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DroneDeploy - Flight App DJI

DroneDeploy - Flight App DJI
Download DroneDeploy - Flight App DJI on the Appstore

Infatics, Inc.


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The free DroneDeploy app is the leading software for drones with millions of flights flown by over 100,000 pilots!

Download the DroneDeploy app to upgrade your drone with autonomous and free flight capabilities for automated capture in just a few taps. Your drone will fly itself! Anyone can fly with DroneDeploy.

Create missions from anywhere using the desktop or mobile app. Capture and share high-quality interactive 2D maps, 3D models, photos, videos, panoramas, roof reports, thermal scans, and more directly from your mobile device. DroneDeploy is the only flight app that provides instant offline maps without hours of processing time using Live Map technology.

Upload your data to the DroneDeploy platform for professional and Enterprise grade aerial analytics and data processing. Analyze realistic 3D models, thermal maps, elevation maps, surveys and plant health visualizations. Annotate, inspect, and share directly with others from within the app. Even manage a fleet of drones and pilots with DroneDeploy Fleet Management. DroneDeploy has everything you need to create a smart drone program for any organization.

Want more? Extend DroneDeploy’s capabilities with over 80 apps available for install within DroneDeploy’s App Market, including AirMap for instant LAANC authorizations.

DroneDeploy is trusted by the world's largest companies in... read more 


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iGeoTrak – More than Mobile GIS, it is SMART GIS Platform with a built-in Logic Engine and User Customizable collection and reporting technologies. Need to do more than drop a pin and take a photo? iGeoTrak is the tool for you! The award-winning, map-centric app can collect and edit vectors, display drone imagery, capture survey data, perform complex math like excel, alert to problems like no other GIS tool, and create custom reports based on Microsoft Word. All native on the iPad/iPhone, using the cloud for multiple user collaboration, consolidation, remote reporting, and administration.

Taking GIS to the next level, GISEngine evaluates your manual and automated loaded data against rules you design (without programming) to feed our GIS Ai Engine (artificial intelligence).
Rules can with automatic emails, text messages, apple notifications, work orders, and map icons:
a) REMIND you of work efforts,
b) ALERT you to problems,
c) ADVISE you on what to do,
d) DISPLAY current status of external feeds, and
e) REMEMBER what was done and why.
Find out why our beta testers, say they wished they had this technology their whole life.

Create, edit, and survey any Vector type: Points, Lines, and Polygons (including multiple part features).

Create, Edit, and Customize the Survey Forms. Including icons, content, in-form math, external table look-up,... read more 

Tap2Map - DJI Flight Planner

Tap2Map - DJI Flight Planner
Download Tap2Map - DJI Flight Planner on the Appstore





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Our comprehensive Tap2Map 3D flight planner for DJI drones app comes with 5 different flight mission types. Each flight mission is designed to be intuitive, accurate and reliable giving you the flexibility that you need even for the most challenging areas or features that are planned to be surveyed. The App also comes with extra features. Each feature will  help you to optimize the flight efficiency and keep your flight parameters at their best, for a reliable image collection quality.
• MISSIONS: Polygon - Linear - Grid - Double Grid - Facade
• FEATURES: Import KML , Terrain Following...
On top of these possibilities are included, for instance:
- Image triggering position: accurately calculated respectfully to overlaps needed (no time or distance interval).
- Divide Area according to battery endurance,
- Overlapping images between adjacent blocks,
- Linear flight: Set choice of section length (VLOS).
- Set corridor width,
- Accurate drone speed in m/s,
- Camera settings : Auto Mode or Manual Mode,
- Zenmuse X series camera: choice of available lenses,
- Record both DNG (RAW)+jpeg imagery,
- Set/change Camera gimbal tilt inflight,
- Visual Quality Checking (QC) of the imagery after landing,
- Real time counting and highlighting any missing images,
- Create Custom Sensor,
- Flightlogs
etc.... read more 

Flight Obstacles

Flight Obstacles
Download Flight Obstacles on the Appstore

Rigil Corporation




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Flight Obstacles conveniently displays all known vertical obstacles for aviation users on a map. Each obstacle contains survey data, including its height and location along with satellite imagery. Coverage includes the United States and limited coverage in the Pacific, the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. Obstacle data is updated daily by the Federal Aviation Administration.... read more 


Download DroneInch on the Appstore

DroneInch Inc.




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The key features and benefits of the software are:-

Scale Planning: Go from 10’s of missions to 100’s of missions per day
- Plan flights globally from anywhere using the intuitive mobile app
- Outlook style calendar to schedule recurring flights with 7 industry specific flight patterns
- Support a wide ecosystem of Owner/Contract/Service Provider/Franchise operating models

Simple Operations: Go from one pilot to hundreds of globally distributed pilots
- Automatic checks for compliance & weather, integrated country specific authorization for restricted areas (LAANC)
- Software, NOT human, flies the drone leading to repeatable, error-free flights with safe automated return to home
- Fire-and-forget one-touch operation for automated takeoff, terrain-aware flight and landing

Swift Analysis: Go from data to insights in hours, not days
- One touch upload and automatic data classification from drone to the AI-powered cloud analysis workbench
- Integrated industry relevant analysis such as orthomosaic, volumetric, NDVI, point clouds, 3D models and more
- Export data in industry standard formats to integrated third-party partners

Seamless Collaboration: Go from one-man operation to multi-stakeholder operations
- Workflow-based collaboration across global experts with annotation, approval, and task management capabilities
- Automated flight and... read more 

UAS Survey & Risk Assesment

UAS Survey & Risk Assesment
Download UAS Survey & Risk Assesment on the Appstore

Clifford Connors









The UAS Survey & Risk Assessment app helps your compliance for PfCO. The app is developed around the PfCO Survey & Risk Assessment requirements and utilises the CAA risk matrix.... read more 
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