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Family Roll Call

Family Roll Call
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BeyPixels, LLC




Lifestyle, Health & Fitness





Let your loved ones know that you are OK without sharing every step you take. Family Roll Call™ protects your privacy by only alerting your followers if you fail to Check In by a specified time every day. A text message and/or email is sent to remind you to Check In before triggering a false alarm. The interface is simple to use so that users of all ages can click one button to Check In.

Who should use Family Roll Call?

• Laura lives alone and takes comfort knowing that her children will be alerted if she does not Check In by a certain time.

• Jackson knows he better Check In by a certain time every day while at college, or his parents will be looking for him.

• Fred is overseas on business. He knows his wife Wendy is OK because he has not received an alert.... read more 

Photos Videos Lock Secret No Spy Keep Safe Vault

Photos Videos Lock Secret No Spy Keep Safe Vault
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Sandeep Bhandari


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Productivity





Hide pictures and videos to keep safe of your privacy!

Trying to hide photos and videos, and lock them in a security place? Worried about security when lost your phone or somebody looked at your photos or videos? Then check this security application out, Photo Safe! Store your gallery and media in vault, keep safe of your personal images and videos!

Hide sensitive photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy. Hide photos & Lock Videos with Hide pictures and videos.

Do you have pictures or videos on your phone that you don't want others to see? Hide pictures & private videos with Hide pictures and videos to keep them protected from prying eyes. Keeping pictures & videos safe, secure and hidden has never been easier!

No one could touch your private gallery without permission, and no one could see your hidden photos and videos! That is the power of Photo Safe! Keep safe for photos and videos!

Photo Safe is better than others because:
* Hide photos and videos with most efficiency, it is the best app to hide photos or hide videos
* Photo Safe is very easy to use, you can watch your public and private photos in one app

Hide pictures and videos.
"Hide pictures and videos" is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. The product is one of the most popular apps for iPhone.

Never get caught... read more 

picPics - Photo Manager

picPics - Photo Manager
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Inovatso Solucoes em Tecnologia Ltda


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Utilities





Are you looking for a professional photo manager app to manage your gallery photos easily? Do you want a powerful photo organizer app that can let you tag your photos and organize your memories and projects? Let's download picPics for free. The perfect photo organizing software is ready for you now!

picPics: Photo Manager – Organize Your Photos is one of the best photo management apps, with amazing functionalities and good interaction design. It’s the best way to make your memories alive and find your desired photos quickly. Discover our photo manager gallery app now, and explore our various features that will enhance your experience.

With picPics, you’ll receive a daily photo package to tag and organize your photos. That’s will help you to find your important pictures and screenshots on your phone and share your photos organized easily. Forget about scrolling up and down to search photos.

Your photos are now safe with picPics. Our new album vault feature will help you to hide your photos and make them private. So, what are you waiting for? Join our photo manager lock app, protect your privacy, and secure your photos with a PIN protection, Face ID or Touch ID.

Tag your photos to separate them by categories like “family” “Travel” “Trip” “pets” “projects” or create your own tags, select multiple photos to... read more 

Karakuri Camera - Auto Shutter & WEB Monitoring

Karakuri Camera - Auto Shutter & WEB Monitoring
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Takahiko Hatano


Photo & Video


Photo & Video, Utilities





iPhone/iPad becomes a security camera. When the image changed or sound level rises, It will take a photo or video automatically. A built-in WEB server, you can monitor and control the video from another PC or tablet on Wi-Fi. Also access to the camera roll so easy to transfer images/videos to your PC. You do not need such as the WEB account registration!

・Auto shutter & security camera.
・Taking a picture or video starts automatically by the change rate of the image or sound level rises.
・Monitoring & settings can be controlled from WEB dashboard.
・Leverage your old iPhone/iPad. iOS6- support.
・A photograph can compose the date and time.
・Scope of the picture can be configured.
・Output resolution, FPS, compression rate can be configured.
・The TCP port and BASIC authentication can be configured for WEB security.

Depending on the performance of your iPhone/iPad, In continuous operation for a long time,Memory may become lacking.
・Constant monitoring from WEB dashboard uses memory much.
・Reduce Output image size.
・Preview Update Interval to longer.
・Reduce FPS.... read more 

Bomb Pop! - Go To War Against The Bomb And Flip The Switch Before It Blasts You To Six Pieces!

Bomb Pop! - Go To War Against The Bomb And Flip The Switch Before It Blasts You To Six Pieces!
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That Peachey Thing, LLC




Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Board





Align the marks to defuse the bomb and save the world! Don't mess up or the bomb will go off!

How many bombs can you defuse?

How far will you go?

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