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3D Face

stefan urban

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Welcome to "3D Face"! A free, fast and full functional App to make your face look 3d.

Transform your photos by choosing a photo and go to 3d scan and warp it to third dimension. Save your 3d photo to your photo album or send them to your friends.

This app is for all iOS Devices with iOS 4.0.2 or higher.

It's easy and it is real fun.

If you have any ideas or question feel free and write a recension.

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Release Notes

- new commercial view

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1-2-3 Picture Booth - LIVE Cam with Color Effects

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Welcome to "Picture Booth"! An App to make your photos look funny, colored and awesome. Just look at the screenshots.

Capture your photos LIVE and add one great coloreffect to your view. Just one simple click and save your photo to your photo album.

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Quick Camera - capture your movie fast
Quick Camera - capture your movie fast

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Welcome to "Quick Camera"! A fast and full functional app to record video immediately.

No more buttons to use. Just start the app and record!
Video recording was never been so easy.

When you start Quick Camera it will start capturing immediately. Then you have the following options:

1 Tap: Toogle focus from continues to lock focus
2 Taps: Toogle from back to front camera, if you are using iPhone 4 or iPad 2. Your video is saved to camera roll and capturing is starting with the new camera again.
3 Taps: Toogle between start and stopping recording. Video will be save to camera roll, if you stop recording.

Toogle your flash by pressing "Toogle Flash".

Press the Homescreen button and your actual video will also be saved to camera roll.

Have fun with Quick Camera.

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Color Photo Edit - CPE
Color Photo Edit - CPE

AUD : Free

#1 photo editor App in over 50+ countries
#1 for rookies and pros, who love something different
+ SUPPORTS iPhone & iPad

That is what users all over the world think about Color Photo Edit:
Sillybugs, UK "Great Range of effects and dead easy to use.", 5 Stars

IssyDOODLE, US "Overall good app for those who like a little something extra in you're app collection!", 4 Stars

Fshvurh , US "This is a must have App!", 5 Stars

subban2010, DE "Unglaublich viel Auswahl und es macht Spaß. Was will man mehr!!", 5 Stars

Ed Bremer, NL "Leuk om een filtertje toe te passen. Werkt perfect", 4 Stars


Generate fantastic photos, art or just creative pictures with CPE - Color Photo Edit.
Once downloaded you will forget all other photo editors, because with CPE and our new
multi edit function you will save a lot of time, which you can spend with your friends
or family. We have a very useful UI and a very good professional toolset to create your personal art. And of course we have setup a user helpdesk to answer every single question you have. Just try it!

Select up to 10 photos from your photoalbum (photosession or lightscene) and edit all of them with the PRO toolbox:

• Parameter Presets: 20 Presets to add an PRO effect to all of your photos very quickly
• Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Color
• Highlights, Shadows, Temperature
• Color Channel Mixer: Red, Green and Blue
• Exposure, Curve-Tool, Sharpness
• Add text to your photos
• Rotate & Flip your photos
• Resize and Crunch tool to save memory for huge photos

Colorful filter Tool
More than 100 color filters with editable parameter - e.g.:

• popsicolors: orange, yellow, blue, green, red, violet
• tilt shift
• atmosphere
• cartoons
• burn
• fog
• lava
• metal
• black/white
• sepia
• underwater
• blacklite
• a lot edge detection (color, b/w, inverse)
• pixellate
• edgie
• and many more...

PRO Layer Tool
• bring photos together to reduce double exposure
• mask a range of your photo to create art
• add FX effects to your photo to impress your friends

Use our Layer tool to bring images together or add a FX effect to your photo. It is really easy to use and you can choose images from your photolibrary or pasteboard. 19 different blendmodes will give your photo a special point of view. You can also add a mask to your front images, flatten two images to one photo and add another FX effect to it. Really amazing, what you can do with this professional layer tool.

Crop Tool
• free selection of your photo area
• crop for Instagram with one tap
• Zoom & Move function to crop very detailed

Innovative Workflow
• Auto-save photo sessions, continue later
• Photo informations in the main screen with one tap
• Compare your work to the original with before & after
• Saves up to 30 history information for all photos
• Choice of export quality (JPEG with compression, PNG)
• Real time 16MP editing on iPhone 5 and iPad 3/iPad Mini 2 and above
• Tutorial videos for specific problems

If you have problems, questions or remarks do not hesitate and contact us under:
[email protected] or use the Feedback button on our info page!

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Multi Photo Edit lite - Foto Editor to edit all your photos with 1-Tap
Multi Photo Edit lite - Foto Editor to edit all your photos with 1-Tap

AUD : Free

Multi Photo Edit - Edit all your photos with 1-Tap

Do you know the following problem:

You had a photo session but the light was too dark or the sun was shining and overexposed the photos? Now you have to run a photo editor and edit each photo. But in all editors you can not save or copy the parameters for each photo. So you have to move sliders again and again. For each photo.

Now this time is over because YOU have a new photo editor which is rapid and has a lot of new features. These features you don't find in a standard photo filter program. It's time for: (M)ulti (P)hoto (E)ditor!

Get it now and edit more than one photo in a row!

How it works:
1. Select the photos you want to edit or are from one photo session
2. Edit one photo and copy the parameters to all other photos ( JUST 1-TAP! Amazing, isn't it? )
3. Just swipe and have a look at all other photos
4. Now save all back to your photo library!

This will save you a lot of time and by the way: If you need to scale them for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co. you can do it with again just one simple tap.

Who should use Multi Photo Edit:
- You making a lot of photos with your iPhone
- You are using Photo Editors to improve your photos
- You use social media to share your photos with your friends
- You have to resize photos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TumbIr etc.
- You compress photos on your iPhone to save memory

Photo editing was never been so fast and easy.

Multi Photo Editor Features:
- Edit Contrast, Brightness and Saturation
- Edit Highlights and Shadows
- Edit Exposure
- Edit Temperature
- Edit Hue
- Edit RGB Channels
- Curve Tool: Edit the RGB, Red, Green or Blue component of your photo
- With the curve tool you can make your own filter!
- But we have 20 predesigned great filters:
- Filters: Lomo, Cross-Process, T-Max, etc.
- Edit Sharpness
- Imagesize: resize and/ or crunch your photos
- Edit Imagequality
- Save all photos (max. Resolution: 4096x4096 pixels)
- Save only actual photo

Features for a single photo:
- Crop tool: crop your photos
- Rotate: rotate your photos

Now download Multi Photo Editor! The fastest editor exclusive for your iPhone - the power house!

If you have any questions/ problems/ or ideas just leave an email:
[email protected]

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