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Sadaki Takeda

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@@@ How to play @@@

[ Single Play ]

@ Find 4 numbers with the smallest score = Try times x Minutes.

@ When you find a number in the same place, then you will be given a hint as 1Hit. When you find a number but in the different place, then you will be given a hint as 1 Blow.

@ For example, if the 4 numbers are 0123, and you guessed them as 9135, then you will get hint as 1H1B.

@ You may use Mark areas as you like to support your short-term memory.

@ We are waiting for your score to be on World Ranking.

@ Total of 20 plays and total of 100 plays are also counted in ranking.

@ There are 3 achievements. Try to get the crowns.

[Battle Play (Bluetooth)]

@ Find the 4 numbers faster than the other player. After your turn, turn will be passed to the other player.

@ You can go first or go second. It depends on the automatic generated randam number. For next battle, loser goes first.

@ Who goes first can set the numbers of battle among 1, 3 and 5. If you won the battles more than half, then you will be the winner.

@ There are 6 special items. You can only use it when it is your turn. 4 of them are offense items and 2 of them are defense items.

You can use only 1 item from defense item and 1 item from offense item in your turn. 2 defense items can not be used at the same time. And 2 offense items can not be used at the same time.

@ L/H: Low or High --- You can get a hint for the selected area of number which is either Low (0-4) or High(5-9).

@ Sml: Smallest --- You can know which one is the smallest number.

@ Big: Bigest --- You can know which one is the biggest number.

@ 2St: 2Shots --- You can call 2 times but before call, you need to open the one number selected by the other player.

@ Mov: Move --- This is defense item. You can move your 4 numbers.

@ Chg: Change --- This is defense item. You can change your 4 numbers to the 4 numbers you have not used.

@ You can send 4 different special messgaes in your turn.


@ For the battle play by bluetooth, please use the same version of Application.

@ When you pick up the phone during the battle, then the battle will be stopped.

Release Notes

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Modify the advertisement function.

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