Christmas greetings cards

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Christmas greetings cards

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When one of the most wonderful holidays in a year is knocking at your door and all preparations have been done it’s just the time to start greet your friends and ones you love. And with a cute easy-to-use application "Christmas cards free" (which you can get absolutely for free) you will became a real Christmas wizard. Using this app you can create magic eCards, send original greetings, make people smile and feeling happy.

This eCards editor provides you with dozens of Christmas and New Year themed photos and images. Everyone can find something what appeals to the taste in its Gallery. There are pics with Santa, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, balls and garlands, Bengal fires, funny kittens in Christmas socks and etc.

After you’ve chosen a picture you can put desirable greeting text on it. You can dress your greeting text with extraordinary font, custom size, color, and alignment, adding shadow, transparency and 3D effects.

—-New Features-—
* copy any images from all over the world and paste them over cards;
* preservation of initial quality of images and of scaled text.

"Christmas cards free" has a very handy UI which is a real cherry on the cake! Because you don’t need ages to understand how it works. This eCards maker allows you to create masterpieces in a blink of an eye.

Since you’ve created a new eCard it can be sent via all available methods and services.

This application includes only Christmas and New Year images Gallery. But it’s for free and that’s why it contains some ads.

If you want wider choice and don’t want to be annoyed by ads then you should get the full-functional version of the app - "iSmartMMS".

Release Notes

Happy talking!
We made some improvements:
- Fixed minor bugs.

Anything is not ideal? Our team want to fix it right now.
Drop us a message at [email protected] to trigger enthusiastic ideas of how to design it.

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