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Landscape Pro Estimator

John Lein


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Our Landscape Pro Estimator App is a master collection of industry specific estimating calculators. You'll get our turf calculator including our sod and seed estimator, our topsoil calculator, our mulch calculator including bulk and bagged quantities as well as our beach stone calculator.

Who Is This App For:

Our Landscape Pro Estimator is a valuable tool for contractors, retailers, students and home owners alike. If you work with landscape materials you'll find that our app will aid you in calculating proper quantity takeoffs.

Our app will now tabulate costs based on the quantities calculated. If you wish to add costs for labour and equipment look for our Landscape Contractor App.

You're task is to measure the required areas, our app will do the rest.

All industry acceptable methods of determining answers, equations and quantity takeoffs are used in calculating proper answers.

Our app is unique as we allow you to adjust certain formulas with custom data. Don't worry we only allow this when needed and indicate so, in the calculator interface.

As an example, if you are using a non-standard roll of sod, we allow you to input the length & width of your roll of sod, before continuing with the answer.

If you're trying to find out how much mulch you require, we allow you to select which way your going to purchase it. i.e. cubic yards or bags. As well, we allow you to input the depth of mulch, and the size of the bag!

About The Developer:

John Lein is a graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario from the Landscape Architecture Program and has been involved in landscape design and construction for over 30 years.

John comes from a construction background and enjoys designing and building award winning landscape design projects in both residential and commercial applications.

* Estimating in either imperial or metric units of measure
* Estimate quantities based on area measurements
* Estimate Sod
* Estimate Grass Seed
* Estimate Topsoil
* Estimate Mulch
* Estimate Beachstone
* Add Costs & Tax

* Calculators are programmed to calculate based on industry standards

* All estimating calculators allow for extra or waste material as part of base calculation
* Allows user to input unique (custom) size of roll of sod (if required)
* Allows user to input rate of application in lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. for grass seed calculations
* Allows user to input depth for topsoil calculations
* Allows user to input depth for mulch calculations
* Allows user to input size of bag for mulch bag calculations

* Allows user to input material costs associated with sod, seed, topsoil and mulch
* Allows prices to be stored in app (once established)
* You are NOT required to input costs every time you use the calculators
* Allows user to edit prices at any time
* Allows user to include tax %

* Allows user to input client / project information including:
- date
- client name
- address
- city
- province or state
- postal code or zip code
- phone number
- email

* Review project estimate with our user friendly summary sheet
* Email project estimate including all costs, calculations etc.

Release Notes

iOS Version 12
Adjusted views to take advantage of new iPhone X screen sizes
Adjusted / scaled all tab bars and tab icons to work with all iPhone sizes
Adjusted all images / text to align properly
Adjusted all icons for a universal audience
Adjusted backend code to work more efficiently
Added help video to get you up and running even faster
Added Version Number, so user can reference if using current version of app

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