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Dragon in a Flap- A Magical Adventure!

Dragon in a Flap- A Magical Adventure!
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Natalie Clarke




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"My name is Ben and I am 9 years old. With my mother’s help I have created this app for you to play. I hope that you enjoy it!"

Mother dragon is in a “flap!”. She has lost her little hatching who is in a dragon’s lair, somewhere in a magical land. The only clue to where he is, is a trail of jewels!

Fortunately, you and mother dragon are here to save the day in Dragon in a flap!

Dragon in a flap is a tap-to-play app game with a fun, fantasy theme that is sure to delight players of all ages. Help mother dragon travel through various landscapes to collect the jewels that belong in the dragon’s lair. If you purchase the full version of the game and collect them all, you'll find the hatchling. As you play, you'll rack up points and earn achievements. You can share your score on social media and see if you can beat your friends.

With Dragon in a flap, you get to magical fantasy land without ever leaving home. The game allows you to explore 12 different lands, enjoy beautiful graphics and discover some fun, friendly creatures. You can visit different surprise destinations, giving you a new experience every time you play. Just achieve over 100 points (if purchased) to be able to tap a different door and see what place you'll explore!

Dragon in a flap is an addictive, entertaining game that the whole family can play. The game is challenging, yet simple to play and sure to provide hours of entertainment throughout the holiday... read more 

My Fairy Town - Magic Games

My Fairy Town - Magic Games
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IDZ Digital Private Limited




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Do you love fairy games? Then this Magical Fairy Kingdom is perfect for you. In this Magical Town, you can explore the enchanted city filled with wizards, witches, fairies, elf, and many more wacky characters. Create your own magical story and show off your creativity!

What can you do in this Magical Town?
* Touch, interact and play with hundreds of unique magical artifacts. You might even end up discovering some hidden surprises!
* Explore the rooms of all your magical friends! What lies inside the Wizard's cupboard? Which ingredients go inside the Witch's cauldron? Find out in these fairy games!

Features of Magical Town:
* In this fairyland, you get loads of fairy characters, wizards, witches and more.
* Live in this enchanted world filled with locations like Fairy home, Witch's cottage, Magical forest, Dungeon, Wizard's room, Fairy's Wardrobe room, Garden, Village, Restaurant and more!
* Completely safe to play! We always keep our pretend play apps totally kid-safe.
* No internet connection required. Play Offline. Perfect to stay engaged for a long time.

If you love these fairy games, you will love our other pretend play games too! DOWNLOAD this app as well as the others now!... read more 

Epic Battle of the Forest Fortress

Epic Battle of the Forest Fortress
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Dartfrog, llc




Games, Adventure





Join our Heroes Oberon & Garuda in this epic battle for the Aelfdene forest fortress. The evil Crow warriors of Naga are commanded by Iago and are set on nothing less than our complete destruction.

You, young Oberon, must mount Garuda and muster the courage to protect the goodness in our forest kingdom and drive Iago and the evil Naga warriors out of Aelfdene.... read more 

Epic Troops War: Battle Simulator

Epic Troops War: Battle Simulator
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Tayga Games OOO




Games, Strategy





Become the best army leader ever playing Epic Troops War: Battle Simulator! Improve your tactics and strategy skills controlling the mightiest army in the cubic medieval world full of different fantastical creatures and be really wise commander!
Control your favorite race’s army, make a clear placement of your troops and rush into this epic battle! This world is full of wizards and fantastical creatures, but don’t be afraid of them – your army is really powerful, and you also have sorcerer units! Improve not only your warriors’ skills, but also your magical spells! Your mission is to stop your rivals’ army with the minimum of your own losses!
Which side would you prefer? Would it be strong and brutal orks, brave human beings, dexterous elves or sneaky undeads? This choice is up to you! Remember that every race has its own characteristically features, so choose wisely, think ahead and think over your strategy – the moment is precious! Mind your army indicators not to lose anyone and have fun playing Epic Troops War: Battle Simulator!
Earn coins for each successfully passed battle and buy new interesting units, magical spells or other power-ups for your super army! Check two game modes: campaign mode, where you should complete missions with rising difficulty levels and defeat every army of your rivals; and skirmish mode, where you are going to control two different armies during all fight and watch... read more 

The Vast Land TL

The Vast Land TL
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杰 杨









The super cute game is here, open the door of adventure, and you will find that the world is so different.
Countless cute animals surround you, singing and dancing for you;
A magical forest full of mystery but surprises is waiting for you to explore;
All in all, open the door of the mysterious world, and you can have this mysterious world.

If you have any questions, please contact me: [email protected]... read more 
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