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Pinkfong Baby Shark Best Songs for Kids!

Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories is a safe, educational app for all kids who love singing & dancing.
Watch over 1,000 videos featuring Pinkfong, Baby Shark, nursery rhymes, cars, ABCs, numbers, shapes, dinosaurs, princesses, and more, without internet connection.
Choose your favorite song collection & watch them non-stop, up to 100 minutes.


1. WATCH over 1,000 songs & stories offline!
- Choose your favorite topic & video collection to show your kids.
- Watch high quality videos non-stop. Also available without wi-fi after downloading.
- Listen to familiar nursery rhyme songs in English, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese!

2. LEARN ABCs, Numbers, and Words in a fun way!
- Learn English, ABCs, numbers, and the timetable with fun, catchy songs.
- The beautiful graphics and adorable characters will easily draw children's attention & boost children's creativity.

3. SAFE & easy to use
- Includes kid-friendly interface with screen-lock mode.
- There are no ads.
- Easy to maneuver without parents' help.

Let your children enjoy Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories when you're busy, during car trips, or at home!

Release Notes

Minor bug fixes.

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Best Storytime: 30 Stories
Best Storytime: 30 Stories

AUD : Free

Amazing stories with songs! [Best Storyime: 30 Stories & Songs]
Enjoy your favorite stories and sing along the theme songs!

** Launch Event**
Two most loved stories are FREE for a limited time.
1.The Little Red Riding Hood
2.The Three Little Pigs

[Best Storyime] is all about the delightful storytime kids will never forget. There are 30 children’s favorite stories that include fun and easy theme songs to sing along before the story starts. Each story is designed for young children to enjoy the classic stories with colorful and adorable animations with fun sound effects and narrations. Hope you have the best storytime ever!

++ Stories you can meet
01 Little Red Riding Hood
02 The Three Little Pigs
03 Hansel and Gretel
04 Cinderella
05 Pinocchio
06 Snow White
07 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
08 The Cat in Boots
09 The Wolf and the Seven Sheep
10 The Ugly Duckling
11 The Gingerbread Man
12 Thumbelina
13 The Little Match Girl
14 The Bremen Town Musicians
15 The Princess and the Frog
16 Jack and the Beanstalk
17 The Goose with the Golden Eggs
18 The Emperor’s New Clothes
19 The Little Mermaid
20 The Great Big Turnip
21 The Princess and the Pea
22 The Shoemaker and the Elves
23 The Golden Goose
24 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
25 Aladdin’s Lamp
26 The Sleeping Beauty
27 The Happy Prince
28 Country Mouse and City Mouse
29 The Wild Swans
30 The Piped Piper of Hamelin...

AUD : Free

孩子最喜欢的儿歌舞蹈! 边唱歌,边跳舞,开心得很!

* 内容丰富: 孩子都喜欢的中文儿歌,动听英文儿歌。
* 在所有的儿歌中添加了幼儿舞蹈,对孩子的身心健康发展有好的帮助。
* 所有的儿歌都配有字幕和汉语并音。
* 用可爱的图书插图做成了儿歌动画。
* 下载到平板电脑或者智能手机里后,就随时可以看。

[PINKFONG儿歌 - 热门儿童儿歌]是为0~6孩子做的软件。随时随地都可以用。专家推荐的中英热门儿歌是幼儿歌唱及知识启蒙的最好教材。边听歌边跳舞,孩子幸福健康成长。和孩子一起跳舞,多鼓励多称赞,孩子便倍感亲切。英语儿歌舞蹈对开始学英语的孩子很有帮助。让孩子感到有趣和好奇心,可以轻松学英语。

* [PINKFONG儿歌 - 热门儿童儿歌]的好玩又开心的儿歌!

The Alphabet Song
How Are You, My Friend?
The More We Sing Together
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Six Little Ducks
A sailor Went to Sea
Down by the Station
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Clap Along With Me
Loody Loo
Shut Them Open
Reach for the Sky
If You’re Happy
Where Is Thumbkin?
Head and Shoulders
London Bridge
Baby Bumblebee
Mary had a Little Lamb
The Eentsty Weentsy Spider
To Market, to Market
Pop! Goes the Weasel
The Farmer in the Dell
Little Green Frog
This Little Pig Went to Market
This Is the Way
Baby’s Clothes
Splashing in the Bath
Muffin Man
Ham and Eggs
I’m a Little Teapot
Mr. Golden Sun
Sing a Rainbow
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
I Love the Mountains
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Ten Little Indians
Hickory Dickory Dock
This Old Man...

AUD : Free

幼儿教育专家精心制作, 值得信赖!
送给孩子的最好的礼物! 会学智慧的名著童话!

* 通过伊索寓言和世界名著童话会学人生的智慧!
* 所有的童话都配有字幕。
* 英语音乐剧童话提供中文翻译。
* 以小孩子们喜欢的卡通图片做为动画片。
* 下载到平板电脑或者智能手机里后,就随时可以看。

[PINKFONG童话 - 热门儿童故事]是为3~7孩子做的动画。让孩子们在笑声中学习知识,收到良好的启蒙教育。采用卡通教学方式,吸引小孩子的注意力,让孩子在一个轻松愉悦的环境中提高表达能力。伊索寓言故事以性格培养为重点。有中文版和英文版,帮助孩子学习英语。英语音乐剧童话可以给孩子带来兴趣,让孩子快乐地学英语。

* [PINKFONG童话 - 热门儿童故事]的有趣又有益的名著童话

The Bear and Two Friends
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Ant and the Grosshopper
The Thirsty Crow
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
The Frog and the Cow
The Greedy Dog
The Fox and the Stork
The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs
The Sun and the Wind
The Donkey and the Salt
The Lion and the Mouse
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Goose with Golden Eggs
The Great Big Turnip
Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea
The Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
The Wild Swans
The Little Mermaid
The Princess and the Frog
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Aladdin's Lamp
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Cat in Boots
The Three Little Pigs
The Wolf and the Seven Sheep
The Ugly Duckling
Contry Mouse and City Mouse
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Piped Piper of Hamelin
The Happy Prince
The Bremen Town Musicians
Hansel and Gretel
The Shoemaker and the Elves
The Golden Goose...
Pinkfong ABC Phonics
Pinkfong ABC Phonics

AUD : Free

Let your little ones learn the Alphabet in the fun way!
ABC Phonics is full of interactive and dynamic learning games just right for your first ABCs!

- Fun phonics song animations from A to Z
- Interactive tracing game: Uppercase and lowercase letters
- 26 educational games to play with words
- Adorable photo frames for a memorable review
- Over 100 alphabet flash cards

Enjoy songs, tracing, games and photo frames all together!
Alphabet fun never ends!...
Pinkfong Christmas Fun
Pinkfong Christmas Fun

AUD : Free

Make this Christmas more special with 'Christmas Fun'!
Christmas Fun is all about enjoying the holiday season with songs and fun activities.
Sing along the animated carols with lyrics, play exciting mini games, and take funny pictures for special memories.

1. 16 favorite Christmas songs with adorable animations!
2. Full sing along with synchronized lyrics!
3. Interactive games to enjoy the Christmas time!
4. Seasonal photo frames for a memorable moment!

++ Songs Included:
1. Jingle Bells
2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
3. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. Look Out the Window
6. Jingle Bell Rock
7. Deck the Halls
8. Joy to the World
9. Silent Night
10. Christmas Day
11. Christmas Polka
12. The First Noel
13. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
14. Silver Bells
15. Calypso Carol
16. Oh Christmas Tree

Hope you and yours little ones have a joyful holiday season with 'Christmas Fun'!...
Pinkfong Car Town
Pinkfong Car Town

AUD : Free

Welcome to [Pinkfong Car Town]!

DRIVE, SING, and PLAY exciting games with your favorite car!
From the brave "superhero" Police Car and the mighty Fire Truck, to the friendly School Bus and the tough Bulldozer -- we have various car options for you to choose from!
Pick a vehicle & race it along the road!

The app also includes educational activities, such as learning car-related vocabulary and coloring car pictures using colorful art tools.
Join the fun now!


1. Drive & race with your favorite car!
- What's your favorite car? Police cars? Fire trucks? You can choose!
- Turn, honk, accelerate, and pick up your friends while you drive.
- Easy & safe features for young children and toddlers.

2. Watch 7 different car videos!
- Sing-along familiar nursery rhymes, including "Wheels on the Bus."
- Enjoy high-quality graphics for free!
- Available in 4 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

3. Play fun games!
- Each car comes along with its own fun mini game.
- Learn numbers and new words while playing the games.

4. Includes coloring activities!
- Paint your favorite car using 15 different colors.
- Use stickers and patterns.

5. Learn the names of different cars!
- Even better, you can learn the names of the cars without even trying!

Have FUN with the app!

*The app is created by Pinkfong -- the company behind the worldwide sensation, Baby Shark....
Restaurant King
Restaurant King

AUD : Free

Make your own restaurant!
American, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese and more! Pick your own specialty.
The entire building is your own theme restaurant

Become a master chef!
Get higher experience level to unlock the new hidden specialty dishes

Pick your dream team!
various chefs with different skill sets and specialty!
Choose your favorite chef and negotiate the salary

- No limits on additional restaurants
- A realistic salary negotiation with the chef
- Tons of specialty dishes on various themes

This game requires internet connection to play and a data fee may charged depending on your data plan.
Also, advertisement may show while playing....
Pinkfong Super Phonics
Pinkfong Super Phonics

AUD : Free

New series of our #1 app [ABC Phonics] with 4,500,000 users is finally out!

While our previous app [ABC Phonics] was all about learning sounds and shapes of each letter, [Super Phonics] is the next step for learning how to recognize sounds and spellings with rhyming words.
Start building basic reading and writing skills with our all new [Super Phonics]!

1. Animated Phonics Songs
- 24 original songs with set of rhyming words to help getting familiar with each sound.
- Repeatedly show rhyming words in both images and written words.
- Made by English education experts and animated with original Pinkfong characters.

2. Word Building Activity
- Children can build 96 rhyming words in a fun and interactive way.
- Listen how the rhyming parts sound and learn how to spell.

3. Interactive learning Games
- Games are designed to help kids learn words in various ways; Listen and choose right words, match pictures and words, find rhyming words and more.
- Created with subjects kids just love. Catching the mole game, building bridges, roller coasters and more.

4. Fun Rewards
- Take a picture and study along with your own character.
- Adorable costume rewards make learning more fun!
- You can get costumes from princesses, animals, monsters to heroes and more!

Have fun and improve your reading and spelling skills!...
Pinkfong Numbers Zoo
Pinkfong Numbers Zoo

AUD : Free

Welcome to Pinkfong Animal Zoo for kids
Games for preschool kids. Let's learn numbers and how to count up 100!

Fun activities and games for kids with the cutest animal friends - Dog, Cat, Lion, Monkey and more animals!
It's time to meet your kids' own adorable pet on Pinkfong Animal Zoo.
All the 12 funny learning activities are ready for you!

1. PLAY fun games and LEARN with animal friends - Dog, Cat, Lion, Monkey
- Learn how to write and count numbers naturally with the activities that use characteristics of animals.
- Learn various usages of numbers (quantity, sequence, number of times, etc.)
- Learn bigger numbers(up to 100) as children play.

2. COLLECT cute animal stickers
- You can get cute animal stickers through play activities.
- Increase your sense of accomplishment by collecting stickers.

3. ENJOY All content in 5 languages!
- Enjoy all the activities in 5 languages ​​including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, and learn numbers in various languages.

Pinkfong official app for kids....

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