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《锐客| My Skoda》杂志是上海大众斯柯达主办的针对车主生活的综合类杂志,在体现斯柯达品牌内涵“睿智感悟恒久魅力”的同时,向车主传递“健康、简单、环保的优质生活”理念。

杂志定位于“锐智人物读本,优质生活行家”。以“人”、“车”、“行”和“资讯”四个方面丰富杂志主题内容,通过主要栏目“封面人物”、“特别策划”、“对话”、“车主跟踪”、“视觉大片”和“在路上自驾游”等,体现《锐客| My Skoda》杂志所提倡的理念:选择“精锐人物”、倡导“锐意进取”、展示“智慧内在”、分享“智者生活”。


My Skoda magazine hosted by Shanghai Volkswagen-Skoda, this is a comprehensive magazine for car owners. It gives expression of Skoda brand, such as “inspiration of sagacity,” and “forever fascination.” It also transmits the thought of “healthy, simple, environmental friendly, high quality of life” to the car owners.

The main idea of My Skoda is to lead a quality life with this smart magazine. There are four aspects in the magazine such as “people,” “car,” “driving” and “information” which make the content of the magazine rich and colorful. By publishing the main columns such as” cover person”, “special plans”, “dialogues”, “car owners follow -up” and self-driving travel”, this magazine reflects the idea of selecting the “elites,” advocating the “enterprising spirit,” displaying the “inner wisdom,” and sharing the “wise life.”

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