Basketball Stats Tracker Touch

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Basketball Stats Tracker Touch

TouchMint LLC

Sports, Health & Fitness

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►Features Include
√60+ Official Stat Categories! Most in store!
√Track Unlimited Users Game/Season/Career
√Email/Share Stat Results!
√Great for training/tracking progression!

►Do you love basketball and want to keep stats like the PROs?
√Basketball Stats is the app for you!

Created by a player for the player! Basketball Stats Tracker Touch is far and away the best application of its kind that allows you to keep track of stats for Basketball on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Email out results for over 60 stat categories! Email out as games, seasons or even whole careers. Email your games stats to friends, parents, coaches and scouts!

Basketball Stats Tracker Touch is the most comprehensive and complete stat keeper in the entire App Store giving you the ability to track all offensive and defensive stats with ease. While other stat trackers only let you keep track of games, Basketball Stats Tracker Touch allows you to keep track of games, seasons and even careers! You can even follow your favorite pro players during their games and keep stats like the pros!

Parents, this app is great for your children's games! Track their stats and progression throughout the entirety of their careers, regardless of the league or team. Basketball Stats Tracker Touch is perfect for any official, intramural, recreational or competitive basketball league.

More Features
√Over 60 stat categories!
√Includes offensive and defensive stats.
√Track an unlimited number of players by careers, seasons and games, over any number of teams.
√Email your stats to family, friends and coaches
√It has the ability to track your stats using the NBAs official stats.
√Great training tool - track your progression
√Real-time updating stats
√Past and current stats
√Simple, clean and easy-to-use interface
√Great for any athlete, young or old
√Quick Support - In app email support.

This App is brought to you by TouchMint, an Innovative leader in iPhone Sport Tracking Apps.

Release Notes


Updated for 64bit and Larger Screens! iOS 11 ready!
New HD Retina Icon
New HD Retina Game Interface
Updated Support Page
In App Email Support
Bug Fixes

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Massage Therapy Exam Prep 2017 - NCETM, NCETMB and MBLEx
Massage Therapy Exam Prep 2017 - NCETM, NCETMB and MBLEx

AUD : $4.49

Overwhelmed? Use this study guide to quickly learn what you need to know to pass your boards.

◆ Created for the 2017 Massage Boards ◆
√ Based NCETM, NCETMB and MBLEx Massage Exams
√ 600 Flashcards/Vocab Terms
√ Professionally Created Questions!!!
√ Create your own Questions/Flashcards
√ Email out Questions/Flashcards
√ Innovative study & performance analysis tools

◆ Content Categories ◆
√ Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology & Pathology
√ Bodywork Application & Assessment
√ Professional Standards
√ Ethics, Business & Legal Practices
√ Covers NCETM, NCETMB and MBLEx Exams

◆ About The Test ◆
This study guide was prepared with the student in mind. The questions are broken down into small 50 & 100 question segments, so you can go at your own pace. The questions are given in random order just like you can expect when you take your boards. If you study by a category or multiple guess, you are doing yourself a disservice that will not pay off. Study, study study, and then study a bit more. Note what subject matter you still need to study. If you see that you are weak in an area, go back to the basics and re-read your massage text book. After you study and you are ready to take your test, leave time before your test to ensure you are not rushed, you are well nourished and on time. Knowing your subject matter is the best way to be prepared for the test. As you take the test, take your time. Read each question twice before giving an answer. Watch for trick wording such as always, only or never. Translate the question into your own words to fully understand what is being said. You can flag the questions you are unsure of and review them at the end of the test. When I took my Nationals, two of the questions I flagged actually answered themselves.

◆ About The Author ◆
Kimberli Ridgeway has been a massage therapist for over 15 years. She was the first massage student from her massage school to take the NCBTMB.

Now, she has a Doctorate degree in natural health. She has taught massage therapy for many years, from private instruction, continuing education, massage certification, and at the University level. Kimberli knows how to bring the material to the level of the student for ease of assimilation. This study guide was created with the massage student in mind.

The massage school I graduated from, called me back to teach when they had a problem with the percentage of students who were failing their boards. They were at risk of losing their standing. When the students I worked with began to graduate and take their boards the pass rate went from 30ish percent to over 75 percent. I aced my boards, I have helped others ace their boards, and now let me help you.

Please feel free to visit her forum:

“Thank you and Good Luck!” – Kimberli Ridgeway, D.N.H.

This study guide is not associated with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, nor is it associated with the MBLEx Exam....
Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG
Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG

AUD : $5.99

>>A 2016 RPG of the YEAR! -TouchArcade<<

Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future - is an JRPG style dungeon crawler game
-Tons of character creation possibles (8 Classes, 20+ Pets, 6 Professions)
-450+ items to loot, craft, buy and find.
-170 unique monsters to fight
-Fully accessible to the blind using Voiceover

Quest To The Future Story

Our biggest fears have come to fruition, the defenses of the dimensional ports have failed. An evil force has laid to waste our guards and now pours through the portals without resistance.

We've brought you here as our last chance at stopping this evil. You're one of the select few that have used the portals before, to come here for a better life, but in our darkest hour we turn to you one last time, to go back and triumph where we failed.

With our guards and roads destroyed, getting back to the portals will not be easy, as this invasion has crippled our ability to send forces en masse to clear a path. You'll be forced down, through the sewers that run underground to the ruins, into the crypt where the portal to the future lies. You must make haste we don't have much time!

- Customize Your Hero -
8 Classes - Mercenary, Assassin, Cultist, Mutant, Priestess, Ranger, Time Guardian, Arcane Archer
6 Professions - Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
20+ Pets to accompany you in battle
Leveling system that goes up to 27 levels

- Crafting System -
6 Professions - Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
200+ Items to craft
30+ Materials to work with
Share Items between characters using the Account Vault

- Explore Time -
5 Themed Areas from the Past and Future (Sewers, Ruins, Crypt, Frozen Wastelands, Earth Core)
Over 2100 rooms to explore, search, and loot.
Each area has its own unique enemies, spells, shops, treasures, items and much more!

- In Depth Stat & Skill System -
Featuring 200+ Spells/Skills
Damaging skills - These are direct physical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging spells - These are direct magical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging All spells (AOE) - These are direct magical attacks that damage ALL enemies
Summoning spells - Allows certain enemies to summon others to help
Healing HP spells - These are spells that heal the casters life/hitpoints (HP)
Healing SP spells - These are spells that heal the casters skill points (SP)
Buffing skills - A skill that user casts on itself to raise some stats
Debuffing skills - A skill the caster casts on enemies to lower some stats
Mimicking skills - Use the enemies skills against them
Taunts - Enemies you must attack first
Death Spawns - Enemies that spawn others upon death
Confusing Skills - Enemies that are confused might attack themselves or other monsters

- Endless Loot & Treasures -
500+ unique items
12 equipment slots to to fully customize your characters - (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Legs, Boots, Belt, Bracelet, Necklace, 2x Rings)
Randomized drops on all monsters
Item rarity color system (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
*Share* all your items with the Account Vault System.

- Other Features -
Game Center Leaderboard enabled.
Indie created game built for the people!
100s of hours of game play between all classes!
Autosave feature - Easy to pick up and play at any time!
Unlimited character slots so you can try every combination possible.
Retro Pixel Art
8Bit sound/music
Library system that explains general game, character, skills and combat systems.
Fully accessible for the vision impaired using Voice Over.

Thanks for taking a look!...
Chest Tracker for Clash Royale - Easy Rotation Calculator
Chest Tracker for Clash Royale - Easy Rotation Calculator

AUD : Free

►The Ultimate Chest Tracking Guide for Clash Royale.
►Did you know you can find out what chests are coming next?
►This app allows you to track your current chest location in the rotating as well as telling you how many more chests until Golden, Magical, Giant and Super Magical.

This App Covers All The Reward Chests:
√Super Magical Chest
√Giant Chest
√Magical Chest
√Golden Chest
√Silver Chest

Complete Chest Card & Gold Info:
√Gold Drop Info
√Card Count Drop Info
√Card Type Info (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
√Covered For Each Arena!

Every time you open a chest simply select the chest you opened and this app will tell you how many are left until the next magic/giant/gold chest!

Simply find your spot in the location and then track whats coming next. The fan app also has a descriptive guide to what you might find in the chests.

Now accounts for the chest rotation loop!

Having trouble finding your chest location? Simply follow the pattern for a few chests and then match up with this list!
Its easiest to track after a magical or giant but it can be done by just tracking a few golds and silvers as well!

Thanks for taking a look and being a part of the Clash Royale Fan Community. This is a fan app that is free of charge and claims no rights to Clash Royale or its contents! Thanks!...
Pro Guide for Pokemon Go - Learn How to Find the Best Tips and Cheats
Pro Guide for Pokemon Go - Learn How to Find the Best Tips and Cheats

AUD : Free

Pro Guide For Pokémon GO provides full details, walkthroughs, tips, tricks and much more. Pro Guide was built by the pros and will help you speed level faster than anyone with these tips. Find all the rares and even legendary pokemon with this great guide before anyone else

√ Latest Tips and Tricks from the pros!
√ Latest News and Update for Pokémon GO.
√ Tips for Beginners to Pros.
√ Powerleveling guide (get to level 20 FAST!!!)
√ Info on where to find the rarest Pokemon added
√ The Complete Walkthrough for Speed Leveling
√ Covers all tactics: Catching, Evolving, Hatching, Pokestops, Battling and so much more!
√ Tells you how to fix Common Issues that could hinder play

This is the only pro guide on the store and will continue to be updated by the pros!

Legal Disclaimer:

Guide For Pokemon Go is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic (developer of Pokémon Go) or ©Pokémon Company.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in Guide for Pokémon GO are owned by Niantic. Please note THIS IS NOT a Pokémon GO game. Pro Guide For Pokémon GO IS NOT an official guide. This guide is intended only for players' enjoyment and exploration of the game. All characters, locations, images and video game content are copyright of their respective owners and usage for this game guide falls within fair use guideline.

All the Pokemon Go images and content from taken under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (unported) (CC-BY-SA)....
Guide For Brawl Stars Pro Help
Guide For Brawl Stars Pro Help

AUD : Free

Looking to get a head start on the upcoming Brawl Stars game?
This is the unofficial yet pro guide for Brawl Stars players!

18 Brawlers info about stats, skills and skins.
-Game Event Mode
Brawl Ball, Smash & Grab, Heist, Bounty and Showdown Modes with recommended Brawlers.
-Brawl Box Odds!
Detailed and accurate odds on whats in your brawl boxes
-Basic Info
Trophies, chips, coins and everything you need to know from beginners to pros!
-Tips & Guides
Map control, shooting techniques, gameplay tips for advanced players.

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:
This is a non-commercial fan-generated guide app for Brawl Stars. All references to "Brawl Stars" in the app name, description and keywords are solely for the purpose of identifying the app for potential users. We respect Supercell's brand and no trademark infringement is intended....

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