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onX Hunt: GPS Tracking Tools

onX Hunt: GPS Tracking Tools
Download onX Hunt: GPS Tracking Tools on the Appstore

onXmaps, Inc.




Navigation, Sports





onX Hunt has been featured in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and American Hunter as the best hunting app, hiking app, and GPS app for any outdoorsman or hunter. Used by millions of US hunters.

Know where you stand with onX Hunt. Use onX Hunt as a fully functioning free GPS on your phone. Turn your phone into the best free hunting app with location tracking GPS for hunting and more!


• Web Map for scouting at home and syncing data to your mobile. Web Hunting Map:
• Aerial view maps with GPS Navigation
• The onX Hunt App is a hunting GPS with tracks & custom waypoints: mark waypoints with icons to navigate back to your vehicle, camp, or hunt stand
• Easily measure distances between treestands hunt stands and blinds
• Mark Custom Waypoints: Camp, Truck, Trail Cam, Deer, Elk, etc.
• Measure acreage with the Shape Tool to easily measure food plots
• Track the distance, duration, and speed of your hunt with our GPS Hunting Tracker


Turns your phone into the best GPS for outdoor GPS functionality by using the GPS tracker built into your phone, or tablet, to display your location on the map. Cellular network coverage is NOT needed for GPS functions including tracking, setting waypoints, and more.

▶ onX PREMIUM and ELITE Memberships

Not necessary for Canada. Paid subscriptions include U.S. public and private land... read more 

Compass 55. Map & GPS kit.

Compass 55. Map & GPS kit.
Download Compass 55. Map & GPS kit. on the Appstore

Kalimex-Consulting s.r.o.




Navigation, Utilities





All-in-one assistant with a map, compass, GPS coordinates to view and share in 6 formats, altitude, distance, sunset/sunrise, speedometer with top and average speed, navigator to your target or along the route and a whole lot more!

+ Advanced target/waypoint editor. Can be also used as a coordinates converter. You can use map to check or set waypoint location and add photo or audio note.
+ Share your location via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. This includes UTM, MGRS and Latitude/Longitude (MENU>Share my location).
+ You can use UTM, MGRS or Lat/Long, just pick your preference in settings (Coordinate Format).
+ Speedometer. Shows you the speed and pace. Speedometer also gives you options to control average and max speed and pace counters (MENU > RESET and PAUSE/RESUME counters).
+ Compass. Instant reaction compass, no delays. Automatically pickups the direction based on magnetic or GPS course. If you mostly walk or drive, you can change this automatic mode in app settings > Compass or GPS course. NATO mils? Same place in settings to set.
+ Magnetic declination δ for the current location and any location on the map (via World Magnetic Model, WMM, no need for data/internet).
+ Sunset and sunrise. So you can plan your travel better.
+ Arrow pointing to your target waypoint. Distance and bearing to it.
+ Create/measure routes and areas.
+ Barometric Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI, IVSI) in... read more 

map measure planimeter : land area and distance

map measure planimeter : land area and distance
Download map measure planimeter : land area and distance on the Appstore

Kittidech Vongsak




Productivity, Navigation





You can measure the distance and areas many points on the map.
Just click on the map to add different points - maps Measure will then calculate the distance and area.

You may be an architect, a sports enthusiast or a geography hobbyist. It doesn’t matter why you have a keen interest in accurate distances, it just matters that you have the tools to satisfy your need to know them.

The app measures any distance, route, or area you want, over Maps. Want to calculate your drive on the golf course, or maybe find out the distance of that marathon you’re thinking of entering? Go ahead. Need to know the size of a parcel of arable land for your company? You can do that, too.

• Measure distances and areas
• Imperial & metric units
• Map, hybrid-satellite & terrain view
• Attractive, smooth, easy navigation and use
• For iPhone and iPad
• Retina display... read more 

Hunting Points: GPS Hunt Maps

Hunting Points: GPS Hunt Maps
Download Hunting Points: GPS Hunt Maps on the Appstore

Fishing Points d.o.o.




Navigation, Sports





Hunting Points app is suitable for every hunter and outdoorsman. This hunting app enables you to save and find your favourite hunting locations and areas. Recording tracks, trails and marking points on the way has never been so easy.

Get easy access to land boundaries and property lines across United States. You can also check landowner name and address information as well as other available parcel data and acreage.

Create a trophy room and save the details of every catch (photos, weight, species). Weather and solunar information are added automatically.

• View private and public land boundaries and property lines
• Search for landowner name and other parcel data

• Save hunting locations, hotspots, waypoints
• Record tracks
• Draw tracks, trails and hunting areas
• Find saved locations with GPS navigation system
• Measure distances and areas

• Offline maps with terrain, satellite, topo and night mode for use when you are out of internet coverage

• Current weather conditions and hourly forecast
• Wind forecast
• Severe weather alerts

• Hourly deer activity forecast
• Feeding times (major and minor times)
• Hunting times

• Sunrise and sunset times
• Sun positions
• Moonrise and moonset times
• Moon positions
• Moon... read more 

Planimeter — Measure Land Area

Planimeter — Measure Land Area
Download Planimeter — Measure Land Area on the Appstore

Core Signals LLC




Productivity, Navigation





Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps.

Measure your outdoor projects - lawns, fences, paving, or anything else visible on the satellite map. Quickly measure lot sizes and buildings. Contractors can easily measure landscaping, paving, asphalt, flat roofs and more.

Measure fields, circular regions, paths and perimeters. Add markers to pinpoint locations.

“Planimeter is the essential distance mapping app.” —, Distance Mapping AppGuide

Planimeter supports imperial and metric units.... read more 

Measure distance on map. Land

Measure distance on map. Land
Download Measure distance on map. Land on the Appstore

Andrey Rozhkov




Navigation, Utilities





Measure length of anything on map, even if there is no routes or ground.
If you want to measure your route without roads - this is that you need!
Measure roads, buildings or lands from the bird's eye view.
Tap to map to add route points - get accurate calculations of distance.

How to use:
● Find a route you are interested in on the map.
● Tap along the route.
● Get accurate distance.

Thank you for download. If you like the app please rate it in store!

If in-app purchases make you angry - don't download. Free version limited to 5 route points per one route. Fully useful for short routes.

Disclaimer: any data, calculated by this program is relative, for accurate data considering local laws address the local geodesic services.... read more 

Mapulator - Map Measure

Mapulator - Map Measure
Download Mapulator - Map Measure on the Appstore





Navigation, Utilities





Measure Map Area and Distance on Google Maps ™ and Apple Maps


• Calculate the area of a land or city etc.
• Calculate the distance of aerial routes.
• Very useful for civil engineering works.
• High performance and accurate measurements.
• Very intuitive user interface.
• Plan your trek/hiking routes
• Civil Engineering
• Altimeter


• Measure using Pin, Circle or Drawing options.
• Pick stroke and fill color.
• 100% accurate measurements.
• Select different metric units.
• Live Drawing : Calculate as you draw.
• Multiple Map Types.
• Search location using address or zip code or city.
• Undo/Redo functionality.
• Share your measurement as a KML file with friends.... read more 


Download Spyglass on the Appstore

Pavel Ahafonau




Navigation, Utilities





Spyglass is an essential offline GPS app for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as binoculars, heads-up display, hi-tech compass with offline maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and camera. It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps and using real-time augmented reality displays detailed GPS info, measures distances, sizes, angles, and does a lot more.


Accuracy improvement techniques, special compass modes and calibration methods available in Spyglass only make it a real instrument – the most advanced and accurate digital compass.


Spyglass operates in 3D and uses augmented reality to show real-time object positions, info and directions to them overlaid over camera or maps.

Save current position, add points from maps, manually enter location coordinates and bearings, add stars by hand or use a built-in star catalogue.

Find saved places and objects later simply by following directional arrows.

Spyglass tracks multiple targets simultaneously and shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth, elevation and estimated time of arrival.

Copy, paste and share locations,... read more 


Download Theodolite on the Appstore

Craig Hunter




Navigation, Photo & Video





Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, nav calculator, and geo-overlay photo/movie camera into one indispensable app. Theodolite was one of the very first augmented reality (AR) apps when it was released in 2009, and it’s been downloaded and used by millions of customers since then. Uses are endless, and the app is great for land measurements, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around. Theodolite is a pro grade app and is used extensively by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Theodolite lets you take data-overlay photos and movies with 2X-8X zoom. Overlay geographical data, angle markings, date/time, author/company info, and project notes directly on photos and movies for later reference. The same data is written into the metadata record of images, making image files self-contained data records. Third-party apps can tap into Theodolite's advanced camera functions with a camera sharing feature.

View current position on the built-in map with optional offline Outdoors maps that include topo contours, roads, trails, landmarks, campgrounds, ski lifts, and more. Live map markers continually update distance/heading relative to the current location and also show... read more 

Route Planner — Map Directions

Route Planner — Map Directions
Download Route Planner — Map Directions on the Appstore

Everyday Tools OOO




Navigation, Utilities





Route Planner helps to create and share routes. Just enter the destination to get the optimized directions. You can share the route and see the location of the users, who have joined it. The app would be useful for tracking family members location or travelling with friends.

- Map with detailed information
View your location and the location of other users

- Convenient interface
Enter the address or select the point on the map

- Various opportunities
Share, join and track routes... read more 

Map Calculator tool

Map Calculator tool
Download Map Calculator tool on the Appstore

Dima Bart




Utilities, Navigation





***No In-App purchases, no hidden costs! One price, all features, free regular updates, for life.***

Whether you need to measure distance from point A to point B, compose complex distance paths or simply measure an area of a soccer field, Map Calculator will help you do that and much more with just a few simple taps.

Map Calculator is very flexible. Use the center pin as the guide to compose your path on the map by adding and subtracting anchor points, the total distance (or area, if that mode is selected) is automatically updated. Save the path for future reference just by tapping the check mark and giving it a name. When saved, an offline map image is automatically generated (if internet connection is available) that can be accessed without internet connectivity later on.

You can also customize your paths visually. Choose from 5 different colours and line thicknesses. With some people being color blind, there's a color in there for everyone.

Perfect for:
- distance measurement for golf
- flight distances for pilots
- measuring distances on the water (boating)
- land surveying
- must have for any travel enthusiasts
- finding co-ordinates of a point on the map

- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Black
- White

The following measurement units are available:
- Meters & Kilometers (Metric)
- Feet & Miles (imperial)
- Yards
- Fathoms, Cables & Nautical Miles
- Links, Rods, Chains
- Acres for area... read more 

Planimeter 55. Measure on map.

Planimeter 55. Measure on map.
Download Planimeter 55. Measure on map. on the Appstore

Kalimex-Consulting s.r.o.




Navigation, Utilities





Measure distance, perimeter and area on a map. Add stand alone points to understand better what is where on a map. Capture photos stamped with location, direction, altitude and time. Share and export your projects.

Planimeter app will be useful for measuring construction sites, roofs, lawns, fences, paving, pools, parking lots, fields and paths. Or even for just putting stand alone points on a map.

Where this planimeter app stands out?

- Precise control of the planned/measured area. As you move a map, the app will show you what area/distance is going to be and what would be the size of adjacent lines. Even before you add a new point.

- Native Google maps support adds extra zoom-in ability for satellite and hybrid maps.

- Every point can have its own color and have text, audio and image attached.

- You can move point directly on a main map screen (tap on a point and pick Move option) or in the dedicated point editor screen. Again, before you confirm the move you know perfectly what the resulting area/perimeter/distance will be.

- You can hide/show shapes and point collections. This way you can focus only on what is important for the current project.

- Flexible units of measurement allow you to configure when display of feet or meters changes to miles and kilometers. Same for area units.

- Custom url, offline and import maps. Apple maps and Google maps are built into the app. And then, you can add other maps.... read more 

Land Distance Area Calculator

Land Distance Area Calculator
Download Land Distance Area Calculator on the Appstore

Nalin Savaliya




Navigation, Productivity





Land Distance Area Calculator is useful to calculate GPS area or GPS distance with great accuracy.

Amazing user interaction experience and also you can delete the markers with a tap on it if it is placed at the wrong place.

With Land Distance Area Calculator you can also save the Distance and Areas.


- Fast area/distance Mapping.
- Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement.
- Measurement Saving and editing
- Measurement Unit Changing Availability.
- Normal, Satellite, and Hybrid modes... read more 

Land Nav Assistant

Land Nav Assistant
Download Land Nav Assistant on the Appstore

William Gammon









Land Nav Assistant accepts MGRS (Military Grid) or Latitude / Longitude coordinates and visually navigates you to each point.

This app was designed with Army, Marine, and other military personnel in mind. Use it to correct your Land Nav technique by analyzing your pace count and tendency to veer left and right.

Available Input: 8 digit MGRS, 10 digit MGRS, Lat/Lon decimal, Lat/Lon dms, and map input.

Angles: degrees or mils
Distance: meters/km or feet/miles
Speed: kph or mph

Use the simple arrow interface or map to direct you to your locations. Your distance, direction, speed, and bearing are shown as you navigate.

Long-tap anywhere on the map to get the coordinate for that location. Easily add locations via the Map interface.

Plan your course by ordering points, or use the course optimization tool which will help you calculate the shortest path possible!

Get distance/direction between two points by tapping the path drawn between them.

Satellite, Terrain, Road, and basic Topographic maps show you, your locations, and lets you enter in new ones.

Overlay a 1000m or 100m MGRS grid anywhere on the map.

Displays distance/direction from your currentl location to all points, or between any two points.

Download your Locations as a spreadsheet to save anywhere, or to share with anyone you choose.

Import a large set of locations via the web import utility, available at:... read more 

Tours & Travel

Tours & Travel
Download Tours & Travel on the Appstore

eTips LTD




Travel, Navigation





Planning your trip is simpler than ever.

With Tours & Travel you will get:

- +5,000 FREE Travel Guides
- Street Maps
- Public Transportation Maps
- Daily itineraries for top destinations worldwide
- Tours and activities around you
- Augmented Reality to see whats near you
- Local recommendations
- Real activities trusted reviews

This is just a small sample of the free travel guides that we cover worldwide:

North America: New York City, Chicago, Charleston, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New Orleans, Palm Springs, St Louis, Sedona, Honolulu, Miami, Branson, Boston, Savannah, Orlando, Portland, Lahaina, Saint Augustine, Nashville, San Antonio, Austin, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puebla.

Caribbean: Cuba, Havana, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, St Lucia, Barbados, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama City, Costa Rica.

South America: Bogota, Caracas, Quito, Lima, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Santiago de Chile, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Buenos Aires, Salta, Patagonia Argentina, Cordoba, Bariloche, Mendoza, Cordoba.

Europe: Alicante, Amalfi Coast, Amsterdam,... read more 

Landgrid Map & Survey Property

Landgrid Map & Survey Property
Download Landgrid Map & Survey Property on the Appstore

Loveland Technologies, LLC




Navigation, Education





Fly over the Landgrid map and view ownership, tax, and property data for over 142 Million parcels nationwide.

Conducting a neighborhood wide, city-wide, or state-wide survey?

Put the Landgrid app in your surveyors hands and you can throw out your paper forms and spreadsheets. Your surveyor’s photos will be captured along with their multi-choice and open-ended responses for easy review all on one map through the Landgrid web app.

Mapping and surveying your city has never been easier.... read more 

OilTrails Unlimited

OilTrails Unlimited
Download OilTrails Unlimited on the Appstore

Ash Point Ltd.




Navigation, Weather





This app is the one time purchase version of OilTrails, no subscription required. All the same features, unlimited use.

Get turn by turn directions to any LSD in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba with this simple to use app.

Find location, get turn-by-turn directions, AS WELL AS view well data, weather forecasts, drop pins to see location name, and share well info and location with OilTrails. The only app that combines all these features with a simple yet powerful interface.

This multifunctional lease locator app makes getting to work in Western Canada a breeze. Simply enter the legal land description to view the surface location OR drop a pin on the map to view LSD and well info (if vertical). The location can be opened in Apple or Google maps for turn by turn navigation. Change the origin location to see step-by-step directions to location from the nearest town, useful for putting together ERPs or provide visitors directions.

No cell service? No problem. As long as turn by turn navigation is started before service is lost, the directions will continue to function so you don't have to worry about being stranded half way to location.

Enter downhole location and view well information such as the operating company, depth, drill date, current status, downhole fluid, formation of wells on record in Alberta.

See the current, future AND past weather specific to the location entered. Wondering if the... read more 

Measure IT on Map

Measure IT on Map
Download Measure IT on Map on the Appstore





Navigation, Productivity





Measure Distances & Areas on maps!

This app is perfect for measuring any size lengths and area perimeters irrespective of directions and positions on map.

Draw a geometric figure of the object you want to measure and get instant calculation figures. Draw a line if you want to determine distance from any two or multiple points, or draw a polygon to determine area and perimeter.

Features of Map:

Tap on the map to get a marker or continue tapping to get more markers.
Click on the marker to move position, edit or delete one.
Option to enable stop/scrolling map.
You can hide/show distance labels between markers.
5 - different units of measuring distances and areas.
4 interactive Map Modes for comfortable measure.
Switch between Areas/Length measures without loss of data.
Copy and paste the result values into another location/program.
Email drawn image with measurements as attachment.
Intuitive compass helps determine direction of measurement objects.

This map is perfect for both personal and professional uses, also a much easier and accurate tool on your devices.... read more 

Terrain Navigator Pro

Terrain Navigator Pro
Download Terrain Navigator Pro on the Appstore

Trimble Inc.




Productivity, Utilities





Terrain Navigator Pro provides an affordable and simple solution for professionals to collect and seamlessly transmit data from the field to the office. Use the TNP mobile app to map, find, collect, and share field data. Then, with a mobile connection, instantly share field data with the TNP desktop software to analyze GPS and GIS data at the office.
TNP serves a professional market, including search and rescue teams, law enforcement, foresters, surveyors, the oil and gas industry, and land managers. This mobile app is ideal for entry-level GIS applications and enables professionals to use the smartphone in their pocket instead of a consumer-grade GPS device.

To activate this app, users need a licensed copy of the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software version 9.2 or later.

To learn more about TNP, visit the Terrain Navigator Website at

The TNP mobile app uses the GPS built into the iPhone, so professionals can collect field data in areas without a cellular or data signal. In addition, users can download and store topographic, aerial, and street maps onto the phone for offline use and data display. Your data is stored on your iPhone, so there’s no need to have a network connection.

Got a Wi-Fi or data connection? Share your data in near real-time with colleagues at the office to streamline... read more 

Map Measure - Draw Area & Line

Map Measure - Draw Area & Line
Download Map Measure - Draw Area & Line on the Appstore

Shine George




Navigation, Education





Map Measure is a simple and easy to use measuring tool for distances and areas based on Map geographical locations.

Draw and Email drawings as KML file.

Measure areas and lengths/distances in any desired units that can be preset in map settings.

Draw points, polygon, polyline and Share images with measurement information.

Useful for Real Estate plotting and general purposes for everyone to know their property areas.

Measures areas of any irregular polygons and measures accurate output.... read more 

Scout To Hunt: Offline GPS Map

Scout To Hunt: Offline GPS Map
Download Scout To Hunt: Offline GPS Map on the Appstore

Darren Labrum




Navigation, Sports





Uncomplicated and effortless GPS mapping geared for the western hunt. With the Scout To Hunt app the essential map tools you depend on are free forever.

We understand the need to have offline GPS mapping for your success, as well as ours, out in the field. For this very reason, we have taken meaningful steps to provide you with free full access to the essential mapping tools that you expect - without restriction.

Scout To Hunt’s vision extends far beyond offline mapping and tools. We look forward to that vision becoming a reality for the Scout To Hunt Mobile and Web app in the near future. Potential is yours to create. We’re here to Elevate Your Instincts™.

Scout To Hunt has taken a specialized approach in solely focusing on the Western US. This approach allows us to provide phenomenal detail, insightful content, and enhanced performance in a seamless and straightforward experience for you. We currently specialize in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah.


▶ Hunt Ready™ Boundless Offline GPS Maps

• Save full-resolution maps for offline use without any size constraints

• Living Map Automation - Hunt Ready offline maps autonomously stay up-to-date to maintain reliability and accuracy, even after they’ve been saved.

• One offline map for all your off-grid pursuits that you’ll only need to download... read more 

WhiteStar Wizard

WhiteStar Wizard
Download WhiteStar Wizard on the Appstore

The WhiteStar Corporation









WhiteStar Wizard gives you top-quality WhiteStar survey grid and oil and gas data on your mobile device. Find corners or check distances and acreages in the field or at your desk—from your current location or anywhere in the continental US with the drop of a pin.

Access land survey and basic oil and gas well attributes plus view coordinates in NAD83 lat/long and your choice of EPSG coordinate systems.

Tap your way through the simple location-aware map interface to use township/range, Texas abstracts, lots and tracts polygons, well spots and more premium WhiteStar spatial data.... read more 


Download MNsight on the Appstore

Regents of the University of Minnesota




Navigation, Education





Tap anywhere on the map within Minnesota to get information about the soil, glacial geology, depth of the bedrock below the land's surface, and the types and ages of the bedrock in that location. Press the 'below me now' button to instantly get the above information about your current GPS determined location.... read more 

Vicmap Viewer

Vicmap Viewer
Download Vicmap Viewer on the Appstore

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning




Navigation, Travel






Easily discover, purchase and download more than 10,000 topographic maps over Victoria on your mobile device. Vicmap Viewer brings together authoritative government data in an easy-to-access mobile mapping app.

• Vicmap Viewer can be used by emergency services, and for a range of recreational activities including bushwalking, cycling, and four-wheel driving.
• The app makes it convenient to download topographic maps on your mobile device, then view offline, providing users access to topographic maps anywhere, anytime.


Maps are available in four different scales:
• 1:25,000: perfect for bushwalking, cycling and fossicking
• 1:30,000: shows same information as the 1:25,000, but suited to A3 or A4 home printing
• 1:50,000: perfect for four-wheel driving, bush walking and camping
• 1:100,000: perfect for long distance cycling, car touring and day trips.


Vicmap topographic maps depict natural and constructed features including rivers, walking tracks, park boundaries, contours, monuments and emergency services facilities. Detailed information is displayed using easy to read standard cartographic symbology


Vicmap Viewer enables you to:
• easily access Vicmap topographic maps from your mobile device or tablet
• search and... read more 

French Southern and Antarctic Lands Offline Map

French Southern and Antarctic Lands Offline Map
Download French Southern and Antarctic Lands Offline Map on the Appstore





Travel, Navigation





100% OFFLINE - Your detailed Map for reach everywhere. Save much money in Roaming cost. Reach every place easily in Navigation mode. Find the best place around you.


- No Internet connection required.
- No international roaming cost.
- Long life of your data plan when you use in your Country.

- Vector map that you can zoom at any level. Updated with free continuous updates from OpenStreetMap.
- Compass and rotation maps with very high details and beautiful colours.
- Street names and Places are displayed both in local language and in default phone language.

- Powerful Search engine for address, point of interest or near you.
- Thousands of places to discover and visit: attractions, restaurant, shops and night-life venues.
- Find Underground, Train and Bus Stations, Airports and Others.

- Switchable 2D and 3D.
- Always the shortest and safe route for pedestrians, cyclists and cars with indication of distance and time of arrival.

- Select and book the best hotels near you (only online available).

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease... read more 


Download travelPhotoLt on the Appstore

Ali golmohammadi


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Navigation





This app is designed to tag a photo to a location on the map. You will be able to name your vacation album, take as many photos, and collect your locations on the map. Take or use your existing photos to attach to a location. Edit all your visiting locations, view them and email them. All your photos are saved both internally to the app, and on your camera roll album (optional via Settings). This app is the limited version of "travelPhoto", and the number of albums limited to 20.

Please also check out our website for step by step directions and customer service!

Agole Tech Solutions... read more 
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