. Gonna enjoy this a lot.”
5/5 “Arrggggg…so frustrating and fun all at once. You really don’t want to put it down, you just want a great score. Don’t get outwitted by the Sneaky Giraffe!”

• Get personal. Decorate your own Sneaky with a cool hat!
• Weekly Competitions.
• Incredibly challenging Game Center Achievements.
• Game Center Leaderboards to compete with friends or the world.
• Hilarious music. Crisp graphics.

• Music Player (at 25 points)
• Thunder Fusion Cloud (at 50 points)
• Sneaky Wings (at 75 points)
• Sneaky Crown (at 100 points)

Swipe two fingers over the game title and your best recorded finger reflex will appear.

Connect with us on Facebook:

Loving Sneaky? Consider giving us a 5-star rating to encourage us!... read more 

Infinite Roads

Infinite Roads
Download Infinite Roads on the Appstore

Super Banana Games, Unipessoal, Lda.




Games, Action, Racing





Infinite Roads.

Drift and jump across an infinite multitude of roads.
Infinite Roads is a simple but hard to master arcade racer.
Can you keep your car inside the road and beat the high-score?
Challenge your friends!

There are 25 cars available to unlock.
4 different areas to master:
Country side / Snowy valley / Mountain canyon / Harsh desert

Copyright© 2017 Super Banana Games
Developed by Nerd Monkeys Ltd.... read more 


Download Spony on the Appstore

Humbi LLC




Utilities, Business





Spony is the fastest and simplest way for connecting small event owners with nearby business owners for simple sponsorship. Event owners can post sponsor request in minutes and interested sponsors can connect with them with one-click.

App Highlights

• Events can be as small as weddings, birthdays, prom, office, family, school events etc.
• Sponsor requests can be as simple as pizzas, lunches, beverages, goodies etc.  
• Sponsors can be individual, local stores, restaurants, doctors, trainers, salon etc.  
• Anyone can post their event with sponsor request  in minutes.
• Anyone can connect with the event owners in just one-click.
• Not much typing required.
• No setup, registration or prior sponsorship experience required.
• Free to post event and Free to sponsor events.

Benefits for Event Owners

• Save money by getting free or discounted products or services.
• Save time with hassle free sponsor hunt (post events in minutes).
• Sharing your event sponsor request and spreading the word out is made super easy.
• Make the events more memorable, exciting and interesting.
• Attendees might get benefits too.
• Build network with local business owners.

Benefits for Business Owners (Sponsors)

• Promote your business and increase brand awareness locally.
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HD Photo Wallpaper and Themes - iStylishTheme

HD Photo Wallpaper and Themes - iStylishTheme
Download HD Photo Wallpaper and Themes - iStylishTheme on the Appstore





Entertainment, Lifestyle





## iStylishTheme ##
We’ve got FREE RETINA Themed, Matching Wallpapers and screens for you to Transform Your Device like never before! Make your iPhone or iPod Touch look completely Awesome.

Nice and User Friendly, loads of COOL and FUNKY Themes and great easy Preview

iStylishTheme is a refreshing blast of 100′s of Themed Wallpapers and Lockscreens to make your iPhone come alive and stand out from the crowd.

It’s simple swipe feature lets you browse over 100 fantastic Themes with ease.
Stylish and Fun, just use the instant Preview to check out your selection and the great One-Tap save function sets your Screen Wallpaper.

It’s quick, it’s easy and super user friendly so what are you waiting for, treat your iPhone to an iStylishTheme make over today!


- Retina HD Professionally Designed Themed iPhone / iPod Screens
- Simple and Easy 1 Click to Save your Theme
- Save Time with Instant Screen Preview
- Super Fast Clean Interface
- Stylish and Fun... read more 

Super Flying Panda - Endless Adventure

Super Flying Panda - Endless Adventure
Download Super Flying Panda - Endless Adventure on the Appstore

Pimjana Kwanpraekaew




Games, Adventure, Casual, Entertainment





Be prepared for the new adventure! Help this panda beat all the enemies. Download and play now!... read more 

Kakuro++ Cross Sums Puzzles

Kakuro++ Cross Sums Puzzles
Download Kakuro++ Cross Sums Puzzles on the Appstore

chaviro software




Games, Puzzle, Casual, Entertainment





More than 2800 grids of the best puzzle-game available.
Kakuro (also called Kakkuro, kakro, cross sums or カックロ), is a logic game that consists of filling in a grid of numbers, in the same way as a crossword puzzle. If you enjoyed Sudoku logic, you'll love Kakuro's puzzles

As with Sudoku, the rules of Kakuro are simple and can be learned in a few minutes. All you need to do is make simple additions to put your logic to the test.
Kakuro Plus offers 14 different game levels and 200 puzzles per level: It will probably take you more than a couple of hundred hours, and a lot of logic to get these 2800 puzzles finished.

As with Sudoku or crosswords, each puzzle has a unique solution. It is up to you to find it using your logic and perspicacity.

This version of Kakuro ++ allows you :
• To access all the 2800 Kakuro puzzles.
• To begin and progress, some puzzles have been specially designed for beginners. Their small size and difficulty levels is suitable for first-time players.
• To access grids of any level. The 11 game levels provide a smooth progression, from beginner to logic expert.
• Annotate the table, to record assumptions and move forward in complicated cases.
• To go back: there is a "UNDO" button to cancel up to 100 actions. Don't be afraid to test your assumptions anymore.
• To enjoy high definition graphics for maximum readability.

If you get addicted to this game, you can add new puzzles of... read more 

Super Solitaire 21 to Zero

Super Solitaire 21 to Zero
Download Super Solitaire 21 to Zero on the Appstore

Dusan Lilic




Games, Casual, Entertainment, Card





The Super Solitaire card games is a different approach to the classic solitaire games, this game will trains your brain with super solitaire experience. It is an offline game which you can play solitaire on anytime and anywhere.

You must stay between 0 and 21. It's not easy!Level duration is 30 seconds so you must think fast or use a superpowers. There are 2 modes of the game one normal and insane mode where cards are shuffled every 5 seconds. It's not easy but it's very fun.... read more 

Free Flying Squirrel!

Free Flying Squirrel!
Download Free Flying Squirrel! on the Appstore

NetSummit Enterprises, Inc.




Games, Casual





Nutty the Flying Squirrel is soaring through the sky and needs you to help him out!

Free Flying Squirrel is a FREE, simple and addicting game that's fun for all ages. Help Nutty (or his sister Cheeky!) collect acorns and avoid the hawks, kites and meteorites that are trying to knock him out of the sky!

How long can you fly through the sky? Think you got what it takes to rack up those acorns? The game will start moving faster and faster, so watch out for those obstacles!

Collect enough acorns and you can unlock additional characters for even more fun!

*** FEATURES ***

* Incredible endless gameplay means a new game every time
* Collect acorns to unlock more characters
* Simple game controls good for both kids and adults
* Amazing graphics
* Game Center enabled
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Download Free Flying Squirrel right now while it's 100% FREE!... read more 

Floral Blast

Floral Blast
Download Floral Blast on the Appstore

27 Pixels Media Inc.




Games, Puzzle, Casual





Smell the freshness in the air as you play our new Match 3 flower puzzle game!
Match and collect flowers, get bees with honey and explore the floral wonderland! Simple and fun to play but a challenging to master!
Floral Blast Features:
Enjoy a hundred of level with various game modes and difficulties!
- 11 Unique map sections with 200+ levels to enjoy.
- Match 3 games filled flowers, bouquets, butterflies, bees and honey!
- Get a break from busy reality and enjoy this spring adventure!
- 4 Boosters to help you with gameplay.
- Ability to start a level with help items.

How to play Floral Blast:

Switch and blast 3 or more same color flowers
Blast 4 identical flowers in a line to create a striped flower
Match a striped flower with same colors to blast entire row/column
Blast 5 flowers in T or L shape to create a bouquet
Connect a bouquet in a line with 2 or more of the same colors to get a petal blast
Match 5 flowers in a line to create a butterfly
Switch a butterfly with any flower and all of those flowers will be blasted
Switch a butterfly with special items to get huge blasts

More exciting levels coming soon...... read more 
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