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AD 480 free - Studio Reverb

Thomas Fiedler

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Download AD 480 free - Studio Reverb on the Appstore

Pro quality studio reverb effect. - Use it with Audiobus and Interapp Audio.

Free version of the ultimate reverb for your iDevice (the AD 480 pro, more about it below).

Features of the AD 480 free:

- one hour trial period of the pro features
- professional reverb sound effect
- 4 beautiful acoustic spaces
- supports internal and external (USB class compliant or MFi) audio interfaces
- full Audiobus 2 integration (input, filter and output position)
- Interapp Audio Support
- Dynamic Upgrade (AD 480 free is automatically upgraded to pro or basic features when AD 480 pro or AD 480 basic is installed)


ABOUT THE AD 480 pro:

Pro quality studio reverb. - Use it with Audiobus, Inter-app Audio, iTunes music library and multichannel audio interfaces.

Enhance and enrich your recordings and live sound with the perfect sonic texture of your choice.

Record, process and export directly for lightning fast creative work!

The AD 480 delivers a realistic acoustic sound with a fine sonic character in best studio quality. From small boxes to the Grand Canyon – practically any size and shape is possible. The highly intuitive user interface is designed from the ground up for today’s touch screens. It gives you quick and responsive access to all parameters and on the iPad it offers a special graphics mode (stage mode) for low light environments. The MIDI functions let you fully remote control / automate the AD 480 and the audio routing matrix gives you greatest flexibility in a multi app / multi channel environment.


- professional reverb sound effect with variable room size
- InterApp Audio Support
- 108 beautiful presets
- professional preset management for MIDI, audio routing and reverb settings
- extensive filter layout for a wide spectrum of sound
- supports internal and external (USB class compliant or MFi) audio interfaces
- routing matrix, which supports up to 24 input and 24 output channels
- full Audiobus 2 integration (input, filter and output position) with State Saving
- supports full MIDI communication via network and USB-MIDI interfaces, as well as inter-app MIDI
- supports sample rates of 44.1 kHz - 96 kHz
- latencies down to 64 samples
- special low-light mode for live use on stage ("stage mode", iPad only)
- background audio for multitasking with other apps
- Audio Recording, Playback, Offline Processing
- Audio Import & Export via AudioCopy/AudioPaste/AudioShare
- Dynamic Upgrade (AD 480 free & AD 480 basic are automatically upgraded to pro features when AD 480 pro is installed)
- Itunes Library Access for preset sharing
- Itunes Music playback


“I’ve just played with it and I have to say I’m impressed. I’m not a sound designer but your presets seem to do exactly what their names imply.
AD 480 should be really useful for a lot of folks out there!”

Sebastian Dittmann
Audiobus Software


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Release Notes

Update to newest Audiobus SDK (3.0.4) with a lot of bugfixes

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