iMystic - The Personal Fortune Teller

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iMystic - The Personal Fortune Teller

Fragranze Apps Limited

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This is the app you have all been waiting for...
...Well you will wait no more!

Using it's mystic database, iMystic will be able to offer you words of wisdom, encouragement, happiness and offer a fresh daily outlook for your lifestyle.

With the potential of a number 1 worldwide hit, this app is a must for those who like to read fortunes, without the taste of those bland cookies!

Not to mention, no mess from wrappers and crumbs!

Featuring over 280 unique responses!*
The ability to email your fortune to anyone via built-in email feature!
Post your Fortune to Twitter!

So what are you waiting for?

...It is time to try, iMystic.

* Lite version has 35 fortunes, upgradeable to 300+ fortunes via in-app purchase.

"This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Fortune Teller functionality."

Release Notes

Added 64-Bit Compatibility for the latest iOS

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BaldFaced - The Bald Head Photo Booth

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BaldFaced - Turn yourself Bald using your iPhone or iPad and see what you look like!

Watch - as your photograph transforms you into a Bald face!
Take your own photos or choose from your existing photo library - the choice is yours!

Why not share your photographs using the inbuilt Facebook, Twitter & Email function! Or save them to show your friends via Picture Text Messaging!

Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy BaldFaced!

Remember... Wigs are optional!...
Photo Collage Maker - Create Cool Picture Combining Frame Designs
Photo Collage Maker - Create Cool Picture Combining Frame Designs

CAD : Free

Create great photo images and collages using your existing photographs or take new ones!

Multiple Pictures within One Image? You Choose!

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Featuring full iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch compatibility as well as full Screen iPhone 5 Compatibility!


~ 70 Different frames to choose from* (17 Upgradeable to 70 via In-App Purchase!)

~ Use existing photographs from your library or take new ones!

~ Built in MEME Generator!

~ Add Text!

~ Add & Change Color!

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GeekFaced - The Geek & Nerd Photo FX Face Booth

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Behold...The GeekFaced Booth!

The app that lets you transform your face into a choice of 50* different Geek Faces!

Featuring iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch compatibility, this app is an essential part of your collection! 

~ Easy to use! 

~ 50 Different FX*

~ Share to Facebook, Twitter, Save to Camera Roll & Email! 

~ Rotate by using multi-finger gestures!

~ Adjust FX on-the-fly! Simply press the FX button to change FX without needing to take another photograph! 

Get Your Geek On! With GeekFaced!

Note - This application is intended for application purposes only - we are not responsible for the laughter that it may provide!

Another Note * - 24 Masks are included FREE to use in this app! Upgrade-able to 50 masks via In-App Upgrade!...
Brace Yourself - Braces Maker
Brace Yourself - Braces Maker

CAD : Free

Fragranze Apps are proud to present the Original, Classic Version of 'Brace Yourself'
Aka 'Brace Yourself - Classic Edition'

Brace yourself is a way to see yourself with Braces on using your iPhone & iPad.

Featuring up to 30* different sets of Braces to try why not see how fun this app can be!

Need more than one set of Braces? No problem! Great for photographs with multiple people in, as you can add more Braces to the photos, so no one need feel left out! If there are 5 of you in the photograph, simply add 5 sets of Braces!

Why not then share your photos on Facebook or Twitter? Save them to your device or even Email them! No problem using the built in share facility in this app!

Also Featuring;

~ Easy to use UI

~ Universal App - Compatible with iPhone,iPad!

It's certainly an app to get your teeth into!

* Brace yourself comes with 12 sets of braces to use, upgrade-able to 30 via in-app purchase.

- We had many loyal fans of the original app who preferred the 'Classic version' instead of our sequel 'Brace Yourself 2' so we have released this classic version to please our loyal customers! Thank you and enjoy!...
InYourFace - Multiple Face Clone Merge Swap Booth
InYourFace - Multiple Face Clone Merge Swap Booth

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We have all seen apps that swap faces... But InYourFace does something else...It puts ONE face across EVERYONE!

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A pic with all your friends, why not see what they look like with different faces or your own face!

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~ Detects Faces Automatically!

~ Universal App - Compatible With iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!...

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