WAKEorDONATE Free AlarmClock. Sleep in for Charity

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WAKEorDONATE Free AlarmClock. Sleep in for Charity

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An essentials sleep app.
"An alarm clock app to help you wake up on time."

WAKEorDONATE is a free alarm clock app that helps you wake up on time by making you donate money to your nominated charity each time you press the snooze button and fail to get up on time.
It is an easy to use charity alarm clock that brings giving into your daily routine - if you aren't productive in the morning!

What if sleeping in for that extra five minutes could punish you, but reward others?
If you had to pay to press the button, would you snooze everyday?

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to donate within our app if you do not want to; you will accumulate a balance that you are advised to donate to your charity choice.
Money will be added to your balance upon each press of the snooze button and you can choose to donate your balance whenever you have a spare moment.

The app creates a consequence for pressing snooze. An original alarm clock contains no such punishment for snoozing; this is an unaddressed issue. A study has found that an average of 590,000 UK workers show up late every day - 14%, of which, have snoozed their alarm system. Staff arriving late to work costs the UK £9 billion a year!

The snooze button is pressed far too frequently, the ‘alarming community’ are not productive enough, there are 24 hours in a day - we should all seize them. This is a great app if you're looking to improve your productivity.

When a snooze is really necessary it should at least be worthwhile - both for you and your chosen charity. If you can sleep in comfort, make sure others can too!

Over time, the app will negatively reinforce sleeping in (as your monetary supplies fall), but on the other hand, you could save somebody’s life before you have even got out of bed.

The value of your snooze is customisable from 50p (50c...) to £10 ($10...) and can be directed to a wide range of charities. Each donation transaction is handled securely by Stripe (www.stripe.com): by this unfortunately each transaction incurs a 2.6% + 20p fee (www.stripe.com/pricing) so it is best to clump your snooze donations together.

Your snooze donation should be directed to a charity that you care about. If your ideal charity choice is not on the app then you can make a charity suggestion and we will do our best to get in contact with your charity choice the very same day. You can also email your suggestion to us at [email protected]

The app also includes many additional features to accompany its snooze donation function:
- We have a wide range of registered charities that you can choose to donate to
- Alarm tones can be set to any song within your iTunes library (there is also a default ringtone option)
- The app will manually help you to monitor your sleep statistics: it will calculate the time you have rested and will keep notes on your bed time and wake time
- The app features an array of sleep related quotes and tips
- The app can be linked to your social media profiles: you can share your charity info and use your social media profiles to log into the app
- You can name alarms
+ Your snooze button is customisable. WAKEorDONATE offers a choice of interactive snooze buttons and creative graphic buttons.
+ You can set day specific alarms. This means that, for example, you can set an alarm for next Tuesday's early morning meeting and ensure you wake up on time.

[- = standard app feature]
[+ = in App purchase feature]

If you have any other queries before downloading our app please contact [email protected]

With a simple alarm interface and secure payment system this app is perfect to increase charitable giving and productivity. Users are under no subscription to pay daily, weekly, or anything like that, money is only taken when the ’donate now’ button is pressed.

Snooze you lose.

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We have changed our App Store description, added App Preview videos and made a few minor graphic edits within our app.

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