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Ohms Law Calc.


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Ohms Law Calc. consists of 52 Calculators with Formulas and Circuits

1.Voltage Calculator
2.Current Calculator
3.Resistance Calculator
4.Power Calculator
- Voltage Drop Calculator (new)
5.kVA to amps (Single Phase)
6.kVA to amps (Three Phase)
7.amps to kVA (Single Phase)
8.amps to kVA (Three Phase)
9.Single Phase Power Calculator
10.Three Phase Power Calculator
11.Single Phase Current Calculator
12.Three Phase Current Calculator
13.DC Horse Power
14.Single Phase Horse Power
15.Three Phase Horse Power
16.DC Current (HP)Calculator
17.Single Phase Current (HP) Calculator
18.Three Phase Current (HP) Calculator
19.Efficiency (DC) Calculator
20.Efficiency (Single Phase) Calculator
21.Efficiency (Three Phase) Calculator
22.Power Factor (Single Phase) Calculator
23.Power Factor (Three Phase) Calculator
24.Luminous Intensity Calculator
25.Luminous Flux Calculator
26.Solid Angle Calculator
27.Energy Cost Calculator
28.Energy Storage (Resistance) Calculator
29.Energy Storage (Inductance) Calculator
30.Energy Storage (Capacitance) Calculator
31.Star to Delta Conversion
32.Delta to Star Conversion
33.Inductive Reactance Calculator
34.Capacitive Reactance Calculator
35.Resonant Frequency Calculator
36.Inductor Sizing Equation
37.Capacitor Sizing Equation
38.Resistance (Series) Calculator
39.Resistance (Parallel) Calculator
40.Inductance (Series) Calculator
41.Inductance (Parallel) Calculator
42.Capacitance (Series) Calculator
43.Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator
44.UnKnown Resistance (Series) Calculator
45.UnKnown Resistance (Parallel) Calculator
46.UnKnown Capacitance (Series) Calculator
47.UnKnown Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator
48.Neutral Current (3Ph) Unbalanced Loads
49.Characteristic Impedance (parallel)
50.Characteristic Impedance (coaxial)
51.Transformer Calculator
52.Voltage Divider & RMS Calculations
- Impedance of R,L & C in series
- Impedance of R,L & C in parallel

a.Change unit from amps to milliAmps or vice versa, the output Voltage is calculated instantly
b.Changes can be made to input units
c.Changes can be made to output units.

Release Notes

impedance calculations added to the App :
- Impedance of R,L & C in series
- Impedance of R,L & C in parallel

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2. Acoustic Flow Meter
3. Acoustic Impedance
4. Acoustic Intensity and Sound Intensity Level Relationship
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7. Blade Pass Frequency
8. Bragg's Law
9. Capacitive Reactance
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12. Damping Factor
13. Data Transfer Converter
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16. Diffraction Grating Equation
17. Doppler Effect - Approaching Receiver
18. Doppler Effect - Approaching Source
19. Doppler Effect - Receding Receiver
20. Doppler Effect - Receding Source
21. Doppler Effect - Wavelength Behind
22. Doppler Effect - Wavelength Front
23. Electrical Harmonics
24. Energy Converter
25. Force Converter
26. Frequency Converter
27. Fresnel Number
28. Inductive Reactance
29. Inverse Square Law
30. Length Converter
31. Level Damping
32. Mach Number
33. Magnetic Flux Converter
34. Magnetic Flux Level
35. Mass Converter
36. Mean Absorption Coefficient
37. Metric Weight Converter
38. Noise Exposure Level
39. Noise Generation - Ducts
40. Noise Pollution Level
41. Ohm's Law of Acoustics (Acoustic Impedance)
42. Ohm's Law of Acoustics (Particle Velocity)
43. Ohm's Law of Acoustics (Sound Intensity)
44. Ohm's Law of Acoustics (Sound Pressure)
45. Particle Velocity and Particle Velocity Level Relationship
46. Power Converter
47. Pressure Converter
48. Quality Factor
49. Radar Range
50. Radiation Converter
51. Resonant Frequency
52. Reverberation Time
53. RMS Noise
54. Room Constant
55. Sound Absorption Coefficient
56. Sound Attenuation
57. Sound Attenuation Level - Main Duct to Branches
58. Sound Converter
59. Sound Energy and Sound Energy Level Relationship
60. Sound Energy Density and Sound Density Level Relationship
61. Sound Intensity Level
62. Sound Power Emitted
63. Sound Power Level
64. Sound Pressure (Receiver)
65. Sound Pressure and Sound Pressure Level Relationship
66. Sound Pressure Level
67. Sound Pressure Level (Linear Sound Source)
68. Sound Speed
69. Sound Transmission through Duct Walls
70. Sound Wavelength
71. Temperature Converter
72. Time Converter
73. Velocity Converter
74. Voltage to Voltage Level Conversion
75. Volume Converter
76. Wave Frequency
77. Wave Velocity

- Can use either ( . ) dot or ( , ) comma as decimal separator, based on regional settings of the device.
- Complete Dictionary for Acoustics,Sound Engineering and Doppler Technology....

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